Should you Consider a Sit-to-Stand Desk?

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At first, it might be hard to decide on whether sit-to-stand desks are worth consideration in your office. The negative effects that sitting has on our health have made it develop a bad name in most offices. In fact, its effects are comparable to smoking. Sitting for over eight hours at a computer desk has led to nearly 85 per cent of workers experiencing discomfort when in their workplace.

Studies have linked much sitting in the workplace with diabetes and heart disease in addition to several other health problems. That should not mean that standing throughout the day is good for your health either. Standing throughout the day can cause joint, knee pain and other complications.

Sit-stand desks, commonly known as standing office desks, provide many benefits to workers because of their ergonomic nature. Sit-stand desks will encourage your employees to stand occasionally. That alone will reduce the pressure on their back to helping them burn a few calories each day.

Sit-stand desks are better than standing desks

Even though standing facilitates burning of calories, standing for hours can cause circulatory issues such as joint and knee pain. To avoid such problems, you have to alternate between standing and sitting. With a sit to a standing desk, you can easily adjust the height and therefore you will have a chance of configuring your desk to meet your specific needs.

The market offers a variety of adjustable height desks and tables. Moreover, sit-to-stand desk surfaces come in a variety of versions depending on the adjustment method, such as pneumatic (electric) and manual crank.

Most people who go for standing desks focus on the benefits of standing as matched with sitting for long periods. Unfortunately, employees do not respond well to standing the whole day.

From that perspective, you will be allowing your employees to decide on whether to stand or sit by providing them with sit-to-stand desks. You will also reduce your liability for potential compensation lawsuits associated with musculoskeletal disorders.

Are pneumatic sit-to-stand desks worth their high cost?

The high cost of pneumatically adjustable tables are discouraging, but forcing your employees to adjust the table height manually – or with a hand crank – will affect the adoption of sit-to-stand desks. The adjustment process takes roughly 30 seconds of distraction from the primary task and physical effort.

When deciding on whether to buy a manual or pneumatic sit-to-stand desk, you should consider the needs of your employees. Also, consider the effects of each of the two types on the culture of your company. Electric sit to stand tables will make the process easier and encourage your staff to spend most of their time standing. The main purpose of sit-to-stand tables is to discourage sitting throughout the day.

Adopting sit-to-stand desks

Making the switch to sit-to-stand desks for your office space is a big change that requires resources to help with the transition. If your old office desks are no longer required and need to get rid of them swiftly, Paul’s Rubbish Removal offers fast and cheap rubbish removal. Getting someone else to hand remove your unwanted office furniture is possibly the best way to go about it. Their professional service will make the transition smooth and seamless.

If you are ready to use a sit-to-stand desk, you should go for it. Adjustable desks and tables provide many health benefits to office workers. After adopting the desks for your office, you should encourage your employees to alternate between standing and sitting after 30-60 minutes.

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