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5 Tips to Help Your Family Reduce Household Food Waste

For most people, the largest amount of waste they dispose of is food. It is not a good habit to keep throwing food into the dustbin when you could use it on a different occasion. There are various reasons why most people end up with too much food waste.

Here are 5 helpful tips to help you reduce household food waste.

  1. Do not serve too much food

Even if you cooked too much food, only serve what is enough. If you have children, it is advisable to serve them in small bits and keep on adding them when they finish. This helps reduce the number of leftovers that cannot be reused. If any cooked food is left over, try preserving it for the next meal.

  1. Shop smart and realistic

In the event that you are going to order packed food, do not overshop. You should be able to gauge your average intake. Even when you are too hungry, just order what you normally eat. Being hungry does not increase your eating capacity in any way.

  1. Read expiry dates when shopping

If you are a one-time shopper, you should learn to read the expiry dates on the food packaging before you buy. it Some people throw away food in bulk simply because they did not get the expiry dates right when shopping. This will help you save money and food in the long run.

  1. Store food in the right place

Learn to read instructions on the packaging to properly store food. Some food will turn rancid very fast while others will not. It is important to know how each food is stored so that they can stay for the maximum period.

  1. Do not clutter the fridge

One of the reasons why people throw away food is to free some space in the fridge. Do not just buy all kinds of food, even the ones you do not need, and clutter them in your fridge. Get to know how much food you use as a family; how much the fridge can hold, and how long it can last. This will help you avoid dumping food that has overstayed in the fridge.

Why Reduce Food Waste

You can reduce the amount of money spent on buying food and rubbish collection when you reduce your food waste. The largest percentage of household waste is food. When you decide to store your food and re-use them later make sure you re-use them. Be sure to take a look at this Guide to Reducing Food Waste on how you could better reduce food waste.

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