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Have you ever washed your wheelie bin? Wait, people actually clean their wheelie bins?

Yes, some households clean their wheelie bins. However, it is quite rare to see residents cleaning their wheelie bins. It is a good habit to get into now and then as there are some benefits in doing so including exercise.

After all, your wheelie bins go through a rough life. They are living outdoors, holding and collecting dirty rubbish where insects such as ants, flies, and other pests reside. They deserve some attention and treatment.

So, you’re convinced that your wheelie bin needs to be pampered. How do you go about it? It’s good that you’ve landed on this page because we’ll tell you exactly how with this ultimate wheelie bin cleaning guide 101.

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Before throwing it into the bin

The first step to a clean wheelie bin is to keep it as clean as possible. This begins from the moment you throw away your garbage. Being cautious about your trash can make a massive difference in the long run.

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General household rubbish found in wheelie bins is often food waste that is leftover or has expired. Giving your bottles and food containers a quick rinse before disposal is a good idea. This will get rid of any leftover waste and remove any bad odour. You’ll be happy with yourself when you need to wheel your bin out on bin day.

Hot tip: Place a few sheets of newspaper at the bin’s base to soak up any liquid.

If you see any spillage or mess in the bin, it is best to act as soon as possible. Delaying the problem will only create future bigger problems that you will eventually need to deal with. Doing so will make it easier during the washing process and avoid those nasty pests.

Hot tip: Use supermarket plastic bags to hold your rubbish together when throwing it into the red lid bin. This will prevent any spillage and waste from sticking onto the bin.

Pick a suitable area for washing

The perfect time to wash your wheelie bin is during rubbish collection day once it has just been emptied. A sunny and clear day is also desired for drying after washing.

It is important to pick an appropriate area to clean your wheelie bin. The area should be big enough to allow the splashing of water and for you to manoeuvre around. You should also consider the disposal of dirty water and harmful chemicals.

Ideally, you should be able to let the water flow into a nearby water system such as the main sewer. Make sure that you are not breaking any local regulations in doing so.

Hose it down and use a mop or broom for scrubbing

Tilt the wheelie bin on its side and use a pressure hose to rinse any waste on or inside the bin. Using a garden hose works fine too, it definitely helps if it has a high-pressure nozzle. The purpose of this is to remove any debris and make light work before moving on to the heavier duties.

If any gunk or stubborn debris is stuck to the base, you can try filling the bin up with 10 cm of water with dishwashing detergent for about half an hour to loosen the material. If this doesn’t seem to work then you could try pouring hot or boiling water into the bin. Close the lid and allow the steam to dissolve the gunk.

Now that most of the stubborn grime is gone, this will make your work much easier. Use a mop or broom and some dishwashing liquid and scrub the outside and inside of the wheelie bin.

Cleaning product

You may choose to clean your wheelie bin with a wide range of cleaning products. Depending on the condition of your bin, you may require some heavy duty cleaning products such as antibacterial soap or bleach. Always read the label before using liquids with strong chemicals.

Something that you should consider is using biodegradable and environmentally friendly products. In some cases, if your rubbish bin is well maintained, then plain soak and water will do the trick.

Leave it to dry in the sun

Once you are satisfied with your new-looking wheelie bin, the final step is to leave it outside to dry thoroughly. Dark and damp areas are easy for bacteria and germs to grow. Empty the rubbish bin and flip it upside down to allow any excess water to drip out. Alternatively, you can open the lid and leave it in the sun to air. Once it has dried, use a disinfectant spray such as Dettol Glen 20 to keep your wheelie bin fresh and clean.

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