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8 Daily Habits to Try for a Clutter-free Home

Despite efforts to keep your home organised, clutter accumulation is inevitable. After years of buying new clothes, furniture, kitchenware and many other things that you need in the house, you end up with a pile of items you do not need any more yet they crowd your space and make it feel smaller and dull. However, this does not have to be the case. Owning less means you have only what you need. It means you have more space to exercise your hobby and enjoy a serene and peaceful environment while at home.

To help you stay clutter free at home, here are eight daily habits that you should try.

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1) For every item you buy, remove one

The space you have in your home is all you have. You do not have to keep forcing too much things to fit in the limited space in the house. For every one thing you buy in the house, discard one. For instance, when you buy a new television set, give the old set for donation or to a friend rather than storing it up in the house. This includes gifts too. Over the holiday, you may receive many gifts, sort them out and give away what you do not need.

2) Have a place for everything

When you have a designated space for everything you own, it is very hard to have clutter creeping in. Set a specific home for your purses, children’s toys, shoes etc. Give thought to where you will store every item that you think of acquiring.

3) Put it back after use

When each of the items you own has a designated home, it is very easy to implement the rule, put it back after use. This is a continuous learning process that will need patience especially with the family members. Teach your children to put back their toys after use before getting out any other item. Likewise, clear the sink after dinner to serve as an example to your kids and family members.

4) Make your bed

To maintain a clutter free bedroom, you have to make your bed every day in the morning. A messy room attracts more mess. If the bed is unmade, it is very easy to go through a pile of clothes on the bed. Additionally, the bed is the centrepiece of your bedroom, if it is clean then you will have more room to organise the rest of the spaces.

5) Complete less than two minutes jobs now

Clutter is a result of small tasks that were left unfinished. Completing small tasks will help you to avoid the extra piles of things in the house. Taking the garbage out, cleaning the utensils after breakfast, returning the remote to its rightful place or placing the dirty clothes in the laundry basket. This will not only reduce clutter in the house, but also reduce mental clutter because you don’t have many things on your mind that need to be completed.

6) Reduce overfilled spaces

Sort through your items to remove what you do not need anymore. This is because clutter shows up as many things put in a limited space. If your closet is overflowing, then reduce the clothes so that they neatly fit in or if you have many items on your shelf, throw away bottles that are empty or products you no longer use. Remember, do not procrastinate, it will take longer than two minutes but do it anyway to reduce clutter.

7) Have fewer décor in the house

For those who love décor, this may be a tough call, but you can have your house looking beautiful even with fewer and strategically placed décor. Too much décor will take up more space in the house. Invest in a few beautiful decorations that will draw more attention and make bolder statements.

8) Create a habit to declutter regularly

As much as you always put things back in their rightful place every day, sometimes life gets in the way and things slip out of the mind or we don’t have time to put everything back. However, that does not mean all hope is lost, dedicate a few minutes each day, especially before going to bed clear of clutter.

Keeping a neat and organised house is a continuous process of decluttering. It is a habit that needs to be cultivated and maintained daily. If you need help in disposing clutter collected in your house, contact us at Paul’s Rubbish Removal. We are a professional rubbish removal service in Sydney that will help you deal with your clutter in an environmental friendly way.

For all your small and large unwanted junk, we’ll attend at your doorsteps to hand remove and take them away for you.

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Sarah Ann

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