Unlike other forms of construction, demolition comes at a critical time when the pillars of the house are weakened. This can be due to natural factors such as flood, earthquake, fire, explosion or simple wear and tear. During demolition, workers are vulnerable to risks such as injuries and consequential loss of lives. This is linked to the unintentional collapse of part or the whole structure, vibration, noise or dust.

With the right team, you will be able to minimise the risks of bizarre occurrences. However, there are so many considerations involved when choosing the right demolition team. We cannot overstress on the thoroughness, but there are obvious cues that will help you differentiate a mediocre team from an experienced one.

1) Avoid a too-good-to-be-true fees

The fact that you are bringing down the structure doesn’t mean you should look for a team that charges peanuts. A highly qualified and experienced team will balance the skills, positive customer reviews and other factors to come up with an ideal demolition fee that is acceptable to both parties.

Before commencing on the demolition task, you are free to request the team leader or the employer company for a quotation. This is either free or chargeable depending on who you are working with. In the process, feel free to ask any question on how the fee is reached at. You can also do your own research prior to quotation to be well versed with the normal demolition fees in your locality.

2) Know the team’s specialisation

One of the detrimental mistakes that you can make as a homeowner is choosing the wrong team for the right demolition work. You see, just like any other construction work, demolition requires a variety of skills for various types of task and tools that are required.
During the demolition process, you will need a specific team for:

  • Concrete removal
  • Interior demolition
  • The roofing removal
  • Junk collection
  • Foundation excavation
  • Trench excavation
  • Septic system

One team maybe not be good enough for all the tasks. In regards, you will need to rope help from different teams that you feel are highly qualified for each task. You will also need highly specialised teams for the demolition of structures such as garden ponds and pools. Therefore, be pretty sure that the team you have chosen is ideally specialised for the type of work that you want to be done

3) Assess the team’s qualifications

It is through substandard work that the aforementioned bizarre occurrences occur. To avoid this, you will need to carefully assess the team’s qualification before engaging its members in the demolition process. But, how will you know that the team you have chosen is qualified?

Highly qualified teams are always from licensed companies with reputable names. Such companies look into various factors before choosing whom to work with. The team members have certificates from various training institutions.

Second, you can rope help from contractors. Your local contractor will tell you which team to work with and the one to avoid. Otherwise, you can assess the team’s qualification by asking for legal documentation or references from the previous employers or clients.

4) Look for recommendations

This option is the most popular criteria for choosing the right demolition team. It is used where the other criteria are too tough to apply or fail to work. However, you can ask for a recommendation and go ahead to apply the other tips.

Effective recommendations come from close friends, relatives, mates, or well-known companies. On the other hand, you can go through the reviews of the demolition team online and ask for a recommendation.

Lastly, you should be keen on the recommended team. Do not give all your bucks to a team that you aren’t sure whether they will do the job to completion or not. Ask for warranty and pay an upfront fee, normally not more than half of the total cost.

At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we have every piece of answer to your demolition questions. We provide an all-in-one package that details every aspect from the demolition to the removal of the debris. Our affordable and efficient services are available throughout Sydney.

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