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How to Properly Dispose of Motor Oil

To keep your vehicle and machines up and running, you need to maintain it well. One of the most common ways to do this is by using motor oil. By adding this lubricant, you’ll prevent the parts from constantly tearing each other, adding damages to the mechanism of the parts. This improves the engine and prolongs its life. However, what about the disposal of motor oil? Australia generates as much as 250 million litres of used oil every year. You simply can’t leave volumes of this liquid lying around after usage.

There are proper ways of disposing of motor oil. Since it’s not an ordinary liquid that you can pour around, there are more appropriate ways to dispose of it. Don’t make the mistake of pouring it on sinks and drains. This can cause damage to the plumbing of your home. An even more important fact is that motor oil is classified as toxic waste. That’s why you need to dispose of it in a proper method. Here’s how you can dispose of motor oil.

Where to store used motor oil?

To put it up for disposal, store the used motor oil in a good container. Good, meaning, the container is well-sealed, it doesn’t contain any other household products and leaf-proof. This prevents any accidents and spills that can come with the oil inside the container. Best to use the original container that the oil came from. A metal or plastic jug is another option, but ensure that the containers are clean. Cool down the oil before pouring it inside the disposal container.

Where to bring motor oil for disposal?

Since motor oil has a specific method of disposal and you can’t get rid of it anywhere, there are recycling facilities that can take them in. There are collection sites specifically for hazardous waste. You can bring the oil there and they will do the disposal job. Another option is auto parts stores and service centres. Many of these establishments accept motor oil. Search these establishments in advance for any motor oil disposal option.

Some important notes on used motor oil

Used motor oil can be tricky to get rid of at home. Take note of some tips to prevent any unwanted incidents in your journey to handling motor oil.

  • Keep the used motor oil uncontaminated. Never mix it with other solvents and hazardous household products.
  • Recycling centres and service shops might not accept contaminated motor oil even in properly sealed containers.
  • Used motor oil is a common contaminant to bodies of water and land areas. That’s why you can’t flush them down the drain. Improper disposal of used motor oil is an illegal offence.
  • Some oil facilities also accept oil filters and used oily rags along with motor oil disposal. Check it out with your chosen facility.
  • Although it’s considered hazardous waste, used motor oil is a recyclable and recovered resource. The beneficiaries of used motor oil include industrial burners, hydraulic oil or as an additive to many manufactured products.


Australia produces millions of used motor oil. The problem is, it’s not very simple to dispose of these used products as they pose detrimental effects to the environment. Practise proper disposal of motor oil to lessen this problem in your local neighbourhood and environment. Even if it takes more effort to dispose of used motor oil, let’s all do our part to avoid any contaminations to resources. Remember this, “One litre of oil can contaminate one million litres of water.”

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