We all know that there’s more to recycling than just transforming items into something else. It’s a concept and each one has the opportunity to learn. As such, each one starts somewhere with the knowledge they have.

Nobody is perfect when they start recycling. No matter how many books, pamphlets and graphics there are, recycling is a trial and error practice.

Many local councils provide programs to aid and incentivise recycling. When you recycle, you are supposedly hitting two birds with one stone. One, being able to help the environment. The other, being some sort of benefit for you on a more personal level. It may be monetary or some form of reward to pat you for doing a good job.

When, then, do these waste management programs give more harm than benefit? Local council programs on waste can sometimes turn more counterproductive than the benefit they present.

What is bin tagging?

You may be wondering, what is bin tagging? It sounds exactly like it is. Bin tagging is the act of providing feedback on kerbside bins via tags. If you are participating in the current recycling programs of your council, waste pickups are common arrangements. Waste collectors from the council will post a sticker to leave notes on your bin.

These stickers serve as a reminder. There are plenty of notes and symbols from the stickers. There are happy face or sad face stickers. Some stickers note what you should and should not include in the bin. Stickers are informative and visual ways to educate about garbage.

Collectors use bin tagging in relaying your waste bin performance. It is useful in presenting an evaluation of your waste segregation. If normally, you work during the day, you don’t get to interact with people who collect your trash. Bin tagging presents a significant and observable way for both you and the waste collector. They post a sticker in your bin, you see feedback about your trash.

What is bin shaming?

Waste management involves a lot of practice. On the other side of bin tagging, these practices can pose a source of contention. A lot of people start without expertise in recycling. There are too many types and classifications of garbage in waste generations. Sometimes, there are many prerequisite steps you need to do to work out waste.

Bin tagging can come across as either a “job well done” or a “needs improvement” on your waste sorting skills. So what happens when you get a sad face sticker every time? This can be influential in dissuading you. You may feel you aren’t very helpful in the program. This can also serve as a reminder for future waste collectors about your bin.

Bin shaming can easily spiral from bin tagging practices. Though waste management education is helpful, it still needs a lot of practice to put into productive work. This can include a lot of sad faces that can serve as a low point sometimes. It can also include a lot of x-mark stickers on a lot of your waste.

Local council waste collection program

Sydney has various waste collection programs. These include waste collection and recycling practices. With these programs, a pickup option is available. However, this is where the nuance comes in.

For pickup services, there are waste types that the council can pick up. This means that more often than not, much of your general household waste is not part of that limit. This can translate into more work setting aside unacceptable waste types. This is more work than putting same-category garbage in the designated bin.

For example, in the yellow bin, only recyclables are okay. However, the council doesn’t pick up all kinds of recyclables. You can put aluminium and steel cans, but not items with mixed materials that include aluminium parts. You can put plastic food containers, but not soft plastics that serve as packets.

The local council has waste management programs. However, a wrong batch of rubbish can warrant a negative bin tag. An instance is a recent event putting some councils on fire for labelling some bins with big “infectious” tags for everybody to see. This move resulted in outrage among the community. 

Common backlash includes a very alienating experience for people who are trying to recycle. Residents also raised concerns about privacy and trespassing from waste collectors and inspectors. Instead of privately educating homeowners, it came across as a big warning for everybody else to see your bin condition.

“Cities around the world are experimenting with how to avoid recycling contamination, many utilising shame.” – Matilda Boseley from The Guardian

To make recycling and waste management more beneficial, everybody needs to work together. Local councils can formulate more flexible methods of waste practices. Residents can have more rewards from these practices that local councils can offer. 

Waste management is not a one-way street. All people should have a beneficial aspect to influence all people to participate in the programs. This way, Sydney wins over waste. Remember, it’s not everybody against each other. It’s everybody versus rubbish and its negative effects on the world.

How can Paul’s Rubbish Removal help with the issue?

Bin shaming is a very unspoken issue with waste management practices. One of the ways to mitigate this problem is by having other parties benefit from the practices. Paul’s Rubbish Removal can collect your trash for you. In turn, you have an affordable service with Paul’s doing the recycling on your behalf. You don’t need to have inconvenience from the pressure of recycling. Some experts can do it for you.

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