Your home should be the safest place to raise your child. It’s up to each and every one of us to ensure our homes are hazardous-free and to minimise any sort of danger that may cause harm to our babies while they’re in their early years.

At Paul’s Rubbish, we regularly spot all the most dangerous objects that could pose a risk to young babies to homes we visit. We feel it’s important for any family who have babies or young infants to do everything in their power to minimise hazardous situations from occurring around the household.

In this post, we cover 4 actionable tips you can start doing straight away to ensure your home is a safe as possible for your growing baby.

1. Watch out for sharp corners

Sharp corners such as table tops and wall edges can cause serious damage to young babies if not properly covered. Do a simple scan around the house and you’ll quickly be able to spot these.

What you can do is mask bubble-wrap around sharp corners. Ensure all sharp edges and corners are firmly covered up and that nothing is left exposed.

2. Put away all small objects from laying around

This one straightforward and is something that everyone should be doing.

Make sure to always keep an eye out for small toys or objects that may be laying around on the floor. Babies have endless curiosity and may swallow small objects they randomly stumble upon around the house.

3. Unplug or switch off live cords not in use

Make it a habit of unplugging and switching off all electrical cords that are not in use. Make sure the cords are neatly stored away to avoid any chances of your baby unknowingly dangerously playing with them.

4. Minimise dust and dirt by regularly vacuuming carpets 

Naturally, over time, carpets collect dust and attract many forms of dirt. If your baby is crawling on these carpets they may potentially get sick and breathe in toxic dust. Not only can dust form rapidly, bad odours can also start to arise expectedly.

Ensure all your household carpets are cleaned thoroughly and regularly taken out for some fresh sunlight. Keeping your carpets and floors clean is vital when living in small apartment complexes or homes.

Build on the habits for a baby-safe home

Keeping your home in tip-top baby-safe conditions is key to ensuring your baby or infant grows up healthy and strong. Start applying a few of our tips today and be baby smart!

If you need to throw away any small or large objects that are no longer needed, call Paul’s Rubbish for a free rubbish removal quote.

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Sarah Ann