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5 Best Options for Deceased Estate Cleaning

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Life is ephemeral, and losing someone you love is inevitable. No matter what the circumstances are, losing someone in the family is always hard. It can mean a lot of work for you at such a difficult time. Moreover, after dealing with the loss, you have to sort out finances, arrange a funeral, and contact your relatives and friends – all of these has to be done as soon as possible after the time of passing.

In addition, the personal belongings of the deceased have to be dealt with. However, things are not easily given up, especially those which hold sentimental value. That’s why Paul’s Rubbish Removal provides you with five best options for deceased estate cleaning.

Sorting Out Deceased Estate

Handing over a deceased estate is typically a quick and hurried process, which is made difficult by the shock of the loss. These properties are often not maintained and consist of lots of disposable waste. A good tip for thorough cleaning on the deceased estate is to sort out all items and furniture so you can decide which holds more sentimental value and which needs to be taken out for good.

It’s just like sorting out rubbish but considering the sentimental value of the object/furniture for you and your family. This process can eat lots of time, but Paul’s Rubbish Removal can help you decide what to keep and move heavy furniture around so you get a better picture for sorting.

Selling Deceased Estate

Properties owned by our late loved one can sometimes be considered for sale. However, you have to prepare the house first before selling. Wallpapers or paint may be peeling off, hoarded rubbish and garden waste may be perturbing, and other concerns have to be addressed to keep the house together.

In addition, you have to clear the house from unwanted furniture and basically all household rubbish hiding in every corner. Furthermore, the process of reviving the old house can also generate a significant amount of rubbish and take a lot of work, which could top off your fatigue from all that painting and lifting. 

For this sort of problem, a rubbish removal service like Paul’s can come in handy. With our same-day service, we will be arriving at the deceased property with the proper equipment to take out all the rubbish you desire to get rid off.

Giving Away or Donating

You can sort out some items from your deceased estate for donation. It’s always rewarding to spread kindness especially during your trying times, and you can start by handing over small items such as books or instruments to your close relatives. Items that are “old but gold” can still go a long way, and it can start by donating them to families in need. 

Check your local charity for inquiries about the donation process or contact your relatives if you want to give the materials for their benefit.

Keeping Sentimental Items

Memories of our deceased loved ones can be preserved in photographs, books, instruments, and other objects that represent them the most. After sorting out, you can put all sentimental items in one corner to decide which holds the most important value for you to keep, hand down to your children, or display at your homes. 

Furthermore, keeping too many items can eventually be perturbing or may take up a huge usable space, and Paul’s Rubbish Removal can help you go through the process. We will be understanding and sympathetic in such difficult situations to ensure that we can help you through the transition as smoothly as possible. 

Disposing of Deceased Estate Rubbish

Ultimately, the essential option is clearing out all unwanted deceased estate rubbish. This will be applicable for all of the above options but it is just as important that it should be considered separately from the others.

While valuables can be donated, sold, and kept, there will always be huge heaps of unsentimental furniture, heavy appliances, and unwanted rubbish which prove hard to be easily disposed of. That’s where Paul’s Rubbish can come for help.

Our team of expert removalists will help you carefully remove the delicate belongings of the deceased in a safe and professional manner. We have over a decade of experience in dealing with collecting and disposing unwanted materials left by deceased family members. 

Paul’s Rubbish understand that it is a time of recollection, and we’ll do all the work for you because we value your time as much as you do.


Dealing with a loss is emotionally challenging, and it makes successive tasks more difficult — particularly deceased estate rubbish removal. Clearing out a deceased estate is not similar to typical rubbish removal. Paul and the team will first sit down with you and consult your family to make sure you get to decide what we should do with all the valuables in the household. We conduct deceased rubbish cleanups with utmost care because we understand that belongings still hold heavy sentimental value.

If you need our help for fast and efficient deceased estate clearing and at the same time want the guarantee that service is done with absolute care and sensitivity, set a booking with our friendly staff at 0407 125 125 or email us for inquiries and a free quote.

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