How to Prepare Your Home for a Bushfire

You should always prepare your home for bushfire. Bushfires can affect your property just like any other accident. But, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of bushfire affecting your home. For instance, you should ensure you remove combustible materials from your backyard and areas surrounding your home because they [...]

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Household Emergency Evacuation Checklist

It is always necessary to have a household emergency evacuation checklist. The checklist makes it easy to remember all the necessary steps you need to take and evacuate the house in case of an emergency. Remember during an emergency, you will tend to do things in a hurry and there are high chances [...]

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7 Autumn & Winter Cleaning Ideas

Most people will find that winter is a time of relaxation. We kick back on our sofas at night and snug up in our beds ready for the cold nights. What we often neglect is that fact that the house still needs cleaning! So where do you begin? Paul’s Rubbish Removal has put together [...]

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Why Stay-at-Home Mums Have Every Reason to Hire a Rubbish Removal Service

At Paul's Rubbish, we understand the everyday pleasures and pressures of Australian stay-at-home mums. Having to balance the everyday activities is no easy feat. You wake up and your first thoughts are your kids and how you're going to manage them for the day while still being able to get everything done. Luckily, Paul's [...]

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How to Keep Cool & Stay Protected in The Heat

The Australian heat has officially kicked into overdrive over the past course of January. With no signs of it dying down anytime soon, we must all make it a priority to keep ourselves cool while conducting outdoor activities. At Paul's Rubbish, our teams are always out on the open road. As much as we love the great outdoors, [...]

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Top 5 Questions We Get Asked About Rubbish Removal

Getting asked some weird questions is all part of the job. We meet hundreds of different types of customers per month and actively speak with most of our customers who are at home when we're doing residential rubbish jobs. We also meet heaps of office workers and construction workers who are going about their daily [...]

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How to Work Safely In the Summer Heat

As the summer season approaches, so does the risk of working in an outdoor environment. Learning how to work safely in the summer heat can help keep heat stroke, dehydration, and other heat-related illnesses at bay.   When heat stroke occurs, the victim finds it challenging to control body temperature. In fact, body temperature can [...]

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Top 6 Tips On How To Keep Your Office Clean

It is always recommended to keep your office tidy and clean since it can often serve as a second home for most of us. You will be able to make your office much more enjoyable by simply sticking to several guidelines. Besides this, it will also make your workplace more congenial for your colleagues. In [...]

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3 Tips on What NOT to Do with Your Rubbish

Sometimes, we get attached to the household things that we have there for a long time and is not useful in any circumstances. They just sit there absorbing dust on them, making the home environment unhealthy and taking up valuable space. Getting it out and to get rid of it is something you think about [...]

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4 Tips to Declutter your Garage

Because they are big, open, and inviting spaces, garages are often the home of an eclectic number of things ranging from a suitcase that can’t fit in the closet to shoes you are hesitant to throw away. Eclectically dumping things in the garage is not just inconvenient and an eyesore, but also a danger to [...]

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4 Tips To Keep Your Duplex Rubbish-Free

We build duplexes or buy ready-made ones with the intention of living a comfortable and healthy life. It's always ideal that our precious homes be in the best of conditions, both outside and inside. While regular painting and other maintenance work will go a long way in ensuring our homes look brand new, build up [...]

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How to declutter your workspace

A well-organised workplace will motivate you and your employees to deliver more. The best approach for you to maintain a well-organised workplace is to carry out regular decluttering and rubbish removal. If you have any waste paper or office supplies which you can’t use again, just place them in a rubbish bin and empty them [...]

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Tips to keeping your backyard rubbish-free

The backyard is arguably one of the most neglected parts of homes, possibly due to busy lifestyle schedules or homeowners’ laziness and procrastination habits. Still, there are many benefits to having a rubbish-free backyard. For starters, it enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home and prevents disease-causing pests and organisms from breeding. Moreover, the yard [...]

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Affordable Rubbish Removal Services are now within your Reach

Households, commercial buildings as well as industrial establishments need to adhere to many strict rubbish disposal regulations. This has made rubbish management in Sydney an organised affair and ensured less pollution to the environment and consequently less threat to public health. However, to avoid penalties and ensure injury-free collection the rubbish generators, i.e. households, commercial offices [...]

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Paul’s Rubbish Collection Services in Sydney

Whether it is old furniture, an old appliance or newspaper waste, an experienced rubbish removal company can prove handy with removing any sort of waste or rubbish. Rubbish removal experts can help collect and dispose of all sorts of waste material. Whether it's from your house, commercial office or any other type of construction site. So [...]

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