When people mention old appliances, they are simply talking about electronics. Some examples are TV sets, computers, and electric cookers. All of these things fall under a category known as e-waste. Looking at the statistics, Sydney and Australia at large have an e-waste crisis. In essence, every year, Australia produces about 650,000 tones of e-waste

A huge chunk of this waste comes from Sydney, and many people there do not know how to handle it. The lack of information in such matters is what harms the environment. This is because people tend to dispose of such waste wrongly. Therefore, it is important to involve disposal companies. 

Let us break this down by looking at why this is necessary.

  • Not Everything is Thrown in Landfills

The beauty of hiring Sydney disposal companies is that they think outside the box. This they do by implementing new strategies to deal with e-waste. One way they are doing this is by collecting old appliances and selling them online.

Sometimes people get tired of an old appliance like a smartphone or DVD player and want to get rid of it. If they do not want to go through the hassle of throwing it away, they just hire a disposal company. The disposal company collects such items and sorts them to know what exactly to do with each one of them. The functional ones are set aside, and photos are taken of them. 

These photos are then posted online for prospective buyers to see and possibly buy. This prevents such appliances from making it to the landfills. When this happens, the environment is protected.

  • Water Masses Are Not Polluted

When you walk around the beaches of Sydney, you may find pieces of rubbish lying around. When in the sea, there is a highly likely hood that you may come across rubbish. This mostly happens when professionals like disposal companies are not involved. Therefore we need to hire disposal companies to ensure we have clean and safe water masses.

Other than ensuring that the water masses are clean, it is also for the protection of marine life. This is how this happens. When people throw away things like plastics in water, most of them are ingested by fish. Consumption of plastics is, of course, harmful once they are ingested by fish. Basically, plastics could easily kill them

Pollution also makes navigation in water very difficult. All of this can be fixed by hiring disposal companies. They will collect and dispose of waste in the right way so that it does not end up in any water mass.

  • Energy and Natural Resources is Conserved

The protection of the environment encompasses very many things. One of them the conservation of our resources and energy. This particular function is effectively played by disposal companies through recycling.

 Let us take, for example, pieces of paper. As we all know, paper comes from trees. Most of the time, people cut more trees immediately; they run out of paper. This is wrong simply because we are setting ourselves up for destruction. That is where recycling comes in. The paper that has been used to write on can be recycled and made into new ones. This will significantly reduce the number of trees we cut to make paper from scratch.

When it comes to energy, recycling plays a huge role in its conservation. We can still use the example of paper recycling. According to studies, recycling paper is known to save about 4,100 kWh of energy. This amount of energy saved can go towards powering a TV or a factory for hours.


Our planet is very precious, and it is the only one that we have. That is why we need to do everything humanly possible to protect it. This means taking every single measure to ensure that nobody damages it in any way. One way we can do this is by involving rubbish removal companies to help deal with our waste items. These individuals are highly trained in dealing with rubbish. This is integral in protecting our environment.

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Sarah Ann