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6 Actionable Tips to Declutter Your Bathroom

Decluttering the bathroom is easier than cleaning other parts of a modern Sydney household. But even if it won’t take hours to throw out empty shampoo bottles or sachets, heaps of junk can still pile up and take up room in your bath.

If you’re tired of the rubbish and unwanted objects lying around, we’ve brought together different actionable tips you can follow to declutter your modern Sydney bathroom effectively.

As Sydney’s leading rubbish removal partner, we’ve also listed a few tips to plan and keep your clean-up project on track.

1. Plan Out and Assess the Mess

For any decluttering project, we recommend evaluating the situation and devising a plan before you glove up and start picking up bags of trash. Think about how you want your bathroom to look after the clean-up, as it could impact how you declutter the area.

  • What are the good points of your current bathroom setup?
  • Which areas in the room feel convenient and relaxing?
  • What aspects of the bathroom feel annoying to you? Consider spots that are full of expired products or shelves that are full of clutter.
  • How do you feel when using the bathroom in general?

2. Establish a Clear Goal

After thinking of how you’ll clean the mess, it’s crucial to have a firm goal on how to declutter your bathroom. Modern bathrooms typically have a minimalist motif and simple yet well-organised cabinets.

So if yours look messy, cluttered, and disorganised, it’s high time to choose which stuff to throw out.

You can also decide whether to clear up the entire room in one shot or declutter it little by little. The bottom line is that establishing a clear goal helps you speed up the cleaning process since you don’t need to do a lot of thinking along the way, and you’re less likely to forget something.

3. Prepare Your Decluttering Supplies

Gather and prepare the following supplies when decluttering bathrooms and any other places in your Sydney household:

  • Rubbish bags and Bins
  • Cleaning gloves (to avoid chemical irritation and keep your hands protected from bacteria and mess)
  • Firm cleaning brushes (in case you stumble around stubborn tile and surface stains)
  • Cleaning supplies (microfibre towels, all-purpose cleaners, disinfectant, protective clothing)
  • Laundry baskets or boxes to keep the stuff you want to donate.

4. Collect and Organise

Now that you’re ready to start decluttering, begin working on your first target spot and declutter all spaces. You might notice how many unwanted products and junk are in your modern bathroom.

You may also want to prepare several bins and label them accordingly. As we’ve pointed out above, you may want to donate or recycle a few materials. Some people even find long-lost souvenirs or essentials in the bathroom!

Furthermore, it’s efficient to declutter one corner or area at a time before moving on to the next. If you’re cleaning several shelves and cabinets at once, it’s easy to miss a few spots and take time hopping from one corner to the other.

5. Restore, Replace, Remove

At this point, you should have cleaned all the junk and organised a few belongings in your bathroom. But before you call it a day, rewind to step one and recall how you want your bathroom to look after the decluttering.

Do you want your modern bathroom to feel zen-like and spa-like? Consider creating space around your tub and placing a small cabinet to store your scented candles, bath bombs, and essential oils.

Furthermore, decluttering involves a ton of moving and rearranging. After the job, you must neatly replace all the furniture and objects you want to keep in the bath.

Dispose of rubbish bags properly and contact your local charity or close relatives for items you want to give away. Don’t forget to relocate and return all items that should belong elsewhere in your home.

6. Bathroom Spaces You Should Declutter

While bathrooms aren’t usually larger than your garage or bedroom, they still have many spaces and areas to declutter. If you only have so much time to clean up, consider working on the following spots:

Tub & Shower

Like many Aussies, your shower room and tub may have heaps of empty hair care and body products or bathing accessories you no longer use. You may even experience dropping empty bottles every time you shower but placing the containers back in their spot instead of throwing them in the trash.

We recommend working on your shower and tub areas first since declutter these spaces often easier than the rest of this list.

Counter and Sink

This area is often limited and compact, yet many junk and unwanted things are neglected here. Modern counters often have minimal looks and surfaces and should be easier to clean. Besides, the fewer items you have on top of your counter, the more spacious your bathroom will feel.

Cabinets & Shelves

Modern Sydney bathrooms use elevated storage spaces and utilise wall-mounted cabinets and shelves. Some even use the space beneath the sink as a vanity cabinet.

Nevertheless, closed spaces are effective in minimising visual clutter and mess. They may be hiding a ton of rubbish if left neglected. Take your time skimming through your bathroom closets and shelves since these spaces usually pack various clutter, from expired products to unwanted packaging.

Toilet Flush Compartment

The top of your toilet is perfect for your scented candle or a box of tissues. But if you find other items and unsafe belongings cramped in that spot, it’s high time to take them away.

You may also want to take the opportunity to wipe the top of your toilet flush with a dry microfibre cloth to clean out soap marks and water.

Bathroom Door

Having a hanging rack or hooks at the back of your door is nice. But we recommend keeping door hooks minimum so you can avoid leaving days-old clothes or towels. Only use what you need because everything beyond that can become clutter.

Bathroom Floor

We recommend finishing off the decluttering project with your bathroom floor. After all, it’s hard to make your bathroom feel zen-like and spacious if there is rubbish and stains on the floor.

Pick up all the remaining rubbish on the floor and scrub away the stains underneath your sink and cabinets.

Remove anything that shouldn’t be on the floor and replace broken belongings, such as bathroom bins and vanity holders. Always keep your bathroom floor neat and minimise the things that are visible to people.

6. Rubbish Removal & Cleaning

At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we know that keeping your bathroom clean and clutter-free is a top priority. Once we’ve helped you clear out unwanted rubbish, you might also be interested in giving your home or office a thorough cleaning.

For professional and reliable cleaning services, we highly recommend Calibre Cleaning. Their team of experienced cleaners will ensure your living or working space is spotless and refreshed. Combining our rubbish removal services with Calibre Cleaning’s expertise allows you to enjoy a pristine and inviting environment, both inside and out.

7. Partner with a Local Rubbish Removal Team

Cleaning your bathroom seems like an easy activity. But your bathroom is also home to infections and safety risks associated with heaps of rubbish and clutter.

The above tips should give you a headstart for a safe, fast, efficient modern bathroom declutter.

But if you only have so much time to turn your modern bathroom spotless, our team of rubbish removal experts at Paul’s Rubbish Removal got your back!

We specialise in household and same-day rubbish removal, making us the perfect partner for your next modern bathroom declutter in Sydney. Contact us today at 0407 125 125, and we’ll schedule an appointment at your most convenient time.

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