Woollahra Municipal Council

Woollahra Municipal Council Kerbside Collection

The Woollahra Municipal Council has scheduled 3 free bulky junk pickups each year for residents in the local council area. Each area is given different dates each year for their household waste that are too big to fit inside their general waste wheelie bin. These dates land on a Monday each week. If the Monday is a public holiday then collection would occur on the following day on Tuesday.

You will need to check with the Woollahra Municipal Council website for the exact dates that they will collect in your suburb. Because the junk is collected on Monday, you will need to put your unwanted household rubbish on the kerbside on Sunday night. Any earlier and you may receive a penalty for illegal dumping on the nature strip.

It is always a better option if you are able to reuse and recycle your unwanted household goods instead of throwing them away to end up in a landfill. These include having a garage sale, donating to charity or taking it to a recycling facility. There are many benefits of this to the community as well as the environment.

How to prepare for Woollahra Municipal Council household junk collection

When preparing for a kerbside rubbish collection for the Woollahra Municipal Council, there are some guidelines and rules that you should follow in order for the clean up to be successful. By obeying these simple conditions, you should have no problems

1) Only place the rubbish on the night before the collection date
2) Check if the Woollahra Municipal Council accepts your items
3) Remove all doors from white goods
4) The volume of rubbish should not exceed one ute load per collection
5) The pile is tidy, organised and is not obstructing any pathway
6) Small junk placed in disposal bags and boxes

Household items accepted by the Woollahra Municipal Council

It is important that you check that the Woollahra Municipal Council accepts your household junk. If not, they will leave it behind and you may be penalised for illegally dumping on the nature strip. Make sure that they fall under one of the following categories:

  • Bulky household items
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • White goods
  • Mattresses
  • Bed frames

Household items not accepted by the Woollahra Municipal Council

Due to safety and disposal reasons, the Woollahra Municipal Council cannot accept the following household items:

  • Car parts e.g. engine, motor oil, tyres
  • Building and industrial waste e.g. bricks, concrete, carpet, soil, tiles, sawdust
  • Garden waste
  • Hazardous waste e.g. chemicals, asbestos, paint, oil
  • General household waste that can fit in your wheelie bins

Which suburbs does Woollahra Municipal Council cover?

The Woollahra Municipal Council covers 10 suburbs and an area of approximately 12 km squared with a population of over 54,200 (2016 census).

The alternative choice

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