Tips to Minimise Rubbish on Australia Day

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Australia Day is about acknowledging and celebrating any significant contribution which every single Australian makes to the contemporary, diverse and dynamic nation. The marking of January the 26th is an important day in the history of Australia. It is a day that is seen as an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the nation's diverse [...]

When Do We Need to Replace Our Kitchen Appliances?

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Kitchen appliances are essential devices in any household where most of us can’t imagine a world without them. They make our work relatively easier and help us achieve our cooking objectives with minimal effort. However, as a result of regular use, kitchen appliances will experience wear and tear over time, and this will, on [...]

What Happens When Our Landfills Are Full?

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Landfills are extremely useful sites. They hold unwanted potentially dangerous waste, everything that isn’t recyclable and other types of rubbish, all in one spot. Landfills ensure that the excess fluid, as well as highly dangerous methane gas that comes from it, is safely disposed of. From handling gas emissions to monitoring groundwater, modern landfill [...]

Items To Collect Before a Deceased Estate Clearance

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The loss of someone close to you is always a redefining moment in life. The death of a family member starts a process which, though painful, is normal and expected. It is a period in which you gradually come to terms with that loss and start to regroup and view yourself in a new [...]

How To Prepare for a Deceased Estate Clearance

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There are no words to describe how losing your loved one feels like. Even while you are grieving, you’ll need to stay strong, console some of your family members and participate in the funeral arrangements as well. What’s more, you’ll have to deal with other technical and potentially daunting tasks such as a deceased [...]

Benefits of Using a Deceased Estate Clearance Service

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The death of a loved one can be a life-changing moment filled with full of emotions. In the context of this burning issue, we put into account both the practical and emotional challenges that come about when someone has passed away. As such, the responsibility that faces family members in this regard is of [...]

5 Benefits of Clearing Deceased Estates Early

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Clearing or cleaning up a deceased estate is not an easy task for those affected. In reality, this is the time of distress and all events preceding the demise of your loved one can be overwhelming for you and your family members. Since time is of the essence regarding this matter, it is important [...]

8 Mistakes When Handling Deceased Estate Possessions

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It is never easy to deal with a family member's demise. There is an aspect of emotional loss which is often followed closely by a monumental task of handling the deceased's estate or any possessions left behind. It is generally a good idea to sort through as soon as possible as there are many benefits [...]

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Office Furniture

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Generally, everyday employees spend around 8 hours each day seated at their desk. Therefore, the selection of office furniture is important. Bad choice of furnishes might result in work injury-related complaints. In addition, it might lead to a sharp decrease in workplace happiness and employee wellness, leading to a higher staff turnover rate. To [...]

Why Having Modern Office Furniture is Important

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Generally, everyday employees spend around 8 hours each day seated at their desk. Therefore, the selection of office furniture is important. Bad choice of furnishes might result in work injury-related complaints. In addition, it might lead to a sharp decrease in workplace happiness and employee wellness, leading to a higher staff turnover rate. To [...]

How to Effectively Identify Useless Office Junk

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An organised workspace and one that is free of clutter will supercharge your day. Such a workspace will provide you with more room to finish your daily tasks in addition to freeing you from the visual distractions that cause stress. However, some people fail to de-clutter their office mainly because they feel personally attached [...]

Should you Consider a Sit-to-Stand Desk?

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At first, it might be hard to decide on whether sit-to-stand desks are worth consideration in your office. The negative effects that sitting has on our health have made it develop a bad name in most offices. In fact, its effects are comparable to smoking. Sitting for over eight hours at a computer desk [...]

6 Benefits of an Open Space Office

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Having a well-designed workspace is of the utmost importance to most companies. Regardless of the type of business, you always want to have a decent office that supports both the mission and vision of your firm. Simply put, an office is a central hub for your company and its design and the overall appearance [...]

Traditional Filing Cabinet vs Digital Storage

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Do you really need the conventional filing systems in the current digital world? Most companies have modernised the way they store their data and this has left many wondering whether we still need traditional filing cabinets or not. With technology rapidly increasing and following Moore’s Law, digital storage systems have become a cheap and [...]

Simple Ways to Reduce Waste in the Office

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Your business’s bottom line takes a negative hit when there is a lot of waste involved in running it. You will not realise any profits and may end up losing it. Below are simple ways to reduce office waste to help you decrease operating cost for higher profits. Use both sides of the paperEvery office [...]

Innovative Ideas to Recycle Strip Out Waste

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Though there are a lot of benefits associated with a strip out demolition project, it can equally come with its fair share of problems. Just like any other type of construction work, strip out demolitions always result in the creation of waste. If not properly handled, this waste poses as a significant danger to [...]

Common Tools Used in a Small Demolition

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No job can be done right without the right tools. Demolition is the same, it can be a demanding job. It’s more than just ordinary carpentry. It always involves tampering with the structural components of your building. Before you begin any demolition project, be sure you are stocked up on the relevant tools and [...]

Why You Need a Professional Bathroom Strip Out Service

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Is your bathroom looking old, unsightly and weathered? If yes, then the chances are high that you are currently contemplating a bathroom strip out and renovation to bring it back to life. Before you make the move, you need to contact a highly qualified professional to complete your bathroom strip out and project. Stripping [...]

Advantages of a Strip Out Before Renovation

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Demolition processes will always encompass many areas, one of them being strip outs. A strip out usually involves the removal of all the internal components of a building. It means removing all the non-essential or less important elements of a building so they can be redesigned and remodelled. It can be an essential requirement [...]

NSW Building Demolition Safety Rules and Regulations

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Demolition work involves knocking down and dismantling a part or whole of a structure. Regardless of the structure you want to demolish, whether it is a shed, tower, building, chimney stack, storage tank or silo, demolition is one of the highest risk activities around. Some of the risks associated with structural demolition include falling [...]

6 Benefits of a Professional Strip Out Service

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When it comes to commercial strip out in Australia, Paul’s Rubbish Removal services are professionals in the field. Regardless of how huge or small your industrial and home space requires to be stripped out, we can handle the task. So, if your plan this year is to refurbish, renovate or strip your entire bathroom, [...]

5 Things to Consider Before a Home Strip Out

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Over the past few decades, the housing sector has evolved dramatically in Australia. New designs are constantly hitting the market to target residential properties. Homeowners are catching on to the trends and are always remodelling their old homes to keep up.First and foremost, strip outs are the first steps towards achieving a dream home. It [...]

5 Dangers During Small Demolitions

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Demolition refers to physical destruction and tearing down of a building or any other human-made structure. Unlike deconstruction that involves carefully taking a structure apart and preserving valuable elements for reuse, demolition often involves completely tearing apart of structural components. It could be a fence, a wall, or shed or any other. Small demolitions [...]

4 Tips to Avoid a Building Demolition Failure

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There are times when a building needs to be demolished and removed. Some of the reasons include weak foundation, old worn-out buildings, dangerous materials like asbestos, building expansion, change in governmental zoning laws and others. Demolition companies usually use different tactics to demolish a building. Common demolition tactics include implosion, wrecking ball and high [...]

How is Waste Managed Around the World?

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It is apparent that the world, at large, is experiencing a lot of problems when it comes to proper waste management. According to data from the World Bank, the rate of waste generated is only expected to increase. In 2016, the world’s cities generated approximately two billion tonnes of solid waste. This amounts to [...]

What is Global Recycling Day?

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The number of rubbish humans throws away is on the rise and sadly, this trend is only projected to increase. The current global waste generation levels stand approximately at 1.3 billion tonnes per year. This figure is widely expected to rise to approximately 2.2 billion tonnes per year in the next six years. This [...]

Australia’s Current and Future Recycling Programs

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It is true that Australia competes against the rest of the world in a number of ways and recycling is no exception. In certain aspects such as newspaper recycling, Australia has been the leader for many years. However, there are other areas where it has to pull up its socks. According to the recent [...]

Biodegradable and Non-biodegradable Waste

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As the human population continues to grow, a corresponding growth in rubbish also occurs. With the number of human beings only projected to dramatically increase, the above correlation implies that the amount of waste will only increase with time. Therefore, we must employ the best strategies when it comes to proper waste management. Generally, [...]

What is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

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The garbage patch typically refers to the name given to the massive concentrations of rubbish in the northern parts of the Pacific Ocean. It should be noted that a significant amount of this garbage is plastic. To be more precise, this is an area in the Pacific Ocean with a very high concentration of [...]

How to Declutter Your Home for the New Year

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There are many reasons why you would want to make decluttering one of your most important end-year resolutions. Decluttering not only results in a sense of self-efficacy but confidence as well. When you decide to take your time to organise your house appropriately, you’ll always feel energised after the work. What’s more, you’ll see [...]

How to Encourage Employees to Recycle at Work

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According to a particular report, Australian workplaces generate at least 12.5 million tons of waste annually. Out of this, forty-four per cent is being sent to the landfill. Another way to look at this is that every year, the average Australian worker generates nearly 1.7 tonnes of rubbish. Clearly, if we are to save [...]

Everything About Organic and Inorganic Waste

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With the increase in human activities on the planet, there’s bound to be excessive amount of waste produced. Most of it is either organic or inorganic. Let’s take a look at some questions revolving organic and inorganic waste. What are some of the differences between organic and inorganic waste? If you weren’t aware, a [...]

How IoT Can Help With Waste Management

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Having developed a stable industrial base and achieved commendable economic growth for the last few decades, today, Australia is highly industrialised and urbanised. Even though this kind of improvement is literally good for everyone, it has come with its fair share of problems. To be more precise, it has had a huge negative impact [...]

Minimising Waste in Christmas 2018

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Did you know that Australia produces an average of 647 kg of municipal waste annually? According to a recent report published by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, (OECD), Australia is the fourth biggest producer of municipal waste globally, only lagging behind, the US, Denmark and Switzerland. Even though not all this rubbish [...]

How to Reduce Waste at Schools

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Are you aware that Australia is listed among the countries in the world with one of the highest waste productions? A huge amount of its waste come from industrial premises, households, and schools. Most Australian schools have been noted as the main culprits in generating waste. Sources and types of waste in schools Schools [...]

Which Country Recycles The Most Rubbish?

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Nearly everyone across the globe knows what waste recycling is. Equally, all of us are aware of the potential benefits of recycling. The world's population is increasing at an alarming rate and this means we should have better ways of handling rubbish because each human being accumulates significant waste over their lifetime. Waste not [...]

Fibreglass – What It Is and How to Dispose Of It

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Fibreglass is widely regarded as a material which boasts major industrial advantages over some of its conventional rivals such as aluminium, steel and wood. It is not only relatively more durable, but it is also less energy-intensive in development and has a number of applications. However, the question is, how can we dispose of [...]

Post Renovation or Strip Out Clean Up Tips

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As a homeowner, a home renovation is something you probably think about every time and again. If done right, a complete house renovation can have a great positive impact on your structure. A home renovation usually gives you an opportunity to make your structure something unique, one which reflects your tastes and preferences. In [...]

What You Need to Know About Asbestos

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Several years back, asbestos was a vital component of the building industry. It boasts of a number of appealing properties including the ability to withstand extreme heat, decomposition and erosion. What’s more, it has water and fire-resistant properties and it’s quite easy to see why this versatile material had more than 3,000 industrial applications [...]

Household Items You Don’t Need for 2019

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It has been proven that cluttered spaces will cause you stress. With the extra stimuli created by a disorderly environment, your cognitive function becomes easily overwhelmed and this can make you increasingly irritable. What’s more, clutter makes you more ashamed of your house and this, in turn, can create even more stress. Stress, on [...]

Importance of a Clean and Rubbish-free Building Site

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Building sites are a dangerous place. The work involved is usually very physical and the workers are often required to use and operate powerful machinery. They are also required to climb to great heights and interact with a whole host of construction waste. As we all know, all these factors contribute to a high [...]

How to Sort and Recycle Household Waste More Efficiently

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It is common knowledge that our planet has limited resources. This implies that we should use these limited resources available as sparingly as possible. The best way to utilise the natural resources more sensibly is to limit the number of things that we use in our daily lives. It would also be a good [...]

What To Consider When Purchasing a New Fridge

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Refrigerators have become essential in every household and it’s hard to imagine a world without them. In fact, nearly every Australian household owns a refrigerator. There are potentially endless benefits that a fridge offers. It functions at low temperatures and provides an efficient cooling environment which helps to keep your food items cool and [...]

Will Television Become Obsolete?

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There is no doubt that television is a huge source of entertainment. One of the greatest advantages of having a TV is that it keeps you up to date with what is happening around the world. You can watch your favourite sports, current news, movies as well as a host of educational and parenting [...]

How to Live a Rubbish-Free, Minimalist Lifestyle

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Over the last few years, the minimalist lifestyle has gained massive popularity, thanks to the potential benefits. However, very few people have a clear idea of how to adopt a minimalist lifestyle.Being minimalist is not about depriving yourself of all the important things you crave for. Again, it does not mean that you have to [...]

4 Useful Tips to Effectively Maintain Rubbish in Your Basement

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Homeowners are finding it extremely hard to clean and maintain their basements. In fact, junk accumulation has become a chronic problem for many Australians. One of the realities of things is that human beings tend to accumulate things. The truth is that nearly everyone finds themselves having to deal with excess rubbish at home [...]

Impact of Plastic Pollution on Marine Life

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There is no doubt that plastic is useful. Plastic is not only affordable but equally versatile as well. These factors make it ideal for a broad range of applications and it is widely believed that its use will only increase. The world’s population is expected to increase, which implies that the consumption, use and [...]

7 Tips to Cleaning Rubbish in Your Garden Or Yard

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Got some rubbish in your yard or garden that you want to clean up? Yard maintenance is one way of keeping a house neat and looking its best. Here are our 7 amazing tips for clearing the rubbish in your garden or yard. 1) Wear Protective Clothing Protect yourself from sharp objects, bacteria, insects [...]

5 Tips To Effectively Maintain Rubbish In Your Attic

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Thinking of doing some attic cleaning along with your yearly spring ritual? Best practices go a long way towards a more effortless cleaning. Here are our 5 tips to help you effectively maintain your attic to keep it in tip-top condition all year long. 1) Wear Protective Clothing Attics can be rife with various [...]

Why Incinerating Waste is a Problem

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Building a waste incineration facility to generate energy may seem like a great idea. It will not only help you get rid of garbage but will also help you acquire new energy source at a low cost. However, incinerating waste is a big problem. Even those pundits who promote the use of technology when [...]

6 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Demolition Work in Sydney

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For many homeowners, the term “demolition” often conjures up an image of large buildings that fall to the ground and create clouds of dust. In fact, this only makes up a fraction of all the demolition work implemented. In general, a demolition project typically involves destroying parts of an exterior or interior to prepare [...]

Rubbish Causes You Stress: Here’s How It Does It

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Stress is one of our biggest enemies and also a common trigger for a variety of health conditions. We usually relate stress with pressure from work, relationships or a lack of sleep. But did you know that rubbish lying around the house may be equally responsible for building up stress. By rubbish, we don’t [...]

Are Coffee Cups Recyclable in Australia?

By |2018-10-03T12:12:20+00:00October 6th, 2018|Recycling|

Australia is undoubtedly the nation of coffee lovers, with a cup of coffee never far away for us to take in the caffeine. While it might be great to sit down and sip on our favourite at a local cafe, most of us often grab a takeaway for convenience. This leads to a huge [...]

13 Household Rubbish You Didn’t Know That Was Recyclable

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If you wish to save the environment and stay green, recycling is the name of the game. You have probably already heard of several things that can be recycled to reuse natural resources. Let’s explore 13 surprisingly recyclable items that you can find around your house. 1) Wine corks Your local recycling centre may [...]

4 Common Types of Hoarding

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Hoarding is a serious disorder that can manifest itself in diverse ways. It can make you look messy and disorganised. There are several reasons that can make you a hoarder. However, it is vital to understand the dangers that come along with this obsessive behaviour. You can hoard different types of items and in [...]

8 Tips To Effectively Manage Warehouse Rubbish

By |2018-10-08T09:20:50+00:00September 30th, 2018|Office Junk Tips|

We know warehouses are the place where most of the backend activities of a business take place. From maintaining inventory and training staff to packaging materials for delivery and removing warehouse rubbish, a lot goes into managing a warehouse. By cutting down the waste and keeping your warehouse clean, you can make your business [...]

6 Advantages of Professional Piano Removal and Disposal

By |2018-09-20T10:42:00+00:00September 28th, 2018|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

There are a few old pianos out there which are antiques, but the majority of them are junk. After many decades of use, it might cost you thousands of dollars to repair or restore. More importantly, it can take up valuable space in your small apartment. But the problem is how you can safely [...]

7 Common Deceased Estate Cleanup Items

By |2018-09-20T09:40:36+00:00September 26th, 2018|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

Cleaning up a deceased estate can be a daunting task. It is a tough position to be in and the sight of your deceased belongings can be painful. Not only that but you also cannot decide which things you need to clean up. When that time comes, what type of cleaning is required? Proper [...]

4 Tips for Easy Spa Removal

By |2018-09-14T18:39:11+00:00September 24th, 2018|Rubbish Removals|

More often than not, removing a spa or a hot tub from your backyard may seem a little daunting and overwhelming. That’s because it’s filled with a few hundred litres of water, has numerous electrical hookups and is probably rooted in the deck itself. With that in mind, there’s no doubt that various circumstances [...]

Tyre Recycling & Disposal in Australia

By |2018-09-14T09:21:30+00:00September 22nd, 2018|Rubbish Removals|

Do you have old or worn out tyres on your property that you’d like to get rid of? If so, you need to use the correct disposal methods abided by the Australian laws. Illegal dumping is a serious crime in Australia with heavy penalties associated with it. This article will help you avoid the [...]

10 Signs That You Need a New Refrigerator/Fridge

By |2018-09-20T10:04:28+00:00September 20th, 2018|Household Tips|

Refrigerators are an essential appliance in almost every home. The amazing thing is that they experience little trouble. The lifespan of a refrigerator depends on the rate of use, as well as, its manufacturer. Many individuals find it difficult to figure out when it’s the right time to get a new fridge. Therefore, without [...]

7 Things You Need To Know About Lead Paint Removal And Disposal

By |2018-10-08T09:21:08+00:00September 18th, 2018|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

If you recently bought or rented a vintage house that was built before 1978, chances are there will be lead paint somewhere around the house. The beautifully trimmed window that looks like a masterpiece may actually contain lead paint, which is hazardous for your family’s health. The problem starts when the paint begins to deteriorate, [...]

6 Benefits Of Construction Waste Removal

By |2018-09-14T09:15:25+00:00September 16th, 2018|Construction Rubbish Tips, Household Tips|

Research has proven that the construction industry is arguably Australia’s largest user of resources, and equally produces a huge amount of waste. Everyone in Australia’s construction industry can contribute to tackling this menace by reducing waste, utilising building materials in a better way and possibly, recycling some of these wastes. Construction wastes mainly include [...]

5 Signs You Need To Remove And Replace Your Carpet

By |2018-09-14T09:22:08+00:00September 14th, 2018|Household Tips|

The flooring of your home speaks a lot about you. It is one of the first things that guests or potential buyers see when they visit your home. A carpet not only enhances the interior but also protects the hardwood floor from damage. However, every carpet comes with a lifespan, which may be anything [...]

15 Astounding E-Waste Recycling Tips

By |2018-09-14T09:08:23+00:00September 12th, 2018|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

We are quick to irresponsibly ditch our used and obsolete electronics such as our old bulky TVs and computers once we get a replacement for them. There is an exponential rise in e˗waste that is developing alongside the rapid growth of new innovative technology products. When irresponsibly disposed of, they have social, economic and [...]

Can You Recycle Concrete?

By |2018-09-14T09:05:57+00:00September 10th, 2018|Construction Rubbish Tips, Recycling|

If you are looking for an old-style wall or footpath to be put into your building project, then you would be wise to hire concrete contractors who work with recycled material. This product is a great option. It comes from all of the old chunks that used to be in footpaths or walls that [...]

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Green Waste

By |2018-09-14T08:57:25+00:00September 8th, 2018|Household Tips|

Green waste makes up a large portion of Australia’s total waste. The government is now encouraging the idea of recycling and reusing green waste in an approach to a clean environment. Although green waste is biodegradable, keeping them under control is crucial. Below are 6 surprising green waste facts you didn't know in Australia. [...]

5 Difficult Furniture to Remove at Home

By |2018-09-14T08:55:21+00:00September 6th, 2018|Household Tips|

Are you planning to renovate your house and replace old furniture with new ones that are modern or are you planning to downsize your furniture? If yes then you need to know how to dispose old furniture efficiently. Getting rid of old furniture can be tricky, especially if you don’t have access to the [...]

[Stat] Australian Households Produce An Average of 2.5kg Waste Per day

By |2018-09-06T14:20:00+00:00September 5th, 2018|Did You Know|

Paul's Rubbish Removal is always looking to educate and inform our readers on the importance of rubbish and recycling. To further help drive aware in this space, we're proud to launch our 'DID YOU KNOW' web series. In this series, we'll be consistently posting and sharing important statistics and facts on rubbish removal and [...]

The Truth About Food Waste in Australia

By |2018-09-06T15:03:31+00:00September 4th, 2018|Food Waste|

There is enough evidence pointing out the truth about food waste in Australia. Almost each state Government has carried out studies with the same conclusion: we waste lots of food. As a result, we throw not only food but also money.When it comes to the topic of food wastage in Australia and all over the [...]

Recycling, Upcycling, Repurposing, What’s the Difference?

By |2018-10-10T12:42:09+00:00September 2nd, 2018|Household Tips|

Recycling, upcycling, repurposing. These words are used interchangeably and thrown around all the time when it comes to environmental sustainability. They are all known for turning old, broken or futile products into fresh new products that have a new life. If they all mean the same thing then why do they have different names? [...]

5 Ways To Get Rid Of An Old Mattress

By |2018-09-14T08:41:11+00:00August 31st, 2018|Household Tips|

Mattresses are certainly among the most awkward consumer items to dispose of responsibly. This is the reason why they habitually end up being illegally left on curbsides or dumped in alleyways. Perhaps you are planning to replace your old mattress but not sure if it is the right time to do so. Check out [...]

5 Clear Signs You Should Remove Your Exisiting Mattress

By |2018-08-31T17:37:57+00:00August 29th, 2018|Household Tips, Recycling|

Sleep deprivation is something that is often overlooked but is extremely important to your well-being. If your mattress is surpassing 10 years, this could be one of the main reasons why your sleeping experience is being affected.Sometimes you wake up every morning feeling stiff, tired or sore while other times painful red bite marks are [...]

Old Carpet Removal & Repurposing Ideas

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If you know about deep cleaning, you can keep your carpets in shape for years. Stains and grime can be removed and in many cases, the carpet will end up looking new. However, carpets do get old, worn out and out of fashion with old designs that looks dated. In that case, replacing it [...]

Illegal Dumping and the Effects on the Environment

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Illegal dumping of waste materials poses substantial or potential threats to the public health and the environment. It does not necessarily mean that there is an immediate risk to our human health, although sooner or later, it will have a devasting impact on our society. Illegal hazardous waste that is often dumped exhibits the [...]

Most Common Items Illegally Dumped in Sydney

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Illegal dumping refers to disposing of large items and rubbish quantities in areas you are not supposed to. These are areas such as illegal landfills, roadsides, car parks, roadsides and even in private lands that are not approved by the EPA (Environment Protection Authority). There are various reasons as to why we see many [...]

7 Tips For Cleaning Out Storage Unit

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Storage units are a great way to store your important items when you are limited in space at home. It is a low-cost and secure way to store goods. If you've ever rented a storage space unit, you may be acquainted with the chaos associated with cleaning out a storage unit. Truth be told, [...]

The Mattress Recycling Process

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Our mattresses contain various chemicals and materials that are not at all environmentally friendly such as polyurethane, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds and petroleum-based materials along with others. So if you want to be eco-friendly, the best thing to do is to recycle your old mattress at a recycling centre. The Process of Mattress Recycling Australia [...]

6 Useful Tips on How to Recycle Construction Waste

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Construction waste is generated from demolition, deconstruction activities and the leftover parts of construction buildings. Examples of these waste include plastics, drywall, tiles, bricks, asphalt, rocks, concrete and timber. Most construction waste materials are non-biodegradable, bulky and heavy.As result, they need to be handled with care. Construction waste recycling is the process of recovering useful [...]

5 Impacts of Bed Bugs from Your Existing Mattress

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Bed bugs are small insects that have wings but cannot fly. Adults can grow to be as big as 7mm long, while babies are less than 2mm long. Their flat bodies allow them to crawl into very small spaces as you can imagine. Sometimes these are confused with cockroaches because of their similar appearance. [...]

8 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Spring Clean

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Spring season is a time of rejuvenation after a chilling winter. It is a time when everything seems to be coming back to life after a dormant period and that is when you need to do some spring cleaning. The following eight reasons will help you understand why spring cleaning is necessary at this time [...]

5 Essential Rubbish Removal Tips When Moving Houses

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If you’re planning to move houses, you can make your relocation process easier by contacting a rubbish removal company for advice. We have identified and outlined the 5 ESSENTIAL rubbish removal tips that you must know when moving houses. 1. Prepare your Stuff Start by creating a list of items in your house that [...]

7 Must-Know Rubbish Removal Tips When Moving Business

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Moving can be very stressful and tiresome. Relocating to a new business premise usually results with a pile of junk that needs to be thrown away either because you no longer have use of it or it doesn’t fit in the new premises. When you are moving your business, you'll also find that you [...]

Glass Recycling Process in Australia and the Benefits

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The environment is the sum of external conditions that affect the existence of living organisms such as animals, plants, and human beings. Any changes in the environment can affect the survival and behaviour of all organisms that exist in the environment.The environment equilibrium undergoes adverse changes caused by pollution, population explosion and natural resource degradation. [...]

How to Work Safely In the Summer Heat

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As the summer season approaches, so does the risk of working in an outdoor environment. Learning how to work safely in the summer heat can help keep heat stroke, dehydration, and other heat-related illnesses at bay. When heat stroke occurs, the victim finds it challenging to control body temperature. In fact, body temperature can rise, [...]

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[Infographic] Rubbish Removal Statistics in Sydney & Australia 2018

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Rubbish, and what we do with it has never been more in the spotlight than NOW! Unless you've been living under a rock for the past month, recycling has become the massive trending topic as supermarket giants such as Woolworths and Coles have stopped supplying plastic bags and moved to greener alternatives. This has [...]

5 Ways To Host A Cleanup in Your Local Community

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Organising and hosting a cleanup in your local community is a great way to get people involved in your community in cleaning up the environment around them. It is for a good cause and encourages better relationships within the community. In this article, we’ll look through 5 ways that you could do to host [...]

12 Tips for Downsizing to a Smaller Home

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Downsizing to a smaller home can be an emotionally draining process. You have to set aside cherished things that sometimes hold sentimental value in favour of space maximisation. However, it doesn’t have to be a rough ride. Here are our 12 tips will significantly help you make the right choices when downsizing to a smaller [...]

5 Top Benefits of Going Zero Waste

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No matter how you look at it, garbage seems to be an inevitable consequence of our lives. However, it is very much possible to live a zero waste life. Zero waste benefits you as an individual and the community. On top of that, it strengthens the local economy.  You see, zero waste is great for [...]

5 Ways To Safely Dispose of Trash If You’ve Missed Bin Day

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Waste disposal is a task which requires time and effort to removing. There will be times when you may have had a long and tiring day at work or simply been extremely busy with a large project that you forget to take the bin out. Getting rid of rubbish at home can become a [...]

5 Different Ways Companies Recycle Waste

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Even if we re-use and reduce as much as possible, it's inevitable that we will generate some form of waste. We can reduce the impact of waste on the environment by recycling our waste. In this post, we shall look at 5 ways in which companies can recycle their waste. Anaerobic Digestion This is [...]

Is It Illegal To Throw Your Trash In Someone Else’s Trash Can

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The Bin Stuffing Menace There is probably nothing as annoying as having your bin stuffed. Imagine going to take out the trash only to find it full of some stranger’s garbage. It could be anything from dog walkers leaving their stinky poop to neighbours who aren’t interested in getting their rubbish collected. It is [...]

5 Ways on How to Safely Dispose of Dog Poop & Cat Litter

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There are several ways you can safely get rid of your dog and cat litter. Sometimes dog poop and cat litter will develop a bad smell if it is left in your backyard or in your house. For this reason, you will need to locate the best ways to remove these types of waste. [...]

5 Types of Industrial Rubbish

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Most products that you use at home or in the office have been manufactured by a certain industry. These industries usually produce a lot of waste during the process. In this article, we are going to discuss and outline 5 types of industrial rubbish. Chemical waste Chemical waste is typically produced by factories, power [...]

3 Waste Management Trends to Keep an Eye On

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Today, the world is grappling with numerous problems. One of the biggest is the increasing waste production and improper methods of disposal. With increasing populations and spikes in waste, countries all over the world are coming up with strategies to minimise and manage their disposal of waste. This has given birth to new and [...]

3 Types of Solid Waste

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Solid waste is any waste that is generated by human activities on a daily basis. Solid waste can be in the form of leftover food, household garbage and other waste including old plastic waste which is consumed in everyday activities. The emergence of solid waste is dated back to the beginning of human civilisation [...]

[Infographic] Recycling Statistics of Australian Households

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Recycling has become a huge part of our daily lives. Supermarket giants Woolworths had announced their shift to removing plastic bags from their supermarkets. This means that recycling initiatives are really starting to shape up and pay attention. In the first infographics for our blog, we cover some important statistics on Australian households and [...]

5 Tips to Help Your Family Reduce Household Food Waste

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For most people, the largest amount of waste they dispose of is food. It is not a good habit to keep throwing food into the dustbin when you could use it on a different occasion. There are various reasons why most people end up with too much food waste. Here are 5 helpful [...]

5 Useful Recycling Tips for Schools

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Schools usually produce a huge amount of waste with food, used electronics, and instructional materials. But students and teachers can work collaboratively to help protect the environment by reducing the amount of waste. And one of the simplest yet most effective ways to achieve this goal is recycling. Here are 5 useful school [...]

Tips to Help Restaurants Reduce Food Waste

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Restaurant waste is often overseen as a restaurant owner. Your goal is to provide your patrons with mouth-wateringly delicious meals that not only offer the best nutritional benefits and taste-bud tantalising results but also meals that stand out from a creative point of view. As a result, waste management isn’t a priority until you [...]

Top 5 Recycling Facts

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The natural environment is a hot subject right now. Re-using items which can typically end up inside dumps is definitely a terrific way to help keep the environment clean. Recycling is absolutely needed to help preserve our environment. It functions to decrease the emission of toxic fumes by moderating the pile of trash incinerated. It [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Food Waste

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“Did you know that about one-third of all food produced for human consumption around the world goes to waste” - Reducing food waste is one of the modern ways of dealing with waste. This is due to the fact that food remains the largest percentage of waste on Earth. Proper handling of [...]

Things to Remember When It Comes to Garden Waste Collection in Sydney

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Garden waste may be collected by the council in your local area. Not all areas provide this service, so if you are unsure it's advisable to check your council's website. If your garden waste is collected, you would have been provided with a garden bin or bags where you can place all your cuttings [...]

Actionable Tips to Keep Sydney Clean

By |2018-07-10T09:50:05+00:00June 9th, 2018|Household Tips|

Rubbish tips signify the rubbish removal tips that are an essential part of the waste management. The term waste management suggests a group of activities which includes the collection of the waste which is produced as a result of various human actions. This may include transportation of all these collected waste to the [...]

3 Moving Mistakes You Must Avoid in Sydney

By |2018-07-10T09:50:44+00:00June 7th, 2018|Household Tips|

People move from one state to another because of new career opportunities, pursuing a higher education or medical reasons. While for others, it is finding a comfortable place to settle down. However, relocating is not simple. One needs to plan, prepare, and arrange many things before and after the relocation process. These often [...]

5 Signs You Might be Turning into a Hoarder

By |2018-07-10T09:51:48+00:00June 1st, 2018|Household Tips|

Whenever the name hoarder is mentioned, what runs through many people’s mind is a picture of individuals who keep their closets packed so full. However, truth be told, most of us are hoarders in one way or another and it only takes time to realise. In this article, we explore 5 common signs [...]

10 Quick Tips On Why You Should NOT Hoard Junk

By |2018-07-10T09:53:57+00:00May 28th, 2018|Household Tips|

What if I ask you about your most valued possession? Your mother’s jewellery? High school baseball memorabilia? That album of precious old photos? Now, imagine feeling the same way about every single item you have in the house. Welcome to the mindset of compulsive hoarders. In this article, we will share with you 10 [...]

7 Office Cleaning Tips That Will Boost Company Morale

By |2018-07-21T11:41:32+00:00May 25th, 2018|Office Junk Tips|

As a business owner, it becomes necessary to update the look, feel, and functionality of your office every few years. Office cleaning is not a topic that you should debate, but instead, this should be a prerogative.Countless germs circulate in an office every day. For example, consider all types of people who in a [...]

6 Common Misconceptions About Waste Recycling

By |2018-08-02T12:10:24+00:00May 22nd, 2018|Household Tips|

There are numerous misconceptions about waste removal passing around today. Truth be told, it can be hard to differentiate the myths from the facts. So we embarked on a journey to sort out the truth from the trash in an attempt of setting the record straight concerning some of the common misconceptions about [...]

5 Things To Keep In Mind When Moving Office

By |2018-06-07T17:07:07+00:00May 10th, 2018|Office Junk Tips|

Almost every company that moves offices attempts to do so with absolutely zero disruption to their normal day-to-day business. A particular objective is often to try and make the relocation as transparent to customers as possible. Clearly, in a highly competitive world, nobody wants things such as customer service standards to fall below [...]

What To Do With Construction Waste After A Kitchen Renovation

By |2018-06-07T09:59:07+00:00May 9th, 2018|Construction Rubbish Tips|

Managing waste is part of any construction or kitchen renovation project. Undergoing a kitchen renovation comes along with several responsibilities. It involves hiring labourers, buying the required raw materials, coming up with a rough estimate of the time the renovation may take and lastly making sure that the construction site is clean from [...]

5 Tips For Creating More Wardrobe Space

By |2018-06-06T11:40:51+00:00May 7th, 2018|Household Tips|

If you find yourself in a situation that you need more wardrobe storage but you really can't fit any more wardrobes in the house, you're going to have to step back and utilise some techniques for creating more storage space. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised when you've finished, picking up space you [...]

5 Tips to Declutter Your Kid’s Room

By |2018-06-06T10:03:50+00:00April 27th, 2018|Household Tips|

Lots of people have a clutter problem. It can stem from a simple lack of time, or be feeling overwhelmed, or perhaps even a reluctance to let go of her babyhood or early childhood. This is indeed understandable and pretty common! Children are little for such a short time, and when they are [...]

6 Actionable Tips to Declutter Your Bathroom

By |2018-06-06T09:33:44+00:00April 24th, 2018|Household Tips|

Trying to organise and declutter your bathroom can be one of the bigger challenges of the household. The bathroom is one of the tiniest rooms in the house, yet so many things naturally live in the space. Toiletries, shower supplies and cleaning supplies are common things you'll find populating a bathroom. Thankfully, there [...]

9 Tips to Declutter Your Garage

By |2018-06-05T15:59:14+00:00April 20th, 2018|Household Tips|

One of the main reasons why your garage may be cluttered is because members of your family never seem to be putting things back to where the got them from. Others may also leave their old things in the garage because they are not useful anymore. Or, you may have lots of things [...]

Things to Consider When Setting Up A Home Office

By |2018-07-21T11:40:10+00:00April 15th, 2018|Office Junk Tips|

Setting up a home office is not something that should be taken lightly. Furniture like tables and seats, equipment, materials and illumination all play a significant purpose in the entire benefits which a person can expect to get from their home office area. Small details might make a big difference on whether or not [...]

How We Make Domestic Waste Removal Easy

By |2018-05-30T22:36:29+00:00April 11th, 2018|Household Tips|

In most cases, domestic waste can pile up especially when handled improperly and thus be wreaking havoc on the general health and sanitation of your home. Apart from that, other domestic wastes can cause certain diseases and illnesses. However, this is where the need for a professional domestic rubbish removal service arises. Below [...]

Lounge & Couch Removal Services in Sydney

By |2018-05-04T15:58:18+00:00April 8th, 2018|Household Tips|

Do you have old lounges and couches that needs to be removed ASAP? Is it taking up too much space at home and you simply need it gone in the most efficient manner possible? We can help! Firstly, lounges and couches are pieces of furniture that are bulky. Removing them calls for extra [...]

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