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Smart Ideas on Making Money from Old Furniture

In today’s world, you can turn anything into a fortune; it all depends on the depth of your imagination. One of the things you can make money from is old furniture. This might sound crazy to some people because they just see their old furniture as rubbish.

If you are one of these people, you must change that mentality because you might be sitting on a gold mine. Well, this is how you can make money from old furniture.

  • Selling It Online

One of the most common ways of making money from old furniture is by selling them online. Many websites connect buyers and sellers. One of these sites is eBay. All you have to do is go to the site and sign up by filling in all the necessary details.

Once this is done, please take pictures of the furniture you want to sell and upload them. Try as much as possible to get clear photos so that prospective buyers can see exactly what they are buying. If someone is interested in buying the furniture, he /she will contact you.  You can then take it from there and make the necessary arrangements.

  • Taking it to a Recycling Centre

Another way of making money from old furniture is by taking them to a recycling facility.  Many recycling plants in Australia pay people who take old furniture for them.

Even though this is true, you need to be very careful. Just because many plants pay people to deliver old furniture does not mean all of them will do so. You need to confirm if the facility accepts old furniture in the first place. If they do, you should ask whether or not you will be given money in exchange for them. You can do this by visiting the facility’s website, taking their contacts, and calling them.

  • Making Firewood

Making and selling firewood is another way to make money from old furniture. You need to break down your old furniture. You can do this by removing the nails and glue and getting rid of Formica if at all the item has it. You then cut the slab into pieces and sell them as firewood.

At some point, getting customers may become challenging. One strategy you can use is knocking on doors and asking people to buy your firewood. The first people you should visit are those in your area with houses with chimneys.

  • Making Art Pieces

The art industry is worth over $111 billion. Looking at such figures, it is evident that this is a very lucrative field to venture into. This is because of the profits you can reap. Other than that, the art industry is also amazing because it is very diverse. This means that you can make anything, and it could earn you a fortune. One of the things you can do is carve out a nice sculpture using wood from old furniture pieces. You can then sell it to an art lover.

  • Starting a Refurnishing and Flipping Business

Starting a flipping business is also another impressive idea. Flipping is acquiring an item and then reselling it for profit. Most of the time, when flipping, people improve the item and then sell it. Improving the item goes a long way in increasing its value so that you reap huge benefits. This is what people call refurbishing.

With this, you can make a lot of money selling your old furniture and furniture from others. Once you have refurbished the furniture, you can even have a yard sale. This will allow people from all over to look at the variety of items you have and buy whichever they want.


Making money from old furniture is a bit tricky for many people. That is why we have compiled the list above to help you navigate the world of turning old furniture to cash. Even though this seems amazing, sometimes you want to get rid of your furniture for one or two reasons. If you ever feel like this, call Paul’s Rubbish Removal Sydney. Our phone number is 0407 125 125, which is open 24 hours daily.

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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