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How To Dispose of an Old Microwave?

Having a handy kitchen appliance like a microwave can be a lifesaver, offering quick and easy solutions for busy days, whether it’s defrosting frozen food, heating leftovers or whipping up simple meals. But what happens when your trusty microwave reaches the end of its run? Most microwaves typically last around 5 to 7 years. However, there could be a range of factors that lead you to upgrade to a new microwave sooner.

Disposing of your old microwave responsibly is crucial to avoid contributing hazardous waste to landfills. Microwaves contain recyclable components that can be reprocessed, making microwave recycling a vital part of tackling Australia’s e-waste challenge. Australia’s e-waste problem

Wondering, ‘how do I recycle my microwave?‘ Your options can be split into two different categories: waste collection for recycling or reduction of waste through reuse and selling. If you’re still weighing up your options, this guide will cover everything you need to know about responsibly dispose of your old microwave.


Book an appointment with the Local Council Pickup

Old microwave kerbside collection

Unlike the regular collection of recycling bins and household trash, local council e-waste pickups for items like your microwave or other white goods require an appointment. The council has strict guidelines regarding electronic waste. Appliances like your microwave, other small appliances and washing machines should be set out only on the arranged curbside collection date, as placing these old appliances without a planned collection is considered illegal dumping that will result in fines without warning.

Moreover, if your plans involve disposing of multiple old appliances, including microwaves, you should follow your local council or waste recovery centre’s limited load capacity. The overall weight should not exceed 100 kg, and the length should be less than 1.5m.

Once your recycling services have been approved, collectors will transfer your white goods or microwave e-waste recycling centres or sorting facilities for proper processing.

However, remember to always confirm with your local council regarding their e-waste collection services, as some councils may not accept certain items during high-demand periods or offer e-waste recycling.


Drop-off Recycling Centres Near You

An old microwave being dismantled for recycling

As part of the Government’s push towards environmental sustainability and recycling programs, a key goal from the EPA 2021 Strategy was to achieve a 70% or better recycling rate by 2022. This initiative led to the establishment of 90 community recycling centres across Sydney and wider NSW, specifically targeting a reduction in white goods waste for appliances like microwave ovens and other electronic waste.

For those looking to practise eco-friendly habits, you can take your old microwave or small kitchen appliances directly to a nearby recycling centre.


Reduce and Reuse: Reselling Your Old Microwave

Reducing waste and reusing appliances like old microwaves can be both eco-friendly and profitable. Selling your broken microwave or its components, such as metal covering, copper, and internal processors, can be lucrative when dealing with scrap yards. Alternatively, offering the microwave for resale on online marketplaces or through social media platforms is a viable option, provided it’s repairable and safe for future use.

This approach not only helps you earn some cash but also contributes to reducing landfill waste, recycling valuable materials, and supporting a circular economy. Before selling, ensure the microwave doesn’t leak radiation and is disposed of legally if it’s beyond repair. This way, you contribute to eco-friendly practices while responsibly managing electronic waste.


Get a Professional Rubbish Removal Service

Pauls Rubbish Team


To ensure quick and hassle-free disposal of your microwave or any other old appliance, you can always rely on Paul’s Rubbish Removal. Unlike the limited service of council pickups or other rubbish removal companies, our services go beyond, offering same-day rubbish removal and will take your waste without limits. 

Booking Paul’s Rubbish Removal services guarantee top-notch and eco-friendly disposal of your old or non-working microwave. Our professional team will come to your location, carefully sort, and transport your discarded electrical appliance, including microwaves that may contain hazardous materials, to the appropriate recycling centres.

This process aligns with NSW EPA Guidelines, effectively reducing landfill contribution and facilitating the recycling of valuable materials and metals found in microwaves. Our commitment to responsible disposal helps improve the recycling rate and protect the environment.


In Conclusion

When the right time comes to replace your old microwave with a new, top-grade unit, it’s important to consider the environmental impact. Overcrowding landfills with e-waste materials is a significant problem, but microwave recycling offers a sustainable solution.

There are several options for recycling your microwave. While you might not be able to do it yourself, services such as council pickups, recycling centres, scrap markets, and rubbish removal companies can help. They ensure that your old or broken microwave is taken to the appropriate place for responsible disposal.

For the most convenient and efficient microwave recycling, turn to Paul’s Rubbish Removal. We handle microwave parts of any size, embodying our belief that no job is too big or too small. Our team of expert removalists guarantees safe and swift microwave removal.

With over 15 years of experience in the rubbish removal industry, we have established strong partnerships with leading recycling partners in the metro area. Our commitment ensures a better and more sustainable environment for our community. Contact us at 0407 125 125 or send us an email.

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