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How Does Littering Affect the Environment

Cigarette Butt

Over the years, Australia is dealing with waste management problems. China stopped importing the country’s plastics and recyclables in 2017, which prompted the authorities to boost their efforts in local recycling capacity and lowering the landfilling rate. However, these goals would be impossible without the cooperation of the communities. And littering is not helping because it has been a continuing issue that affects the environment. 

The most littered item in Australia is cigarette butts, which is about 7 billion each year. Moreover, food packages, plastic bottles, and papers are also on the top list. As a citizen, it is your responsibility to avoid littering since it has detrimental effects on all kinds of life. On top of that, littering also imposes fines from $80 up to $450 depending on how grave the offence is. 

So, avoid these fines and save lives with everything you’ve got. Be one of the earth’s mightiest heroes by understanding how littering affects the environment, and what are the corresponding solutions you can do.  

Puts Your Health at Risk

Littered items scattered at home and streets invite pests and rodents that are risks for the health of the community. They are germs and virus carriers that bring diseases such as leptospirosis, typhoid fever, and cholera. 

You need to clean unwanted rubbish on the streets and inside your home to avoid these uninvited guests. Follow these tips to get rid of bugs, especially in winter. 

Endangers Marine Life

It is tremendously devastating how litters are ending up in oceans. Plastics, metals, and food containers are just some of the culprits affecting marine life. And to think that most of them are recyclables is very disappointing. 

It should change your littering habits when you watch the video of a turtle with a stuck straw in his nose. Or the fact that the floating plastics in oceans are killing 1 million birds every year. Animals such as turtles and birds see plastic waste as food. And it is not their fault. 

We are the ones guilty of destroying their lives. With every litter thrown carelessly, it puts their life at risk. 

However, it is not too late to save them. Discard your wastes in their designated bins. And purchase eco-bags, tumblers, and metal straws to lessen the impact of litters in ocean life. 

Clogs Waterways

Heavy rainfall is probably the primary cause of flooding, but littering aggravates its effects. Food packages, cigarette butts, and plastics can clog the drainage system if you throw your wastes in the streets and not in their proper bins.  

Furthermore, piles of litter also affect the natural flow of water in rivers and streams. Or worse, they can pollute these waterways to the extent of destroying the freshwater life and its inhabitants.    

It is bad enough that the national waste generation is high. You should not make it to a point where littering also destroys your properties when a flood comes. Get in touch with the local authorities to ensure that the waterways are litter-free. And engage the community to practise proper waste disposal at all times.      

Gives Unaesthetic Appeal

Aside from the fact that dirty streets and alleyways are health hazards, no one would want to live in a city where wastes are everywhere. Stinky smells, flies and insects flying around, and unpleasant sceneries minimises the community’s value and productivity. With fewer people wanting to reside in a place, it has a lower chance to develop.

You can avoid these let-downs by being active in the community’s cleaning projects. Also, don’t be afraid to report any littering tasks in your area.   


Littering has affected not only our lives but also the environment and its inhabitants. And we are responsible for this on-going problem. We need to properly face the issue and protect our mother earth before it is too late. Report any littering activities and always practise safe waste management disposal. 

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Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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