One of the main reasons why your garage may be cluttered is because members of your family never seem to be putting things back to where the got them from. Others may also leave their old things in the garage because they are not useful anymore. Or, you may have lots of things inside the house and place your stuff in your garage.

This more often than not will clutter up your garage space. In fact, more garages store “stuff” than actual vehicles. The question is – are you brave enough to attack the garage?

It may seem overwhelming, but it does not have to be. Just break down the entire project into manageable tasks. Smaller goals are more accessible to achieve, and as you see yourself gaining ground, you will want to get the project done.

If you are thinking of decluttering your garage, here are our actionable tips to help you get this done in a breeze!

Tip#1. It all begins with a plan

The garage can be a scary place with so much stuff. You want a clear and concise plan before you ever step foot into the garage. That plan will equal success.

Tip#2. Stackable bins

These stackable bins are your friend. They are an excellent way to store all kinds of stuff in a safe and orderly fashion. It will also keep everything dust free and dry.

Tip#3. Get help

Consult friends and family to give you a hand. This is one part of the house where it helps to have the extra help.

Tip#4. Tool boards

A tool board can be a great asset in keeping things neat and tidy. You can use hooks to hang all your tools on the board, and you will never have to look for a device again.

Tip#5 Refuse services

Find a company for hire that can haul away all the junk. It is much easier than you dealing with it.

Tip#6. Create a walkway

You want there to be clear walkways so that there is no clutter at your feet. You do not wish any tripping hazards in the garage. You want to be able to freely move around, and that is why you need to create walkways.

Tip#7. Use your garage

If you do an excellent job of decluttering the garage, you might be able to put your car in the garage, after all that is what the garage is for.

Tip#8. Make time

Do not start this project unless you have allotted enough time to complete it. Otherwise what happens is you lose motivation, and you will leave it half finished.

Tip#9. Stop the madness

If you are a pack rat now is the time to stop. Garages are a favourite place for pack rats, and if you want to have a clutter-free garage, you are going to have to give up your obsession with things.

These tips are not the only ways to successfully declutter your garage, but they do provide a terrific starting point to get you go motivated and on your way to having a garage that is clutter free.

You may find the garage the most challenging room of all, but it will undoubtedly be worth the effort you put into it. The garage often lands up being the most cluttered place, because it is easy to stack things out there and completely forget about them.

For those living in Sydney, feel free to call Paul’s Rubbish Removal for a free quote. We will be delighted to remove all your rubbish and junk in no time at all!

Sarah Ann