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9 Tips to Declutter Your Garage

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If you’re running out of garage space and are feeling claustrophobic from all the clutter, it’s high time to plan a garage clean-up project. All the heaps of junk and materials in your Sydney garage can become a safety and health hazards if left unchecked and unkempt.

Most Aussie households often neglect their garage junk, considering them out of sight, out of mind. As a result, you’ll only notice the piles of rubbish if they start blocking entry, vehicle parking, or an accident occurs.

In fact, research from Spacer shows that the average cost of storage in Sydney, is $464.53 per month. The cost of storage can be quite costly if your belongings are not managed and organising on a regular basis.

Routine decluttering ensures a safe, spacious, and useful garage. Follow these tips whenever you notice clutter building up in your garage and reclaim that valuable space for your vehicle and hobbies.

1. Plan Your Next Decluttering Project

Without a solid decluttering plan of action, you can easily wander off while cleaning and take hours skimming on old photo albums or souvenirs. At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we highly recommend designing a plan of action so that you’re getting things done on the dot.

You can start by writing a to-do list and preparing the materials you need for cleaning. That includes storage and rubbish bins, boxes, gloves, and safety gear. Remember, thorough planning can help you get started and finish quicker.

2. Assess The Mess

You can properly evaluate the rubbish situation by opening your garage doors and looking at the entire space. Assess the big picture and observe which furniture require moving and how much clutter there is to clean.

You can recover as much usable space as possible without performing a major garage renovation. 

3. Establish Dedicated Areas for Equipment

Now that you’re ready to clear up your garage, it’s time to determine what goes where to keep things organised. You’ll want to store similar equipment in one area and a different set in another.

Consider storing all your car tools in one cabinet, gardening tools in a rack, and your camping/hobby gear on another shelf. You may also need to keep all power tools and machinery in a common corner near a power outlet to avoid pulling wires across the room.

Furthermore, we recommend putting commonly used equipment front and centre while special tools or hobby equipment can be kept further on shelves or storage boxes.

You can also label storage boxes and racks to ensure everything is properly placed and avoid losing a tool or equipment after cleaning up. Suppose you store old electronics in your garages, such as cameras, old gadgets, and computers. We recommend storing them in a dry cabinet to avoid fungus buildup and damaging your gear.

4. Cleaning and Organising

After moving and organising your equipment, it’s time to deal with the rest of the clutter. You can do this process first if the rubbish is obstructing your path and making movement difficult.

Always maintain good ventilation when cleaning your garage by opening the doors and using a fan facing the windows. Then get your gloves, masks, and equipment and start collecting and segregating the rubbish you want to get rid of.

Depending on the type of rubbish, you may have to deal with harmful chemicals, fumes, leachates, or sharp objects. We highly recommend partnering with your local rubbish removal team in Sydney to ensure safe and efficient rubbish removal.

5. Don’t Forget to Make it Enjoyable

If you’re not used to major decluttering activities, consider making it enjoyable for you and your mates. We suggest listening to your favourite podcast, watching a sports match in the background, and getting your family involved in the clean-up task.

But if you only have so much free time and would love to spend it on your favourite hobby, our specialists at Paul’s Rubbish Removal are only one call away!

Contact us today at 0407 125 125, and we’ll schedule an appointment at your most convenient time. We have helped countless Aussies declutter their garages, households, and offices and finish the job on the same day. We can help restore your garage to spotless condition in no time. 

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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