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10 Reusable Home Items

The government and other authorities in Australia are committed to making the environment cleaner. That is why they have launched the reduce, reuse and recycle campaign to help reduce the amount of waste that we dispose. In this article, we are going to identify and outline 10 home items you can reuse over.

  1. Glass jars, cans and containers

Old coffee canisters and glass jars can be great storage containers for bulk pantry items. They are very easy to recycle. All that you need to do is clean the container thoroughly, wait for it to dry then use it to store your items.

  1. Aluminium foil

Most people use aluminium foil once. However, aluminium foil can be recycled and reused as a reflector when placed behind plants. They can also be used as a utensil sharpener or as a jewellery cleaner. Just make sure that they are well cleaned before you start using them.

  1. Plastic bags

You don’t have to buy plastic bags every time you go shopping for your household items. If you already have plastic bags in your house, you can use them carry or store products in your house. Plastic bags can also be used as a pet waste bag or as trash bins.

  1. Old clothes

Instead of throwing your old clothes into the rubbish bin, you can convert them to dustcloths and use them to dust your pet’s hair or for wiping your windows or even the floor. They also perform well when used to polish chrome or scrubbing soap scum off.

  1. Broken dishes

Just because you have a broken dish does not mean that it is completely useless. You can use them to create flower pots or use them to create a unique border point in your garden.

  1. Old furniture

Old furniture can be repaired and reused. If the furniture is beyond repair, you can remove parts that that are still in good shape and use them to create things like shelves, storage containers or corkboards.

  1. Junk envelopes and mail

If your envelopes are still in good condition, you can reuse them by using them to send your mail. You can also shred the envelopes and use them to fill pillowcases for your pet or create organic mulch for your garden.

  1. Floor tiles

Your kids can accidentally break floor tiles while playing or dragging heavy items on the floor. The good news is that you can use your broken floor tiles to make beautiful pieces of mosaic art. You can also use small tiles to make trivets.

  1. Wine corks

If you are a big wine drinker, then don’t throw away all the wine corks that you have accumulated. Instead, use them to make floating keychains where you can keep track of all your keys. You can also use them to make a cork board and use it to hold important pieces of papers.

  1. Bathroom products

There are many bathroom items that you can reuse. For example, you can clean your old toothbrush and use it as your eyebrow brush, or use it to clean hard to reach areas. You can also refill empty deodorant bottles.

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Sarah Ann

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