Do we offer more services besides rubbish removal?

We offer a specialised rubbish removal service which includes all hard materials, liquid waste, timber, electrical and more. We can also offer labour or demolition services. Please contact us directly for more about our labour and demolition services.

How experienced is your team?

Very! Paul and the team have worked with/for many reputable rubbish removal companies throughout Australia. With over 10 years of experience within the trade, there’s not been one removal job they haven’t been able to successfully complete!

What are our company values?

Trust, honesty, loyalty, friendliness and commitment are of paramount importance within Paul’s team. We personally hand-pick all our rubbish removalists and always ensure we obey by safe OH&S practices when out on jobs.

What are your company hours?

We understand that most of our customers are busy people. To cater for even the busiest of people, we operate 24/7, 7 days per week. Our rubbish removal team can even do a same-day service should the job site be required to be cleaned out urgently. We reply to all online enquires within a few hours. If you require an instant quote, please call us directly.

Many removalists seem to be always running late, are you?

We put great effort into making sure we always stay on schedule. We’ve have found it to be of ultimate importance to our clients where there time is money. Once your booking is confirmed, you can expect our team to be at your site at the scheduled time with a smiling face!

How do you price your services?

Our pricing is based on numerous factors. Initial things we take into consideration is the job site’s location, time and work involved and removal costs (tipping charges).

We utilise our industry expertise and relationships to save on labour costs therefore passing as much savings down to you – the customer.

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