Households, commercial buildings as well as industrial establishments need to adhere to many strict rubbish disposal regulations.

This has made rubbish management in Sydney an organised affair and ensured less pollution to the environment and consequently less threat to public health.

However, to avoid penalties and ensure injury-free collection the rubbish generators, i.e. households, commercial offices and industrial units must have the knowledge about various types of garbage and their process of collection, as well as stay updated with the rules and ensure compliance all laws. This makes it hard to get anything done if everyone needs to become a rubbish removal expert.

Luckily, Paul’s Rubbish is here to help. Whether it is regular or occasional trash disposal, our services can help you right from collecting the various garbage to properly disposing them.

Benefits of hiring rubbish removal services

Segregation of garbage

This is the biggest task to accomplish before sending the waste to different disposal avenues.

Various types of garbage are generated in households and commercial establishments. These can be divided into organic, inorganic, toxic, hazardous, liquid, solid, recyclable, non-recyclable, reusable, non-reusable, etc.

Knowledge about various types of garbage and their process of collection is essential in segregating them. Our expert rubbish removalists are knowledgeable about different kinds of garbage and are experienced in handling them.

Thus you can rest assure that every single piece of garbage in your premises is being taken care of in accordance with laid down guidelines for laid down guidelines for the environment and public health protection.

While this will ensure that all garbage removal rules are taken care of, it will also see that the waste generator does not need to pay hefty penalties for non-adherence to rules.

Same-day rubbish removal

If there is poisonous, hazardous or toxic waste churned out of your premises then you need to ensure that this is disposed of as soon as possible.

Paul’s Rubbish Removal can also provide a same-day collection service. If there is a party at your house and there is a bulk amount of waste then you can call us to remove the waste within the same day or next morning.

Any-time rubbish removal

Council appointed waste clearance attends once a week. Moreover, there is a fixed time within which you have to keep all the waste by the curbside.

However, if you were to use a rubbish removal company, you’re then able to let us know the best time that suits you.

Here are just a few things we’ll actively collect and dispose of:

* General rubbish
* Paper and cardboard
* Electronic goods
* All white goods
* Furniture
* Green waste
* Building rubble
* metals and wires

Also, here are just some of our benefits when you choose us:

* They don’t make you wait and wonder when the trash will be removed. We will arrange at a time that fits your schedule and requirements.
* Book an enquiry online and you will receive a call back in advance or on the day of pickup to confirm the time when you want the garbage to be removed.
* The volume of rubbish to be removed is assessed and a removal quote is provided which includes GST. There is no hidden fees or charges.
* We make sure that your house is left clean and tidy after removing the rubbish accumulated.
* We remove all types of rubbish junk, including electrical appliances, white goods, general garbage and green waste etc.
* Building rubbles and debris are collected and removed if required.
* Commercial dry rubbish and spare chair table etc. can also be collected and sold or recycled.
* We take the environment very seriously and will always recycle accordingly.
* All the cardboard boxes and newspapers rot over time and attract insects, damaged furniture and electronic goods just fill large space.
* Fridge, washing machine, oven, dryers etc. are disposed or recycled to reduce its effect on the environment.

Call Paul’s Rubbish Removal today for a rubbish removal service and receive a free quote on 0407 125 125.


Sarah Ann