Numerous factors come into play as far as hazardous waste management is concerned. Considering a wide range of guidelines and federal regulations to follow, many people do forget, overlook, or consciously choose to violate the rules due to their complexity. Some, however, prefer cutting corners to evade complex processes that may attract additional expenditure.

Whether by mistake or not, the effects of these wastes, when not properly collected and disposed of,  are so tragic to both humans and other living organisms. That is why most federal states impose fines on any hazardous wastes not properly managed. To be on the safer side of the world, here are six hazardous wastes mistakes you need to stop now.

  • Lack of proper identification plan

A good chunk of hazardous wastes consists of biowastes generated from laboratories and other health facilities. Following closely are the chemical wastes. These forms of hazardous wastes are made up of other types of wastes that require different varying management plans.

Most people make the mistake of identifying the wastes at their points of collection. This is not only very wrong but also energy draining. To stay safe, make sure to collect the wastes at their points of generations. This helps with choosing the management plans that suit every single type of generated wastes.

  • Poor labelling

Poor labelling is one of the common mistakes when it comes to waste collection. Usually, after gathering all the wastes, the employees may end up attaching wrong labels on some containers. Additionally, some of the containers can also end up unlabelled.

To avoid these mistakes, delegate one employee the role of attaching “hazardous waste” labels on empty containers. Then, place the containers near your production line and/or any other collection point. Also, make sure to use state-compliant labels to avoid confusion and unnecessary fines.

  • Accumulating too many wastes 

Proper hazardous waste management calls for keeping only 55 gallons at the point of generation. This is to make sure that the operator at the satellite accumulation control stays in control of the wastes. Volumes beyond 55-gallons can attract fines in some states.

To avoid this mistake instruct your collector to transport any waste awaiting disposal in the central storage point regularly.

  • Keeping the waste containers open

Some waste operators normally leave their waste containers open with no lid. This is tragic in the sense that, it can lead to diffusion of harmful gases to the immediate environments. For sites with high turnover, this mistake can harm a large proportion of your staff and even clients nearby.

In hazardous waste management, not only should the containers be sealed. They should also be leak-proof and vapour tight. Other than educating your waste handlers about this mistake, enhance their security by using only certified containers and lids for your wastes.

  • Excluding the date when the waste collection began while labelling 

Proper waste management demands for inclusion of the date when the first chunk of waste landed inside the container. Generally, hazardous waste containers come in two categories. Large Quantity Generators (LQGs) accumulate wastes for more than 90 days. Small Quantity Generators (LQGs), on the other hand, cannot go for more than 180 days before getting full.

However, sometimes you may be required to dispose of the wastes before the containers reach their accumulation threshold. This is primarily determined by the nature and type of waste you are storing.

  • Lack of either contingency or emergency plans for your hazardous wastes

An emergency or contingency plan entails distinct, organized and coordinated actions to be taken in case of any emergency. For LQGs, the plan must include the name, contact and address of the generator company.

Without this plan, you stand a chance to get finned by the federal state. Therefore, make sure to review your plan as regular as possible to avoid hefty fines.


Violating any form of government regulation regarding hazardous waste is not something to laugh about. To be on the safest side, download your municipal’s hazardous waste compliance guide. Go through it to understand deeply every single information thereof.

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