We Recycle

Paul’s Rubbish Removal is an active participant in the recycling of rubbish and through the education of recycling.

Here are some of the different roles we play in helping to create a more sustainable and greener Earth.

  • Paul’s Recycling Awareness Initiative (PRAI)

Paul started PRAI to spread recycling awareness to residents all across Sydney. We have found that most locals are still not aware of the many different ways that rubbish and waste can be reused or recycled. Many locals are still unaware or uneducated about the types of rubbish that can be thrown into the Yellow Recycling Bin.

The mission of PRAI is to educate and inform each and every customer we meet about what can and can’t be recycled. We’re doing this one customer at a time.

  • Recycling of Every Truckload

We place huge importance into the recycling of your rubbish and waste. Every truckload of waste we collect is sorted and recycled where possible.

Common household items that we recycle include mattresses, plastic, e-waste, furniture, paper and cardboard.

  • Not-For-Profit Sponsorships

We work with and sponsor not-for-profit community programs that provide genuine value in the recycling and sustainability space. We ensure all our sponsor’s goals and objectives are closely aligned with our own.

Through active participation and donations, we hope to lead by example by raising awareness for deserving not-for-profits. Please support our not-for-profits by either donating or participating in their programs.

  • Educational Web Content

We realised that one of the main channels where we can best educate residents about recycling is through our website. Since this realisation, we’ve taken active steps to shape our website’s content and generate informational articles with the goal of educating our readers about all things recycling.

We hope our content has and continues to provide great value to our readers.

Here are some of our main pieces:

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