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We provide furniture removal services at Paul's Rubbish Removal in Sydney!

Best Furniture Removal in Sydney

Do you have old unwanted household furniture you need removing? Perhaps you’ve purchased a new set of lounges and are looking to dispose of the worn-out ones. No matter what the case may be, Paul’s Rubbish rubbish removal in Sydney can help.

At Paul’s Rubbish, we can safely and efficiently remove your old furniture. Our team of rubbish removalists will manually remove your old furniture and recycle materials where possible. We take the greatest care when lifting and carrying furniture out of your home. Outdoor lounge, chairs and tables, we’ll take care of it all.

Carrying heavy objects is always going to be a physically demanding task. Safely carrying a 3 seater couch through flights of stairs and slim hallways is an additional obstacle that adds to the challenge. Luckily, with our experienced furniture removalists, you won’t have to worry. We’re a team of physically fit removalists who are always looking for that next challenge. No job is too small or big for us.

Common types of furniture we remove

Every household contains furniture. It doesn’t matter what the furniture is made of, whether it be leather, wooden, metal, fabric, glass, polyurethane or synthetic fibre, we can dispose of it.

General furniture goods we find ourselves frequently removing include:

  • Old room lounges, sofa beds, couches, futons, mattresses
  • Antique chairs, armchairs, office chairs, dining chairs
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Dining room tables, coffee tables, recliners, benches, stools
  • Beds and bed frames
  • Desks, side tables, wall shelves, bookshelves
  • Dressers, drawers
  • Cabinets, filing cabinets, credenzas, cupboards
  • Trampolines, pool tables, entertainment systems, gym equipment,
  • Storage, gazebos, playground equipment, old pianos

Not only do we handle all furniture disposals, we also cater to all related household items. Examples of different types of furniture we can have removed include:

  • Worn-out mattresses
  • Home office equipment
  • Hoarded items
  • Unwanted home gym equipment
Modern furniture

What Our Customers Say

405 reviews on
Thea Mahony
I recently had the pleasure of hiring Pauls Rubbish Removal, and I must say, the experience was nothing short of outstanding. If you're looking for a reliable and efficient rubbish removal company, look no further!
Maxima Martinez
Paul arrived extremely quickly and cleared both of my salons for a very affordable price. He and his team were professional, courteous and friendly.
Rowena Phillips
Great service by the team to clear out an old storage unit. On time, courteous, professional team. Would highly recommend Paul's and will be using their services again soon!
Marie Kuhn
Punctual and efficient moving by a friendly and professional team. Highly recommended. Friendly, respectful and pleasant to deal with.
Mia Pfeiffer
Absolute legend our odds and ends removal was done quickly and at a good price. We will use Paul again in the future.
Jorge Jofré
Super professional company, best rubbish removal company ive used to date, 100% highly recommend , clean and safe.will be definitely using them again the next time i need something removed
Jai Petchy
Paul's Rubbish Removal Sydney are a great team of guys who really care about their work. Steve and Michael don't just do the job, they do it well and look after you so you don't have to worry about anything. I highly recommend them!
Beau Banning
This company were fantastic. They were very professional, efficient and friendly. They gave me a quote which was exactly what I wanted. When the day arrived they arrived early and set up quickly. They took away my rubbish very quickly and did not leave a mess behind. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing rubbish removal Sydney.

How can I dispose of my old furniture?

Old couches are a common household item that needs to be thrown out after having a rough life. Ripped up, torn and stained, nobody wants it. So, where can I dispose of my used couch in Sydney? There are two options.

1) You can choose to wait for your yearly local council pick-up. However, you will still need to be involved to haul and drag the old couch to dump it onto the streets. This is undesired and should be avoided unless it is removed on the same day as this will only attract pests to your home.

2) Alternatively, you can call for a rubbish removal service from Paul’s Rubbish Removal. We will do all the heavy lifting for you and ensure that it is taken to the proper recycling facility where it will be recycled and reused. Many parts of an old couch can be recycled, such as cotton and foam, which can be recycled to make carpet underlay.

Can I dispose of my furniture in a dumpster?

Generally, we advise not to. There are many different parts of a lounge that can be recycled. By throwing it in a dumpster the entire couch will be thrown at the tip and not have the opportunity to be recycled.

Not only that, any local dumpster removers will not be equipped enough to be able to pick up your couch properly. Large couches will need to be broken apart and disposed of properly.

We remove and recycle couches, lounges and sofas every week. Our team will separate the different components of a typical lounge and make sure that each part is recycled where appropriate. Things like the couch foam, timber frame and textiles are all separated and recycled.

What is the best way to dispose of my broken furniture?

Recycling your old wooden furniture is the best way to get rid of it. There are many recycling centers scattered across Sydney that you can take it to. However, it is easier said than done. Old wooden pieces of furniture are typically large and oversized. Therefore, they will need to be broken down into smaller pieces before you can carry, transport and recycle it. There is also a fee required to recycle your couch at a recycling centre.

If you have wooden furniture that contains untreated wood, many recycling centres will not accept it. You can call Paul’s Rubbish Removal instead. We are qualified to handle untreated wood and contaminated timber for proper disposal. We’ll take care of moving, transporting and breaking down your old wooden furniture for recycling.

How much does it cost to pick up furniture for disposal?

At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we pride ourselves on our lowest prices for any junk removal for our valued customers. As an industry leader, we believe that garbage should be quick and cheap to get rid of.

The cost of removing and disposing of broken furniture depends on a number of factors as discussed in our rubbish removal price guide. Used furniture in Sydney is collected from $200. The team at Paul’s Rubbish Removal are fully equipped to remove any furniture no matter or big or heavy!

Quick, easy and affordable furniture removal

When you book for a furniture removal service with Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we will arrange a time for pick-up at your stated address. Our team of furniture removalists will then carry your unwanted furniture and have it safely placed onto our trucks. We will always ensure your home is left is a safe and clean environment.

All recyclable furniture materials will be recycled according to government regulations and disposed of in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

Call us today on 0407 125 125 for a free furniture removal quote!

6 Advantages of our Piano Removal Services

1. Size

Most types and models of pianos are extremely heavy and awkward in shape. Some units weigh as much as 500 kg. When dealing with such cumbersome musical equipment, it’s best to have it done by a professional service to save you trouble.

If you are planning to move your old piano on your own, it will increase the risk of damaging the unit, scratching your home floor or harming your family members. In some cases, you might injure your back, potentially lasting a lifetime. The cost of repairing a broken wall or scratched floor is undoubtedly more expensive than hiring a professional service in the first place.

2. Value

Piano removals can be heartbreaking. They can hold sentimental values to the owners, which make them irreplaceable. It can be emotional to remove and dispose of the piano yourself. Save the pain and attachment by getting someone else to do it for you. A professional will be able to safely and quickly get rid of the piano for you without any emotional attachments as you would.

3. Function

Professionals understand precisely the structure and functions of a piano. Thus, it is much simpler for them to take action. After all, they have done these types of jobs hundreds of times and specialise in it. No matter how careful you are, reaching the same level of skills or knowledge as the best in the business without many years of experience is impossible.

4. Equipment

Piano removal and disposal require specialised equipment and special techniques to ensure that the task can be done properly and quickly. In most cases, the professionals often use skids, also known as piano boards, to transport the piano. Also, they have the appropriate transportation to dispose of your unwanted piano properly.

5. Weight distribution

The weight of a considerable piano is evenly distributed through its case. A professional service with properly trained workers would understand this and use the right technique and tool to ensure proper transportation. If you do it by yourself, chances are the piano will cause damage to your interior and, at worst, inflict horrific injuries such as a broken toe.

6. Reliability

When you decide to hire a professional rubbish removal and disposal service with a solid reputation, they will likely take personal care while disposing or moving your item. After all, they do not want to tarnish their reputation by doing a poor job. It only takes one negative review to ruin a thousand positive feedback they’ve collected over the past few years.

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Get A Free Quote

We provide unmatched, unbeaten Sydney junk removal pricing across all our services! You simply let us know what you need to be removed and we provide you with a no-obligation free quotation to get the job done.

We Hand-Load Quickly

Time is of the essence! Our friendly team will arrive on time and ready to load your junk into your truck with a smile. We can even load and go even without you being there, providing you with the ultimate convenience!

Ultimate Satisfaction

We clean your site to perfection! Say goodbye to your rubbish once and for all. We only leave when you are 110% happy with the job completed. That’s our promise to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a furniture removal cost?

The cost depends on numerous factors. Firstly, where are you based and how many pieces of furniture are you looking to remove is considered.

How do you throw away unwanted counches & lounges?

There are generally 3 options. Firstly, you can leave it outside for your local council to pick up, rent a dumpster and throw it inside or hire a rubbish removal company to come pick it up and dispose of it.

I can’t haul my bulky furniture outside, can you help?

Yes. There’s no doubt that carrying heavy objects such as furniture, wardrobes, and cupboards are always physically demanding. We have a team of experienced and physically fit furniture removalists who can perfectly help you haul your bulky furniture outside. In fact, they love doing it so much that they’re looking for the next challenge.

Are you able to recycle my broken and old furniture?

Yes. As an environmentally-conscious entity, we make sure that we dispose of everything in an environmentally friendly way. The best way to discard your broken old furniture is to recycle it.

How much will it cost me to dispose of my unwanted furniture?

Generally, used furniture is collected from $200. It could even be lower depending on the volume. For example, removing three-seater furniture might be cheaper than a two-seater. Nonetheless, we make any furniture removal affordable and friendly for your pocket.

I need to get rid of my old furniture urgently. Do you provide same-day service?

Yes. At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we provide same-day service. Just call us, tell us when you’ll be available and we’ll arrange for pick-up at your stated address.

Do you provide after hour furniture removal?

Yes. It doesn’t matter the time of day or night, just call us and we’ll be right at your doorstep to remove your unwanted furniture. We make it our duty to ensure that we can serve our customers round the clock and whenever they need our services.

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