Every household receives newspapers; it is one of the certainties of life especially if you live in the city. Some of us find value in them while others simply throw them straight into the recycling bin.

For those of you who do not find value in the reading newspaper, this article is for you.

There are a few smart ways in which you can efficiently use unwanted newspapers to assist in achieving everyday household chores.

1. Using newspaper to clean windows

Believe it or not, newspapers are one of the best materials to use to clean windows and glass. If you find that you’re short on cleaning cloths, just whip up a few batches of unwanted newspaper, spray detergent over it and wipe swiftly over the dirty glass. You will quickly notice how practical and useful it can be for regular household cleaning.

2. Newspaper to clean ovens and microwaves

Cleaning the inside of microwaves and ovens often results in excessive use of paper towels. One or two sheets typically isn’t enough, and before you know it you will have run through 6-7 sheets. This can cost you in the long-run.

The good news is that unwanted newspaper is an excellent substitute for traditional paper towels. They achieve an equally effective clean and are easily disposable.

3. Restore the shape of your boots and shoes

Retail shops use shaped cardboards to retain the perfect shape of their shoes. If you have worn shoes that are always out of their original shapes, you are able to replicate what these shops do! Stuff newspaper inside your shoes to keep them in shape.

4. Substitute as a tablecloth

We have all thought of this one before. If your tablecloth is in the wash or is temporarily out of action, why not make use of unwanted newspaper and use it as a temporary tablecloth?

5. Fragile objects protection

Newspapers act as excellent protection for fragile objects such as glass and electronics during a house move. Gently wrap your glasses or valuables in a few layers of newspaper to give it that added protection against drops and bumps.

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Sarah Ann