What is a soft demolition?

Soft demolition is simply the process of taking a building or a structure apart, piece by piece. The process involves the safe removal of material inside and outside the building, including floor coverings, ceiling tiles, drywall, bathroom fixtures, fittings, lights, cable trays and glass panels. Essentially, it focuses on the demolition of non-structural elements of the building, while maintaining the structure of the actual building for future reconstruction.

When do I require soft demolition?

Soft demolition comes in handy if you want to renovate, refurbish, or remodel your house or commercial property. In essence, it eliminates the need for carrying out a full-scale demolition, as it does not affect the structure of your premises. What is more amazing is that various materials such as nails, wiring, piping, concrete, lumber, insulation, shingle and wall studs are carefully preserved, and can be used during the reconstruction or renovation project.

Nevertheless, like any other construction project, strip out and soft demolition often results in the creation of loads of waste such as rubble, sludge and dredging material. The sad part is that most construction contractors are not ready to dispose of this waste at their own cost. Furthermore, some contractors lack sufficient skills to identify, isolate, and remove construction waste. This is where the role of a reputable construction waste management company comes into play.

Benefits of professional soft demolition services

Soft demolition might seem like an easy task, the truth is that it is not. The task is a preserve of professional contractors with vast experience in the construction industry. Furthermore, you require various tools and equipment to undertake this task effectively. With this in mind, it is only logical that you hire professional demolition services. Here are some of the benefits of enlisting a professional contractor for your soft demolition project:

1) Safety

Safety is paramount when working on any construction project, as accidents and injuries are certainly bound to happen. However, you can greatly reduce the risk of these mishaps by enlisting the services of a professional contractor. Skilled demolition experts have vast experience in the industry subsequently ensuring that safety is upheld when carrying out a soft demolition project

2) Efficiency

To efficiently perform a soft demolition, you need a wide range of highly sophisticated tools and equipment. This is pivotal if you are to retain the original structure of the building. Unfortunately, these tools and equipment do not come cheaply, hence hiring a professional contractor is the only viable option you should consider.

3) Cost-effective

During a soft demolition, some essential materials such as nails, studs, wiring and piping are likely to get damaged or lost if not handled properly. However, professional soft demolition services ensure that all reusable materials are preserved for future projects. This will certainly save you from incurring additional construction costs.

4) Preservation of antiques

Many old buildings consist of irreplaceable antiques and non-structural elements such as windows, staircases and coving. By enlisting a professional soft demolition company, you can be rest assured that your antiques and other valuable elements will remain in one piece.

5) Seek professional waste management with Paul’s Rubbish Removal

As mentioned earlier, most construction contractors do not deal with the removal of waste from the project site. You, therefore, need to enlist the services of a reliable construction waste removal company.

At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we are a licensed and insured waste removal company based in Sydney. We provide a wide range of exceptional services, ranging from demolition waste removal to garbage disposal, for both residential and commercial premises.

Our highly competent team can easily identify, isolate, remove and bundle up all types of waste from your demolition project for safe disposal. Additionally, we use environmental-friendly methods when managing waste from the demolition site. As if that is not enough, we can help you identify and preserve valuable materials that you can reuse for your future construction project. This is not only cost-effective but also helps preserve irreplaceable elements of your property.

All our services comply with legal requirements, meaning that you will not need to seek a permit from the local authorities. The good news is that we offer all our services in all parts of Sydney.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Paul’s Rubbish Removal on 0407 125 125!

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