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9 Things NOT to Do When Decluttering Your Home

Did you know, according to recent research , a cluttered home could be contributing to the constant headaches and stress you’ve been experiencing? Well, you’ve always been planning to clear out the mess, even probably tried to declutter it but didn’t manage to achieve your desired results.

You are not alone; the seemingly simple task can be quite overwhelming. An attempt to clear the clutter can leave you drained to the core, and sometimes with unsatisfactory results.

While planning to declutter and organise your room, you always have an idea of what you want to do and how you want to do it. But have you ever thought of the ‘Don’ts’?

For you to overcome and achieve actual results, you need to change your methods. Think outside the box, ‘what shouldn’t you be doing?’

1) Don’t wait to get motivated

Action is the impetus of motivation. Start clearing the drawers, remove the old toys from your shelves; a simple task will gradually trigger the motivation to work on the larger tasks ahead.

Don’t just sit around waiting for someone or something to come and motivate you. It should come from within, sustain the motivation through simple and small actions.

2) Don’t be too formal about it

‘Every first Saturday of the month will be my official decluttering day,’ sounds fancy and quite workable. But, I hate to break it to you, this is a big fat lie to yourself. It might be practical for the first few months, but in the long run, it is bound to fail.

Let’s face it, you are a busy person and even during that free time you have on the weekend you have to spend some time on yourself. The best approach would be to start right now, start somewhere. Every journey begins with a single step, start yours now.

3) Don’t overwhelm yourself with activities

Break it down to manageable tasks. You cannot be everywhere at the same time. Settle on a ‘domino task’; this is a simple job which bothers you most. Working on it will give you the encouragement and motivation to take on other areas of your house. Could be organising your bathroom drawers, or tidying the living room. A step at a time will get you there eventually.

4) Don’t create a mess, trying to clear one

Be very systematic, start in one area and complete it before embarking on another task. Also, do not leave items lying around, find a way to dispose of the clutter.

5) Don’t copy-paste

Yes, your friend’s house looked tidier, even the social star you follow on social media has an immaculate home. It’s natural, you’d love your house to be as magnificent. Instead, of admiring customise and work on your space to suit your needs. You are unique and require distinct solutions. Comparisons will only hinder your creativity, leaving you depressed. Be a source of admiration.

6) Don’t overthink

While choosing whether to keep or dispose of an item, ask yourself, ‘Can I do without this?’. If your response is in the affirmative, get rid of the item. Don’t be sentimental, instead make sound decisions based on facts. Sometimes you have to be harsh on yourself to get the task done.

7) Never carry over a task

Once you have embarked on an area, work on it to the end. No excuses, see a task to the end.

8) Don’t anticipate the future

You may find an urge to keep an item ‘just in case.’ Don’t! In anticipating future needs, you may find yourself holding 90% of the unused items, things you don’t even need. Doing this is similar to engaging a reverse gear which takes you further away from your objective.

9) Thinking of storage before decluttering

At the store, you saw these cute storage bins and baskets and envisioned your clothes, toys, or kitchenware in them. Scrap out this image, instead, work on the task at hand and cross that bridge when you get there. After decluttering, you might be surprised that you have more storage space than you think. Deal with the task at hand first then find out if that fancy basket is necessary.

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Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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