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5 Useful Recycling Tips for Schools

Schools usually produce a huge amount of waste with food, used electronics, and instructional materials. But students and teachers can work collaboratively to help protect the environment by reducing the amount of waste. And one of the simplest yet most effective ways to achieve this goal is recycling.

Here are 5 useful school recycling tips

  1. Collect reusable

Students often throw away many study items that might actually be used again. This can be a waste of money and have a negative effect on the environment. Therefore, it is important for teachers to encourage their students to collect such items such as papers, books, notebooks, pens and make use of them in a smart way. By recycling at school, those kids can learn good habits and reuse everything possible at home.

  1. Paper recycling bins

The main form of waste produced in most Australian schools on a daily basis is obviously paper. Teachers can encourage their students to start a recycling habit by placing a paper recycling bin in every classroom. More importantly, you should label those containers clearly and ask your students to put in only paper waste.

  1. Composting scheme

Another simple tip to recycle is to create a composting scheme at your school. You may contact the local authority to provide compost bins that can be used to collect common waste such as tea bags, coffee granules, fruit scraps, and vegetable scraps. In most cases, compost bins are often free of expense. Placing them near the cafeterias or canteens can help raise the awareness of students about recycling.

  1. Start recycling clubs

Starting a recycling group is the most effective way to keep students interested and collaborating to achieve the common purpose. Once the club is formed, consider those creative activities such as street plays or role plays to depict the importance of reusing and recycling. Make posters and charts to invite more students to join the group and make contributions. By having more and more people, there will be more new ideas for recycling and reducing waste in schools. There may be certain things that you didn’t know that you could recycle. Check out this article on 5 Things You Should be Recycling But Probably Aren’t for more information.

  1. Metal recycling

Recycling metals can be performed at those schools which have vending machines for soft drink cans. For this activity, you first have to contact the local authority or council and get admission for placing metal recycling bins near each vending machine. Similarly, make sure to place a bright and clear label on the surface.

Getting teachers and students involved in recycling activities at school can be actually a lot of fun, educational, and good for the environment. More importantly, these lessons play an important role in teaching our kids about the importance of recycling so that they will have greener habits in the future.

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Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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