There are several ways you can safely get rid of your dog and cat litter. Sometimes dog poop and cat litter will develop a bad smell if it is left in your backyard or in your house. For this reason, you will need to locate the best ways to remove these types of waste. There are several methods available hence you should opt for the best method which will allow you to handle it safely.

Here are 5 ways on how to safely dispose of dog poop and cat litter:

  1. Scooping in plastic bags

You can scoop the waste in plastic bags and throw them in the dumpsters. It is an effective method because the plastic bags will prevent any odour from spreading in the house. You need to have enough plastic bags for the method to work well. Although it has a downside where the plastic bags can end up polluting the environment in the long run.

  1. Flushing down the toilet

You can collect cat litter and dog poop in your house and flush it down the toilet. It is an effective method if you don’t have a lot of cats and dogs at your home. It is an effective method you can apply to keep your home clean, particularly if your dog is kept indoors.

  1. Recycling

You can use the dog poop and cat litter as manure in your backyard. If you have a garden with beautiful flowers and trees, you can apply the waste as manure. The excrement from your dog and cat will eventually decompose, releasing manure onto the plants. You should apply this method if you have a large backyard where the smell will not enter the house and affect your family members.

  1. Throwing it in the trash

You can throw the waste into the trashcan. This is a common method for removing your pet’s waste. However, the drawback is that the smell can flood your house, making it extremely uncomfortable. You should take the rubbish out to your dumpster as soon as this becomes apparent.

  1. Using a cleaning service

Using a cleaning service is another method of disposing your pet’s excrement. However, under extreme circumstances, it may be worth it getting a professional to clean and properly removing dog and cat waste. This is to prevent bacteria from spreading inside the house where we eat, live and breathe.

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