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13 Amazing Ways to Recycle Timber Pallets

As you go around doing your day to day activities, you may have come across wooden pallets deposited at a pit or garbage collection. You might even be the one who might have found the need to dispose of an old/damaged wooden pallet since you do not see its usefulness. In some cases, the wood pallet might not be able to be recycled/reused, and that is okay. In cases where there is a possibility for it to be upcycled, you should be ready to do so as you will be pleased with the results.

Here we offer you a few pointers on various ways to make use of old timber pallets.

1) Book shelf

You might be a book lover; even if you read once in a while, you might need some space to store your books. What better way to keep your books than reusing old timber pallets and turning them into shelves.

A DIY pallet bookshelf is undoubtedly one of the best home décor ideas for recycled pallets. It offers a great way to display your favourite books in your home. Moreover, the pallet bookshelf idea is quite flexible and works at various heights, meaning you can even install one in your kid’s room.

2) A Timber Pallet Swing

If you have some little space outside your house, probably close to a tree, then you can comfortably take up the idea of turning the old pallets into a swing. The process is quite simple. You need to lay one pallet on the ground and another one above it, leaving some space for where you will lie down. Tie four long ropes on the four edges of the pallets that will connect both pallets. Connect the swing to the tree. There, you can now use it to relax and cool off. You can also add a mattress and other items to make it comfortable and more appealing.

3) Pallet Garden Bench

Use your wooden pallets to create a functional garden bench for relaxing on, after a long garden work. With inexpensive paint, you can make it look colourful and vibrant. You can also throw in some pillows, for extra comfort.

4) Wooden pallet bed

You can turn the old pallets into a bed where you can relax either when you inside the house or on a balcony. The structure is made entirely from the timber pallets which are carefully placed together to form the frame and the actual bed. If you wish to make the whole set, you can even add a headrest. Nowadays, people have taken this idea to a whole other level where decorations are added to the piece to make it look stunning. Adding small lights at the bottom is one of the ways of styling your timber pallet bed.

5) Pallet Decor

An old pallet can be used as decor for your house when adequately recycled. The process is as follows;

Make sure that the timber pallet is as smooth as possible and none of the nails are hanging out.
Apply paint on each of the pallets. The colour of each pallet should be different from the other to add a little spark into your corridor or any other area you will place it.
Besides the house, you can also put the coloured timber pallets on your balcony to spice up your outdoor living space. You can also hang flowers and plants on the timber pallets.

6) Wine Storage

Pallets can be used to store wine bottles for those people who fancy drinking wine. With just the proper technique, you can transform the old pallets into some phenomenal piece of furniture in the form of wine storage.

7) Plate Storage

In instances where you would like to add a bit of creativity to your kitchen, turning old unused pallets into plate holders is one of the best things you can do. Making the storage area involves adding four pieces of timber on the pallet. Two pieces will go in the middle, one at the bottom and another at the top. It is that simple.

8) Pallet Coffee Holder

A pallet coffee holder is a brilliant way to display some of your favourite coffee mugs. It can also serve as a great complement to your coffee bar.

9) DIY Pallet Plaques and Frames

Use DIY pallet plaques to display all your favourite family photos and memories. You will be able to save a lot of money, which you would have used to purchase expensive photo frames.

10) Pallet Clock

Instead of getting one of those overpriced rustic clocks from the shop, use pallet boards to make your very own clock for a fraction of the cost. The DIY pallet clock is an excellent addition to your home décor and allows you to save money too.

11) Pallet Garden Cart

A wooden pallet garden cart can be a great addition to your gardening tool kit. Use it to move seedlings from your nursery to your garden or to transport your harvest from the garden to your store. You can design the wheel out of pallet wood as well to keep costs at a minimal.

12) Pallet Fence

A sturdy fence is a must-have in your garden, especially if you have deer and rabbits roaming about. Creating a DIY fence barricade around your garden will help protect vulnerable crops such as lettuce and carrot from pests.

13) Pallet Garden Cooler

If you’ve had enough of your regular cooler, it is time to upgrade to a wooden pallet cooler. A gorgeous pallet cooler is a great addition to your garden and a fun way of keeping your drinks cold during your Sunday afternoon parties.

In case you are wondering of how to sort or get rid of your timber pallets, do not worry Paul‘s Rubbish Removal will sort you out. The company has professionals in the industry who will help you in a wide range of matters regarding your old timber pallets. The professionals make sure that the disposal of timber pallets is done safely and correctly. They can also advise and guide you on how to turn the old pallets into something useful.

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