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Carpet Recycling: What Can You Do With Old Carpet

What do you do with your old carpet? If you are upgrading to a hardwood floor, or have bought a new carpet that suits your room’s colour theme, you might stumble upon this question.

Removing worn-out carpets is easy with the help of household rubbish removalists like Paul’s Rubbish Removal and having us tend to your unwanted rubbish.

On the other hand, our current ecological state encourages us to act proactively — and the little things count. You can start by focusing on squeezing the remaining value out of something you usually throw away, and one good example is by upcycling your old carpets.

Most of the time, they still have some life left when new stuff comes along. 

Here are some clever ways you can do with old carpets to make the most out of them and contribute to reducing the overall waste output.

Use Carpet Strips as Mats

You can protect your tile flooring or hardwood floor from smearing mud and dirt by cutting down your carpet and turning it into floormats. Placing one at every doorstep will protect your floors as you enter. Its synthetic microfiber has good absorption properties.

Thus, a good wipe from your soles will leave dirt and mud outside your home.

In addition, you can also turn old carpets into car mats by cutting them to fit the flooring of your vehicles. You’ll feel luxurious with your feet resting on the comfy surface; the carpet’s elegant looks can be eye-catching, but remember to keep your eyes on the road.

Turn Carpets into Garage Wipes

For handymen who love tinkering in their garage, that stink of motor oil is a perfume for your nose, but sometimes enough is enough and you have to get rid of that acrid smell. In this case, your old carpet can be of good use. Cut them down into towel sizes and thoroughly wipe that oil spill off your workbench and garage floor. 

You can also use your upcycled garage wipes to remove stubborn grease on your hand tools and restore their grip.

Window Screen Cleaner

Yes, it’s safe to blame your allergies on those dusty window screens. They act as protection from small insects and leaves but they also filter dust that comes in and out your windows, resulting in buildup.

On the bright side, by soaking your carpet cutout in warm and soapy water, you can rub its pile side on the screen. Its fibrous pile can reach through the gaps between the screen grid to wash away the gunk and dust buildup. 

Indoor Plant Mats

This is for the green thumbs who like keeping plants indoors. We understand the struggle of water spilling on your desktop or windowsill. To solve this, you can cut your carpet into desired shapes and place your plant pots on them. The carpet can act as pot mat, absorb overflowing water, and complement your desk or windows’ aesthetics.

Outdoor Knee Cushions

Those who do lots of gardening are familiar with painful knees from kneeling on rough soil for a while. However, you can avoid painful knees by cushioning them with a thick carpet cutout. Simply cut a long portion of the carpet and fold it until the ideal thickness is achieved; picking up weeds and unwanted garden waste will never be as easy.

Additionally, suppose you want to relax and still enjoy a pristine garden. In that case, you can set a booking with Paul’s Rubbish Removal and our friendly staff will happily remove your unwanted garden rubbish and green waste within the hour. Our Sydney rubbish removalists are exceptionally trained to handle all sorts of household junk and garden waste, no matter how massive they may be.


The best act of kindness towards the environment and society is by giving your old carpets to the less fortunate. Plenty of non-profit organisations take in your donations and send them to charity homes for less fortunate families.

Not only will you upcycle your carpet, but you will also help provide comfort for the needy, and emotional reward is something no amount can equal. 


Old carpets, as sources of raw materials that can be turned into a new tapestry, recycling them inspires sustainability. This is why many recycling facilities around Sydney accept old carpets.

However, don’t let this be your only choice to help. There are simple ways to repurpose old carpets into something more useful than rubbish. The little things count, and it all starts at home.

While reusing and recycling are the most common ways to make the most out of old materials, relying on Paul’s Rubbish Removal for efficient removal is just as recommended. More than picking up your old carpets and other household rubbish for you, we are much more involved in drives that aim to preserve and strengthen our only home.

If you want your rubbish removed within the day anywhere in Sydney, make a booking with our friendly staff at 0407 125 125 or email us for inquiries and a free quote.

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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