It’s totally common to imagine your local rubbish removalists taking out unwanted garbage and things from your homes. If you have a couple of large furniture like cupboards, sofas, chairs and tables that you want to replace and you want to get rid of as soon as possible, who do you call? You call your local rubbish removal companies to take care of them. However, say, you’re in farmland, and all kinds of waste are generated from your activities there, what do you do?

The kinds of waste that are generated from these agricultural activities is called agricultural waste. They are results from farming practices, poultry house activities, crops growth and harvests, and slaughterhouses. These kinds of waste are quite different from your house rubbish. Whereas for your house rubbish, you call your local removalists to deal with unwanted home trash, some kinds of agricultural waste have some other method of being handled.

These agricultural waste might be more familiar to you due to the commonality of farming activities. Some examples of biological and solid waste that can result from these agricultural activities are as follows: 

  • Manure from farm animals
  • Feed waste
  • Animal beddings
  • Straw and litter
  • Soil and seeds 
  • Trimmings, leaves, etc.
  • Waste from crop yield and production
  • and many more

On the other hand, there are also agricultural byproducts that are considered harmful to the farm. This kind of waste causes danger to health due to exposure. These kinds of waste can cause a hazard and can easily turn into pollutants when not handled well. As such, these wastes should be handled with Proper Protective Equipment and intensive training. Some of the hazardous waste products considered agricultural waste are as follows:

  • Pesticides
  • Oil from machinery usage
  • Herbicides 
  • Mishandled fertiliser
  • Dairy effluent (milk spillage, milk washdown, milk waste)
  • And others

To add,  there are other wastes that are from agricultural labours and activities. These might not necessarily be byproducts of farming activities, growing poultry house, crops growth and harvest, and produce from the slaughterhouse, but they are still garbage from agriculture nonetheless. These can be:

  • Product packaging
  • Plastic bags
  • Construction materials
  • Timber
  • Wood 
  • And etc.

There are many rubbish removal companies around available for your rubbish needs. They can do the dirty job for you. However, do rubbish removal companies offer services for agricultural waste removal? There are a lot of ways to dispose of agricultural waste however, not all of them qualify for rubbish removal services. Even then, there are special ways to dispose of those wastes that don’t qualify for rubbish removal services. 

For example, you might make the animal manure into fertilizer for your land application and composting efforts. You can transform soil, leaves, shrouds, and other green waste into a mulch mix and you can put as an extra layer to some areas. Since much of agricultural waste is organic, there are wastes that you can get rid of them without calling your local rubbish removalists. Furthermore, these practices can be beneficial to your agricultural activities.

For other rubbish that you cant transform into any agricultural benefitting effort, you can call your local removalists to take care of them already. For example, there is some wood that has piled up for quite a while after putting your farmhouse into a change, you can call Paul’s Rubbish Removal to get rid of it. For another example, you choose not to make your green agricultural waste into a beneficial mulch, Paul’s team of removalists can collect it from you.


Agricultural waste can be transformed into other forms of beneficial outputs that can be good for your farms. For most organic waste, a little effort and some transformation can turn it into something else that can be valuable for the farm. However, not all of those wastes can be transformed, and as such, Paul’s team of experienced rubbish removalists is there to aid you. 

We are here to help you keep your farms still as clean and as orderly while we collect the trash that isn’t advantageous for you. Do you want a general cleanup for your farm? Don’t hesitate to give us a call 0407 125 125 or send us an email at

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