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5 Simple Tips and Tricks on Old Carpet Disposal

Getting rid of things from your homes can sometimes take effort and time to do. Disposing of things can be hard especially the ones that are bulky and big in size and have special methods of sending away to the local dump. That rubbish you wanted to be gone two months ago is still stuck in your corner.

One of the things difficult to get rid of in your homes might be your carpets. How exactly do you dispose of it without taking too much time and effort from your part? These are a few simple tips and tricks on disposing of your old carpets:

Remove any worn-out layer

Before disposing of your old carpets, make sure first it’s easier to handle and to transport. You can start by removing any loose layer from the carpet. Old carpets have higher chances of having worn-out segments like paddings that are easier to separate when the carpet becomes older. Remove any excess thickness from the carpet to make it lighter and easier to mould or roll before sending it out.

Cut the carpet into smaller pieces

Another trick to lessen the load of old carpet disposal is making the carpet smaller. Carpets tend to be really thick and big in floor area which makes it more hassle to remove in the first. Cut your carpets into much smaller, more handleable equal pieces so you can group them much easier and faster. This is one of the most common tricks to use before spinning up your carpet into smaller carpets to be placed more easily.

Sell it

If you feel like your carpet can still be more useful in the hands of somebody else, try selling it online. You can make a few more bucks off of your old carpets when you put it up for sale in Craigslist, Market and Retail groups online, or Amazon.

Donate it 

If you can’t wait for your old carpets to be sold online, donating it is always a good tip. You never know who will benefit from your rubbish. You are basically hitting two birds with one stone: you are disposing your old carpet and you’re helping out.

Contact your local rubbish removalists

If you simply don’t have the time in your hands to get rid of your old carpets, calling in other people to do it for you will also do the trick. You don’t only get to save time and effort, you also get to dispose of your old carpets properly. Contact your local removalists to collect that old carpet that has been sitting in your corner for a long time. They don’t only get the job done, they can also fashion your carpet into the more recyclable options.


Here at Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we are an esteemed team of removalists ready to serve in your carpet needs. Having to dispose of one carpet is hassle enough, how about four or seven more in your homes when you decide to move out? We make sure your carpets are as easy as a slide away to disposal. We can do it for you, for a minimal fee too! 

Give us a call at 0407 125 125 or send an enquiry here: info@paulsrubbish.com.au

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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