Differences Between Waste Disposal and Waste Management

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There are terms and definitions in the world of waste that sound like they pertain to the same thing. These are terms that might be familiar to you. One such example of these terms in the field of rubbish removal: waste disposal and waste management. These are terms that are used interchangeably and openly by many. Sometimes, it might spell out trouble to people who understand these words with different meanings, when they are used in the same way.

As much as they sound the same, what exactly is waste disposal? What exactly is waste management? How exactly are they similar? How far are they different? Are they even really that much far by definition? You might often hear of these words in conversations, yet you might have understood those words differently at that time. So this begs the real question, what are the differences between waste disposal and waste management?

First, waste disposal is the proper removal of unwanted waste. It is discarding garbage that you don’t want to have anything to do with anymore. When you dispose of waste, you get rid of something that you no longer want or need. For example, in your homes, when your rubbish accumulates, you would want to eliminate them. As such, there are plenty of methods of waste disposal. 

These are some methods of waste disposal that are more common:

  • Incineration or burning waste 
  • Sending your trash to the local landfill
  • Disposing waste into the oceans or the sea which are far from human habitation
  • Calling your local rubbish removalists to take care of your garbage for you

Second, waste management, on the other hand, refers to dealing, controlling, and treating waste that you dispose of. Its primary goal is to minimise the negative effects of waste all around and maximise the potential of some waste. The aim of waste management is really to regulate the harmful rubbish being generated and promote lifestyles that lessen waste. Waste management is all about promoting sustainability and keeping consumption under control.

Waste disposal falls under the larger concept of waste management, where you manage your waste in order to truly lessen the waste you need to dispose of. There are plenty of methods of waste management that you can apply to your homes. You can do this with your family. In addition to building good home habits, it benefits you too long-term wise. These are some of the methods of waste management you can do:

  • Reducing the number purchased things to lessen the amount of waste generated
  • Reusing products as much as possible
  • Recycling waste and transforming them into something of use
  • Repurposing things to  further maximise its use
  • Waste segregation to properly sort out the garbage
  • Making a compost pit in order to break down your segregated organic waste into a more useful nutrient source for plants
  • Vermicomposting or using some good quality earthworms to fasten up the rate of breakdown for organic waste
  • Treating waste properly to lessen its toxicity and hazard to the environment
  • Engaging in Waste-to-Energy (WTE) processes to generate energy from a source of waste

In an overview, waste disposal is one aspect of waste management. Usually, you might think they mean the same thing. However, engaging in good waste management means lessening waste disposals as much as possible.


As evident, waste management and waste disposal are quite different. Waste disposal basically means that you are discarding your waste. In the view of waste management, waste disposal should be the last option you’ll consider. If your waste can still go into a longer, more useful way, then do so. It would definitely help in the world’s situation in waste volume. Truly, people should engage more in waste management practices to help the environment.

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