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Fact Check: Is Energy From Waste Hygienic?

Energy plays a huge part in our daily life. It comes in numerous forms and we use them in our homes, schools and businesses in many ways. Energy has become the heart of modern society and plays a pivotal role for us to function effectively.

For instance, we consume energy to run our vehicles, cook our meals and provide us with comfort during the hot and cold season. Our standard of living has significantly changed and improved over the last hundred years following the breakthrough of energy. 

However, with the comfort and convenience the energy offers to us humans, it is not without its downsides. Furthermore, along with our waste problem, extracting energy played a crucial role in the global greenhouse gases emission. 

As the world’s population and our standard of living continue to rise, where will we get our energy fix? Read on to find out where we can withdraw our energy fix and resolve our escalating waste problem.

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What Type of Waste Can We Convert Into Energy?

As we all know, organic materials are non-recyclable and produce a massive amount of methane as it decomposes. Methane is a harmful gas that traps the heat in our atmosphere resulting in the warming of the earth also known as global warming.

According to the National Waste Report of 2018, Australia generated 30 million tonnes of organic waste where 6.7 million tonnes was sent to our landfills. So, instead of sending a massive organic waste to the landfill, we can turn them into valuable energy. 

With the waste-to-energy method, it will help us convert non-recyclable materials to power our vehicles and other energy-powered machinery. Waste-to-energy is a method of converting non-recyclable waste, mainly the organic materials into valuable energy. 

It involves thermal treatment to recover energy from waste such as paper, food leftovers, yard trimmings, wood, etc. With the WTE method, it plays a crucial role in reducing detrimental elements in our environment by diverting them away from our landfills.

Fortunately, the supply of organic materials or waste is abundant. However, with the WtE method, it does not come without a problem as it can cause harm to the circular economy.

How Do We Extract Energy from Waste – Is it Clean?

Energy extracted from waste undergoes various processes so it will be potent and will not harm the environment.

There are various systems or technologies when it comes to extracting energy from waste. But the most common method is burning the organic materials into a large incinerator. Usually, the process of waste-to-energy comes in seven stages.

  1. From the garbage trucks, waste materials are dumped into a huge pit.
  2. Next, the waste materials are hauled into the combustion chamber with the use of a giant claw on a crane.
  3. Then, the waste or fuel is burned to release the heat.
  4. The heat will then turn into steam (in a boiler).
  5. The high pressure steam will turn the blades of the turbine’s generator to produce electricity.
  6. Then, the air pollution control system will remove the pollutants from the combustion gas before it’s released into the smoke stack.
  7. The ash will then be collected from the boiler and the air pollution control system.

Is Waste-To-Energy the Answer to Energy Scarcity and Waste Problem?

Natural gas is prone to a shortage. Also, it’s critical and costly to transport. Although we will not run out of coal and other fossil fuel resources anytime soon, it will decline eventually. According to recent studies, it is estimated that fossil fuel will deplete by 2060 given the increasing demand worldwide.

However, some studies show no definite time frame since different factors must be taken into account in considering the energy crisis. However, by the time we’ll run out of supply, a promising method is touted to eradicate both our waste problem and scarcity of energy.

With that in mind, leading agencies and concerned private individuals are working closely together to resolve the crisis and prioritise the use of renewable resources such as waste. Besides the energy crisis, waste is a global issue that significantly increases in volumes over time.

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