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5 Tips For Creating More Wardrobe Space

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If you find yourself in a situation that you need more wardrobe storage but you really can’t fit any more wardrobes in the house, you’re going to have to step back and utilise some techniques for creating more storage space. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised when you’ve finished, picking up space you never knew you had.

The following are 5 tips for creating more wardrobe space.

1. Get rid of the excess

It’s so hard to take this step. Letting go of clothes that no longer reflect who you are today can be an emotional experience as you are letting go of items that once fitted, a sentimental item given as a gift or even bought during a milestone event – like the year you lost 10kg.

Let’s face it, your body may have changed and your lifestyle is no longer what it was like 5 years ago. You must dress for your current lifestyle and don’t shy away from showing your personality through your clothes and accessories. You can create an album that you keep in your closet.

2. Use hangers

Sometimes making use of wardrobe hangers for their precise purpose can help you reclaim closet space. For instance, suit and blazer hangers and often coat hangers are often bent to maintain the form of jacket shoulders or other bulkier clothing. This particular curvature helps the clothes hangers to keep in close proximity together without creasing and squashing your own clothing.

Flat metal closet hangers, as well as Space Saving hangers, are skinny, fitting neatly together on the rail. The throat of good quality steel and velvet type hangers are made so as not to get tangled upon the rail, unlike those ugly thin wire wardrobe hangers.

3. Organise the wardrobe

Nothing is more frustrating than sorting through piles of clothes to locate a shirt or particular pair of jeans. So much time is wasted just going through the motions and some things may never be discovered. Finding the right clothes is a lot easier when items are sorted according to a season and stored when not in use. When dividing up the available space leave enough room for those clothes that should be stored on hangers and a separate area for folded clothes. Corner shelving can make use of space that often goes wasted.

4. Put up shelves

Shelves themselves come in all types of styles, colours, materials, and sizes, with storage racks often being substituted when the price is an issue. The biggest change between shelves and racks revolves around appearances. Shelves are generally considered furniture, which means they have a clean, finished appearance, while racks are almost purely functional, meaning they are intended to hold stuff, rather than display it attractively. This does not mean that racks cannot be used effectively, however, and a simple rack may offer versatility that typical shelves lack.

5. Use your suitcases

For you to save more space on your wardrobe, never store your suitcase empty. You can put smaller suitcases in big ones or put un-seasonal clothes in your suitcase. You can put clothes like; woolly gloves and scarves that you only wear only during winters.

A wardrobe that is properly cared for will last longer and items will not have to be replaced as often. Making the best use of storage space is the most affordable way to protect your possessions.

If you have excessive clothing you’re looking to dispose of, maybe considering donating them to charity. Alternatively, for all your junk you can contact us for a free junk removal quote! Our team will arrive at your place and have all your junk hand-loaded onto our truck and disposed of accordingly.

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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