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13 Household Rubbish You Didn’t Know That Was Recyclable

If you wish to save the environment and stay green, recycling is the name of the game. You have probably already heard of several things that can be recycled to reuse natural resources.

Let’s explore 13 surprisingly recyclable items that you can find around your house.

1) Wine corks

Your local recycling centre may not accept wine corks. But there are companies that accept them and recycle them into flat sheets of tiles that are used for making veneers, floorings, and walls.

2) Bras

Don’t throw away that bra you that doesn’t fit you anymore. There are companies that collect gently used bras and recycle them to provide benefits to women suffering from domestic violence, human trafficking, drug addiction, and so on.

3) Crayons

Got dozens of broken and unused crayons lying around the house? Get rid of that mess by sending the crayons to a recycling company where they will be melted, remade and sold as new.

4) Baby diapers

Babies soil thousands of diapers before they are potty trained. Why let diapers rot in the landfill when they can be recycled? There are companies that collect the dirty diapers, remove the organic waste, and use them as pellets in roof shingles, shoe sole or wallpaper.

5) Pantyhose

Pantyhoses are made of nylon material that takes over 40 years to decay, so why throw them away in the landfill. Instead, you can give them to recycling companies to convert them into substances used for making park benches, toys, carpets and playground equipment.

6) Prescription drugs

Expired prescription drugs must be properly disposed. But, what about the pills that are still good but no longer needed? There are several pharmacies that take unused prescription drugs. You can also give them to charities that accept HIV medicines and distribute them among poor HIV victims in less developed countries.

7) Fishing lines

Ever wondered what to do with the old fishing line? Well, there are companies that take old fishing lines and mix them up with other recyclable materials like plastic bottles and cartons.

8) Aluminium foils

Foils are perhaps one of the most thrown-away recyclable items. As they are made of 100% aluminium, they can be easily recycled along with aluminium cans. Check with your local recycling centre to find out if they take aluminium foils.

9) Trophies

Is your shelf crammed up with trophies from fifth grade? If the excitement has faded with time, you may consider recycling the old trophies. There are companies that accepts old trophies, melt them, and then turn them into new ones.

10) Sheep poop

Did you think poop is only meant to be used as fertilisers? Well, you will be surprised to learn that sheep poop can be made into wedding invitation cards, bookmarks, birthday cards and paper.

11) Dentures

Your grandpa’s dentures may contain gold, silver or even palladium that can be recycled. There is a recycle association in Japan that accepts old dentures, collects the usable materials, and then discards the rest of the denture that is illegal to use.

12) Sex toys

Used sex toys can be recycled in a special processing plant where they are sterilised, refurbished and resold. The rubber toys are mixed with a binding agent to make new toys.

13) Holiday lights

Don’t throw away your burnt out holiday lights! There are recycling companies that take old holiday lights, separate them into glass, PVC and copper. The usable parts are resurrected and recycled in a variety of ways.

Now that you are aware that some household items can be recycled, you should think twice before throwing things away. If you do not have time to locate, travel and send different items to recycle centres, consider getting the professionals.

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Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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