Electronics like television sets and stereos are common things nowadays. In as much as they are useful there comes a time where you no longer need them. Perhaps it may be because they are outdated or they are faulty. Whether the case, many people usually throw them away. 

Even though this looks like an effective means of getting rid of these electronics, it is not right. There are numerous negative effects that come with throwing away electronics.


  • Pollutes the Soil

Most televisions and stereo sets contain heavy metals. Some examples of metals used to make stereos and TVs include, lead, cadmium, and arsenic. These metals are very toxic and when the TVs break down they are released into the soil. What happens next is a process known as leaching. This is where substances (chemicals in this case) are absorbed/get into the soil structure. This is what causes soil pollution. 

  • Endangers Aquatic Life

Sometimes people dump TVs and stereo sets in water sources like lakes and rivers. This is very harmful to aquatic life. Here is why. Some parts of the TVs also contain plastic and plastics, of any kind, are known to injure and kills marine life.

  • Health Issues

Apart from heavy metals and plastic, TVs and stereo sets are also made using chemicals. It is these chemicals that are harmful to human beings when the TV is thrown away. Here is how it happens. When an electronic is thrown away, the chemicals are released to the open air. Once the chemicals have been exposed, someone can easily inhale them. Now that is where the health issues, specifically breathing complications, begin.

  • Makes an Area Look Bad

Once TVs and stereos are disposed of irresponsibly it makes the area look pathetic. These areas also become home to rodents and other pests. This also contributes to making an area look uglier.


Of course, nobody wants any of these dangers that come with throwing away TVs and stereos. That is why we need to come up with ways to help us avoid them. Here are a few strategies.

  • Recycle

Instead of throwing away your old TV and stereo you can recycle them. Recycling is basically collecting an item and making something new out of it. Basically the old TV and stereo become the raw materials to make something else.

  • Donate

Sometimes your old TV is not necessarily spoilt. It may be functioning but you just want to upgrade. If this is the case, you can just donate the old TV instead of throwing it away. It could help someone else who is in need and he/she would really be grateful. At the same time, you are avoiding the negative effects of throwing it away.

  • Sell Them

Another way of avoiding throwing away your old stereo and TV set is by selling it. In this case, it does not matter whether it is functioning or not. There are people who even buy faulty TVs and repair it themselves. However, if it is working it would fetch a higher price.

  • Reuse

Reusing your old TV and stereos set is also an effective means of eliminating such items. Here you limit is your creativity. You can do anything to reuse the TV and stereos. One impressive way of reusing such items is by decorating certain rooms in your home. If there are devices that are a bit outdated, the better. It would give the room a bit of a vintage vibe if that is what you want.


The dangers that come with throwing away your old TV set and stereo system are not things to play with. That is why when it comes to disposing of such items, all of us should be concerned and seek alternative means. Whether it is selling them or recycling them, choose what you like. As long as it does not involve dumping them irresponsibly. 

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Sarah Ann