Junk removal is a service that is offered by numerous companies across the world. It involves the collection of waste from households, factories and any other establishments and getting rid of it. 

Many people know how the process goes, but you may be new to this and would like an insight into the entire process. Here are some of the steps that are involved in junk removal.

Types of Waste

Before getting to know the steps involved in junk removal, you must know the kinds of waste that is collected to understand the sorting process, which is one of the steps in junk removal.

Here are some types of waste;

  • Solid Rubbish

Solid rubbish come in various types, some of them are;

  • Plastic waste – Plastic waste included all the items made of plastic that are no longer in use. In this category, you can find plastic bags, bottle, cans and containers.
  • Glass waste – Broken glass or even whole glass items that no longer serve any purpose are categorised as glass waste.
  • Paper waste – packaging materials, boxes and newspapers are some of the common paper waste products.
  • Liquid Waste

Anywhere across the world, it is highly likely to come across liquid waste as every establishment requires water to run its operations. Liquid waste can be in the form of dirty water, spilt oil, water detergents and organic liquids.

  • Hazardous Waste

The flammable, toxic and harmful rubbish thrown away usually falls in this category. A lot of caution is involved in the sorting of this kind of trash and its subsequent disposal. One should be careful at all times when dealing with such garbage.

If possible, call the experts, who have vast experience in the field to take care of such.

Steps of Junk Removal

  • Choose the Right Service

Before embarking on the junk removal process, make sure you take a close look at the rubbish at hand, examine it and choose the right service. The reason for this is that many companies offer a wide range of full-serve and self-serve junk removal options. Each of these options come with their descriptions and benefits.

For instance, comprehensive service options in some companies compel the collectors to collect all of your waste at once from your kerbside and then go and get rid of it. In this instance, those who cannot move the junk or want speedy removal get to benefit a lot.

Some of these benefits may not be possible in the self-serve option in the same company. 

  • Sorting

Sorting is one of the essential steps of junk removal as it makes the entire process easier and quicker. When dealing with a particular company, make sure you go through the relevant guidelines to help you know where to dispose of specific group of items. In most cases, you are not allowed to mix different types of waste as it hampers recycling and sometimes the disposal of the rubbish. 

  • Taking the Trash Out

Once you have sorted your trash appropriately, put the different types of garbage in the correct bags/containers and take them out. Where you put your trash depends entirely on your agreement with the rubbish collection service. 

If you have a full package plan with your collection company that allows you to set out your trash on the kerbside and they will do everything, do so. If you are required to move the waste to a specific collection to ease the collection, do so. 

Regardless of where you set out your trash, make sure you correctly place the rubbish and not scatter it around the paths or collection area. 

Following such simple rules and regulations will make it easier for the entire process to continue and avoid any scuffles between you and your service provider. 


The junk removal process may, at times confuse people, especially those who are not used to using junk removal companies. The first thing you need to do is identify the type of waste you have at hand so that the sorting process goes a lot smoother. 

There are different types of waste from solid waste to liquid and hazardous trash. Go through the various services offered by your rubbish collection company and select the service that suits your needs. Sort the rubbish correctly and then set it out for collection.

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