As if shifting and relocating from one city to another isn’t enough stress, carrying out the end of lease cleaning proves to be an equally daunting task. It leaves you in a state of mixed anxiety, wondering whether your agent or landlord will refund your bond money.

The main reason why tenants and the housing agents are usually at loggerheads is the state of the premise. Carrying out your routine cleaning may fail to meet the inspection manager’s expectations. Below are some common mistakes you should avoid to avert any clashes at the end of a lease agreement.

1) Cleaning without a plan

Create a cleaning checklist and plan it out before starting with the actual cleaning. This way, you won’t miss any spots and will have a systematic approach to go about with the process.

Additionally, it is crucial to adhere to the vacating checklist to avoid any back and forth with your landlord.

2) Last-minute rush

The good thing with the tenancy agreement is that you always know the deadlines. Accordingly, don’t procrastinate the cleaning to the last minute. When pressed with time, you’ll tend to miss some critical spots in the house which will ruin your chances of getting back your money.

Instead, you can start early, cleaning one spot at a time. This way, you’ll be more thorough and will avoid straining and overwhelming.

3) Soaking up dirty upholstery in water

Water tends to exaggerate the stains and make them bigger. Besides, the seats may fail to dry completely, creating a musty smell; which ruins any chances you have at getting back your money.

4) Wrong vacuuming techniques

In a hurry to clean your carpet, you may tend to vacuum it in one direction. Although the carpet may look clean, you may notice a change in colour over time. This is because some dirt may end up lodged between the fibres of the fabric.

Cleaning it back and forth will help dislodge any particles instead of pushing the dirt under the fibres.

5) Cleaning before vacating

Furniture and heavy appliances make it hard for you to access certain areas and give your house the thorough cleaning it requires. Empty the house to make the process more efficient; besides, the moving process creates a mess that you will have to deal with later on. So why not leave the cleaning to when you’ve already moved your belongings?

6. Air ducts, fans, and filters

Although you may fail to notice these while going about cleaning, the landlord has a keen eye to see the dirt build-up. To increase your chances of getting back your bond money, you must pay attention to these hard to reach areas.

7) Kitchen appliances

Although your kitchen looks all spruced up, did you remember to clean your oven and dishwasher? Your landlord will be looking for excuses to keep the bond money; come to think of it, grease and grime are pretty good reasons to hoard your cash.

8) Using the wrong cleaning methods

You should also avoid scrubbing stains on your furniture and carpet. Doing so may damage the surface, ruining the upholstery.

Another common mistake involves spraying surfaces directly. The cleaner may build up on the surface, making it sticky and greasy. Instead, spray the cleaning cloth with the detergent, not the upholstery.

Never spray cleaners on electronics, instead, use a wet microfibre cloth.

9) Cleaning products

While cleaning appliances, for example, it is essential to use biodegradable cleaning products. Some products may corrode and destroy the surface of the appliance doing more harm than good.

Carefully read the instructions on a product before using it. If you still aren’t too sure, test it out on a small area before using it.

10) Doors and walls

These tend to accumulate dust over time and collect dirty stains and fingerprints. Your housing agent will notice the oily handprints on your kitchen door handle as he tries to access the kitchen area, be a step ahead.

Landlords are among the hardest people to please; they’ll always be on the lookout for these common mistakes. At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we have many years of experience, having worked with various housing agents and understanding what they need. We’ll give your house a thorough clean up of any unwanted rubbish and junk. Our team will hand remove and tidy up, leaving no mess or pieces of rubbish behind.

Contact us and we’ll help you manage your end of lease rubbish with quick and easy way of disposal.

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