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4 Things You Can Do With an Old Trampoline

For families that have kids, trampolines are the most common items found in their backyards. Kids, all of all ages love playing with trampolines and joking around as they enjoy the day. Bouncing around on trampolines is also common in older people as it is not only enjoyable but also a form of exercise. But a time comes when the trampoline is no longer used. This can be either because it is broken or people do not fancy it anymore. The question now is, what can I do with an old trampoline?

Here are some of the things you can do with your old trampolines, including trampoline disposal options.

1) Recycling

Trampoline disposal has now been made easier following the increasing rise in the number of recycling plants across the globe. If you own a smartphone, all you have to do is go to your maps application and search for nearby recycling plants. Once you have found one, search for their contacts and give them a call. Calling the facility comes in handy in many ways such as:

  • Booking an appropriate time and date when they can receive your trampoline and act accordingly.
  • To find out how the trampling needs to be broken down.
  • To find out if you will receive some money or a reward due to certain circumstances. An excellent reason why you will receive cash for your trampoline is if the frame is made of metal.

2) Make a Daybed

The natural pliability of trampolines enables you to make a pretty comfy daybed. Repurposing your old trampoline to do this is probably one of the best things you can do to your outdoor living space. Daybeds made from trampolines are perfect for you and your family to rest on a lazy sunny afternoon.
The steps to make this bed are as follows:

  • Remove the legs of the trampoline
  • Wrap the sides of the trampoline in a soft material
  • Attach a string wire to the trampoline’s frame and then join the entire set up to a supporting tree.
  • After setting up the daybed, you can even add cushions to make your stay there more comfortable.

3) Make an Outdoor Shade

Your old trampoline can also form an excellent shade outside your house. There is no technical or complex knowledge required when making such a sunshade. The only thing you need to do is extend the legs of the trampoline. With space below the trampoline mat, you can set up anything including, chairs and a table, and there you have it, a sunshade. The fact that the trampoline mat is black plays a vital role in providing shade as it blocks out the harsh sun rays. Let us not forget the fact the mat is waterproof, meaning that even when it is raining, you are ok.

Such a shade does not have to be dull; you can add a little bit of decoration to showcase your skill and make it look more appealing. For instance, you can place beautiful plants at the top and allow their branches to dangle around. You can even hang fairy lights around the shade to give it a little more life.

4) Trading in or Selling

Exchanging your trampoline for another item or selling it is also another incredible way of trampoline disposal. You might be skeptical about the worth of your trampoline, but you never know if someone would take the trampoline and give you cash or another item.

To facilitate the trampoline disposal through selling or trading there are some things you need to check, and they include:

  • Check the bouncing surface for rips.
  • Check the grommets and ensure they are all in place.
  • If you usually store the trampoline outside, check around the metallic areas for rust. If there is rust, make sure you make the necessary repairs. Doing so ensures that the buyer does not end up injuring himself/herself.

Trading in or selling trampolines can be conducted efficiently through the online marketplace. You can advertise the trampoline through a website or your social media platforms. When you find a buyer or a person willing to trade in, you can then make arrangements for the transactions.

Having an old trampoline and not knowing what to do with it can be frustrating. The frustration is caused by the fact that old trampolines can make your backyard look dull. Old trampolines consume space that you can use for other reasons, and this might also make you angry. But with these tips, you are sorted. For example, you can make a daybed on your outdoor space and enjoy a lovely afternoon as you chat with your family members.

Trampoline disposal through recycling is also an option. If you feel that you no longer want to have the trampoline in your possession, you can take it to professionals such as Paul’s Rubbish Removal. We’re the team that you can depend on for all your unwanted belongings removal in Sydney. Call us on 0407 125 125 for general enquiries or to make a booking.

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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