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8 Mistakes When Handling Deceased Estate Possessions

It is never easy to deal with a family member’s demise. There is an aspect of emotional loss which is often followed closely by a monumental task of handling the deceased’s estate or any possessions left behind. It is generally a good idea to sort through as soon as possible as there are many benefits of clearing a deceased estate early.

This is the time many people make mistakes while under the situation of mourning. In an effort to take you through the entire process with less pain and suffering, you are bound to make a few mistakes which you need to be on the lookout for.

Here are the eight mistakes people make when performing deceased estate clear out.

1) Going through every possession piece by piece

Those affected have the tendency to start going through every item they come across in the house immediately after the burial of the deceased. While this approach may seem to be right, it can easily become a waste of time and effort to those involved. Instead, a simple sorting method can really save a great deal of time.

2) Undervaluing items

It is a common misconception for many people to undervalue those items they are not familiar with. In this case, it is important to have a word with an appraiser to know the value of each item you are handling.

3) Overvaluing those items you like the most

A common mistake occurs where most people value what they like more than the market value of the same item. To overcome such shortcoming, it is important that you consider managing your expectations. You can seek the appraiser’s advice to help you establish the real value of the item in question.

4) Trusting your vintage-loving friends to assess the deceased’s possessions for free

It is not a matter of trusting your comrades but it is the matter of integrity in this case scenario. Letting your friends sort through your loved one’s items is another mistake people do. Therefore, the best option is hiring trusted professionals to handle the task for you.

5) Selling valuable items to dealers instead of collectors

Most of the people love quick money hence the need for the dealer’s intervention. Here, the mistake comes upon the realisation that the dealers pay less for valuable items than what the ordinary consumer pays. To eliminate such issues, it’s better to transact with the collectors directly.

6) Forgetting to deal with debts

Estates include debts but sadly those left behind by the deceased tend to overlook this fact. It is a well-known fact (in some places) that the family members of the deceased are not liable to pay the deceased’s debts. Such debts are settled from the estate left behind. But there are conditions under which family members are required to clear the deceased debts. To avoid last minute surprises, it is important to be proactive by making a follow up of any debts left by the deceased.

7) Overlooking the fortune left behind by the deceased

There is a situation where the deceased came from a humble background and over a period of time acquired some property. Most of the family members in this regard are likely to assume that the deceased left nothing behind. To avoid such a mistake, you should never neglect anything connected to the deceased.

8) Taking too long to start the probate process

Wasting time when handling the deceased’s possessions is not a good idea. It might lead to taxes adding up, heirs becoming impatient and creditors becoming pushier. Just remember to settle the matter in good time to avoid inconveniencing others.

It is obvious that losing a loved one is the worst event in one’s life, but handling what is left behind by the deceased is also important. However, if you feel your time is valuable and should not be wasted on sorting and throwing away rubbish and junk left behind in a deceased estate, then a rubbish removal service is your best friend!

Paul’s Rubbish Removal are experts in deceased estate house clearances. We handle the situation seriously and respect the deceased’s possessions.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly staff members on 0407 125 125! Paul and his team work to perfection to get your deceased property thoroughly cleaned up.

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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