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Paper is one of the most recyclable rubbish globally. In Australia, 375,000 tonnes of mixed paper and cardboard waste turn into export. The exportation leads to hundreds of thousands of papers that go to other nations. However, the COAG (Council of Australian Governments) concluded that an export ban will be set in the country. The aims to encourage recycling ability of Australians.

The intention is clear. Everybody should recycle as a way to take part in the movement for better environmental conditions and the push for a more sustainable lifestyle. How exactly is paper recycled? Are there different ways to recycle paper products? Are there simple ways that are also cost-effective to maintain a more economical yet efficient way of handling paper waste?

Simple recycling at home

Like any other recycling methods, recycling paper also follows a process before recycling begins. There are things and specifications you need to do before you consider recycling paper that stems beyond your home. You can start with simple ways at home like any of the following:

  • Reusing old paper i.e. printing paper back to back, using scratch papers for non-essential writing matters
  • Repurposing paper packaging into reusable containers i.e. using used paper coffee cups as containment options, reusing paper bags if you don’t have an Eco bag
  • Recycling and transforming paper waste into something else i.e. using arts and crafts for children’s activities

How is paper recycled?

The recycling process follows a straightforward process. There are steps for a proper method of recycling paper. It starts with paper waste collection, transportation and logistics, breaking down the paper, de-inking and floatation tank and lastly, drying.

Paper waste collection – people collect their paper waste and store them in respective storage containers for final disposal.

Transportation and logistics – waste collectors collect all trash. They sort out and put all recyclable paper waste into a bigger container before sending it to a recycling facility. The recycling facility groups together the paper waste before putting it into processing.

Breaking down the paper – to break down the paper waste, it undergoes shredding and pulping. First, the facility shreds the paper waste to break it down to smaller chunks. Then, it undergoes pulping where added chemicals (hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide, others) go with the pulpy solution. This further breaks down the paper into much smaller sizes. The resulting solution goes through a centrifuge. This takes care of other materials and contaminants that were accidentally included like paper clips, staple wires, etc.

De-inking and floatation tank – the pulpy solution now free of other large contaminants. The pulpy solution goes through the floatation tank first to remove the dyes and inks from the solution. To remove ink, there are chemicals and dyes placed with the solution. Other decontaminating agents and strengthening substances purify the solution.

Drying – the last part of the process is the drying step. Machines like rollers roll out the pulpy solution to press out the excess water. Afterwards, the solution goes through a steam-heated roller to dry out the material that is now recycled paper. The paper is now a recycled batch and can be further formed into new products that are completely different from its original form.

Recycling facilities and Rubbish removal services

Recycling facilities are directly available. If you have the time and the space to bring your paper waste to the facility, you can do so. If not, make sure to sort out recyclable paper from non-recyclable paper waste. Services like Paul’s Rubbish Removal offer rubbish pickups. This includes all the paper waste you want to dispose of offered at an affordable price. From your home, they can work their way so your paper waste undergoes recycling as much as possible.


Paper is one of the most recyclable items around. The recycling process of paper is linear and isn’t very complicated. Your paper waste can go another transformation as easy as it was formed. More businesses and establishments are trending towards recycled packaging too. Fingers crossed that those papers came from recycled sources too. Other options for affordable paper recycling are always around from Paul’s Rubbish Removal.

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