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7 Innovative Ideas to Upcycle an Old Couch

Think about your favourite couch where you read from, or seat sipping coffee after work as you catch up with social media, or where you sit to enjoy your movies? It is normal for human beings to grow fond of their items making the thought of replacing or throwing them away to become hard. But as time progresses, the couch is subject to wear and tear, making it look old and uncomfortable. However, you do not have to buy a new couch. Here are innovative ideas to upcycle your old couch.

Clean the sofa

Sometimes, accumulated dust on the sofa can make it look older and untidy. Deep cleaning the couch will remove stains and spots to add a few more years to the couch looking good and tidy. If you do not want to get professional help in cleaning your couch, use rubbing alcohol and a scrub brush to clean it at home.

Reupholster the couch

If your couch feels old, change its fabric to create a new and fresh look. You can use drop clothes readily available at fabric shops and at friendly prices to upcycle your couch. In addition, you can paint the wood frame of the couch, either to a new colour or repaint it to its original colour.

Put a slipcover on your couch

One of the easiest ways to redesign and change the look of your couch is to add a slipcover. Most popular sofa makers sell slipcovers that fit sofas exactly. Get one for your couch to cover up its old fabric. Buying a slipcover is cheap, but it is even cheaper making one yourself. Making a slipcover for your couch will allow you to customise it to perfectly fit your couch. In addition, you can choose any fabric you want to make the slipcover so that the couch can match with your interior design. While choosing the fabric for the slipcover, consider a material that is easy to clean.

Change the cushions

The main reason your couch may be looking old and out of fashion is the old, saggy and flattened cushions. Change your couch’s cushion to create a new couch all together. Buy new bouncy cushions to make the couch more comfortable and attractive. You can also add more gorgeous throw pillows to change the couch’s outlook. Blend different colours on the throw pillow to create a vibrant and good-looking couch.

Add tufting

Tufting will give your couch an entire new tailored look to make it appear new and attractive. You can add button tufting to the back cushion to create a custom made look. There are many types and designs of sofa tufting that you can choose from to achieve your desired look. Some of the major types include, biscuit tufting, button tufting, diamond tufting or button less tufting.

Add nailhead trim

Add nailhead trim design to make your couch look classy and detailed. Nailhead trim will help to add a perfect final design touch for couch. Nailheads, just like the tufting, are also available in different styles, finishes and styles. They are easy to add to a couch, you can do it without the help of a professional.

Change the couch legs

If you want to change your traditional couch into a modern look, or vice versa, replace the couch’s legs. You can buy replacement couch legs in different sizes and style and easily fix them to transform your couch. You can turn your old squeaky couch into a more firm and custom looking design by replacing its legs to a design that excites you. You can add life to your old stained couch and transform it to look new and attractive. Upcycling your couch will not only save you money to buy a new one, but it will also save the environment of more trash to deal with.

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