At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we often find ourselves cleaning and clearing out deceased estates. We understand that this is a sensitive time for the family which is why we do everything in our power to ensure that the service we provide is both convenient and affordable.

In our time cleaning up deceased estates, we’ve also picked up a few pointers we’d like to share. Keep in mind, we’re no professional investors however here are our tips as to why you should invest in deceased estates.

1. Increase in Property Value

Deceased estates are like any other property in the market, they increase in value over time. There’s often a misconception about deceased estates. Many people do not like the sentiment of investing in a deceased estate, however, from our 10 years experience cleaning them they’re very much just like any other property!

2. Speed of purchase

If you have a close neighbour who has just left behind a deceased estate, then it may very well present as a golden opportunity to swoop in. Many of us reside in suburbs and sometimes news travels fast of a recent passing in the neighbourhood. Pulling the trigger first may prove to be highly advantageous.

3. Misconceptions and negative stigmas

From our experience, deceased estates are just like any other properties. While we understand that some people may view them as spooky or potentially possessing bad spirits, our team have never encountered anything as such in our past 10 years. In fact, most deceased estates are very well taken care of and managed.

If you know someone who has recently passed and requires their deceased estate cleared, give us a call. Our team will ensure the estate is cleared in a well-respected and compassionate manner.

Common types if junk, rubbish and waste we collect include:

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