A clean carpet is an essential part of your home when it comes to enhancing its appearance. At the same time, a clean carpet plays a crucial role in the health of your family members who live within your home. However, the sight of a stained and dingy carpet can create an unpleasant atmosphere within your house with all types of allergens contributing to respiratory issues.

To avert any of the mentioned problems, you can keep your carpet clean in the following ways.

Vacuum cleaning your household carpet

Before you even get started, you will need to prepare the room where your household carpet will be vacuumed. Collect all small items and place them away from the working area. Remove all the furnishings that might distract you during the vacuuming process. Then you may get rid of dust from the furniture, blinds, window sills and baseboards so they may get vacuumed alongside other dirt on the carpet.

Using the nozzle attachment on the vacuum cleaner, start by cleaning hard in areas that are difficult to reach. Start with the edges of your carpet and baseboards because these are spots that often collect a lot of dust in your house. In case your furniture can’t be removed, make use of the cranny extension to clean under couches and other pieces to get rid of dirt from those areas.

On the carpet, you can vacuum horizontally and vertically in an alternating manner to ensure that every spot is cleaned thoroughly. Both horizontal and vertical movements of the vacuum cleaner will ensure that every fibre is reached. However, you must always vacuum your carpet regularly to keep it looking clean and new.

Spot cleaning your household carpet

To do spot cleaning, you will require a clean white cloth or plain paper towels. Start by blotting all fresh stains dry using the clean piece of cloth. After blotting, you may use another clean white cloth to remove all stains left behind. But keep in mind that spot cleaning becomes ideal for recent spills especially on small areas on your carpet.

When spot cleaning, you will need the carpet cleaning detergents that are commercially available in stores near you. In fact, they come in cans or sprays to make your carpet spot cleaning easier. However, there are different types of stains and each has its own process of removing it. Common examples are fresh blood stains and pet urine which require hydrogen peroxide and ammonia solution to spot clean them respectively.

Most importantly, take a while to familiarise yourself with the carpet cleaner manufacturer’s instructions before you can get down to work. After blotting the stains, you will have to dab the affected areas using a clean white cloth and a little detergent before rinsing the carpet with fresh clean water and a piece of clean white cloth.

Steam carpet cleaning

The first step is to prepare the room before starting to clean the carpet. Remove the furniture if possible or use plastics under the legs of heavy household items to protect them against water damage. Next, you will check for stains to do spot cleaning before the actual cleaning of the entire carpet. Once you are done with vacuuming and spot cleaning, the next step is shampooing your carpet. This process will cover the rest of your carpet for maximum cleaning.

Set everything into action by preparing the shampooing solution according to the instructions given on the bottle. If you are lucky enough, your carpet cleaner will come with its own shampoo but it is important to have an idea of how to mix the detergent for shampooing.

Once ready, you may transfer the solution into the container on the cleaning machine. Prepare the carpet and start off by vacuuming thoroughly every place including the corners and crannies. Use the cleaning machine to get rid of all dirt from every part of the carpet.

Finally, you will have to pull up as much water as you possibly can before allowing the carpet to dry. For better drying of your carpet, you may ventilate your room by leaving the doors and windows open for maximum air circulation. Leave the carpet to dry within 24 hours for better results.

Cleaning your household carpet may seem to be a simple task but there are processes involved. You can choose to do it by yourself or contract a professional cleaner to accomplish the task for you.

If your carpet is deemed unworthwhile to clean and requires urgent replacing due to permanent stains or foul odour that can’t be removed, you should get your carpet removed and replaced immediately. Paul’s Rubbish Removal provides superior strip out services to hand remove your household carpet and can dispose of it too with our rubbish removal services. We can provide the service that you need to get rid of your household items.

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