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How to Encourage Employees to Recycle at Work

According to a particular report, Australian workplaces generate at least 12.5 million tons of waste annually. Out of this, forty-four per cent is being sent to the landfill. Another way to look at this is that every year, the average Australian worker generates nearly 1.7 tonnes of rubbish. Clearly, if we are to save the environment from the associated negative impacts of waste, there is an urgent need for workplaces to embrace and establish effective recycling systems for their rubbish.

Unfortunately, companies are struggling to manage their waste despite the best of intentions. For one reason or another, workplace recycling initiatives often struggle to get off the ground or meet the set targets. Though a number of businesses put the blame on insufficient support from the government, there is a lot that companies themselves can do to save the environment by adopting practical and straightforward waste recycling programs.

It is imperative to note that the most important reason for effective waste management is to protect the environment and for the safety and health of the population. However, there are other essential reasons why proper rubbish management is good for your firm.

Energy savings – Have you ever thought of how waste in your company can be used as combustion fuel?

Encourages efficient use of resources – Reusing, reducing and recycling your waste is not only good for the environment but can be profitable for your workplace as well. It limits the amount of waste for disposal, helps to conserve the finite natural resources and equally saves space in landfills.

It can be a tool for saving costs – By reusing and recycling the waste your business produces, you can significantly reduce your operational costs. This is because you’ll be saving the money you would otherwise use to purchase new resources.

It is a legal requirement – Effective waste management systems will enable your company to comply with your region’s waste regulations.

It enhances your workplace safety – Consider a scenario where a company works with dangerous fumes, chemicals and sharp objects but don’t have proper systems to dispose of such rubbish. Simply put, Storing and disposing of your waste in the wrong place is obviously harmful to the wellbeing of your workers and clients.

How to encourage employees to recycle at work?

Encourage them to go paperless

Did you know that it is estimated that if an office made up of 7,000 employees recycled all of its paper products for a year, it would potentially equate to taking four hundred cars off the road? Well, now you know. Though it may not be realistic for your organisation to go completely paperless, there exists a number of practical and effective steps you can take to reduce the amount of paper-related waste you produce.

For instance, you can encourage workers to edit and proof every document on their computer and only print on recycled paper. Equally, unless it is an official document, always print on both sides of the paper. On the other hand, company announcements, memos, company notifications as well as international communication can be sent and received via the email. You can also post them on an online message platform.

Motivation is key

The cost of waste management are usually hidden. What’s more, most employees don’t have any direct involvement in as far as the reduction of those cost is concerned. When you design a new recycling program, the chances are minimal that you’ll engage your employees in a detailed discussion regarding the importance of such a program. You’ll simply instruct them to recycle. If you didn’t know, such a move can only make your staff disengage from your new recycling program.

If you find that adoption rates for your new recycling program are relatively low, it is also important to ensure your employees are engaged early enough. Again, when trying to get everyone on board, try to focus on the overall environmental and financial costs associated with waste generation. Make your staff understand and know the potential savings you would have realised if everyone was involved.

You can motivate the workers by seeking their involvement in every stage of the recycling program. When they are made to feel part of it, they’ll likely take more responsibility, which is essential to your success.

Be creative

Have you thought of organising a small party or some form of competition to create awareness about the need to reduce office waste in your company? For instance, you could create rubbish collection bins for every department, where you check the amount of total rubbish generated on a weekly basis. You could decide to reward the department that produced the fewest amount of waste in that time span.

Invest in high-end recycling bins

It is common that offices either use or produce lots of recyclable materials. Sadly, not every office has a designated place for recycling. Create an effective waste recycling plan and install bins that make it easy for your staff to sort and dispose of their wastes. There are lots of bins on the market, so choose the best one.

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