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The Benefits of White Goods Recycling

Landfill holds most of Australia’s white goods, and that fact is not helping the environment at all. Whether you want to be an advocate of nature or earn a benefit out of your white goods, bringing it to landfills will not help you in either way. That is why most homeowners shift their attention to recycling old white goods where they could take advantage of it.

White goods stem from the historical fact that most refrigerators, air conditioners, stoves and other durable household appliances are commonly painted with a white enamel coating. Today, you can now find machines in this category in a vast range of colours but still called “white goods.”

White products are usually not transportable. These appliances include refrigerators, freezer, microwave oven, stove, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer for clothing and air conditioning. On a daily basis, they are very useful for a household to do chores easily.

However, Australia is always innovating and improving technologies to provide efficient and sustainable appliances for homeowners. The old machines at home are destined to be replaced and disposed of. But if you are doubtful of sending your white goods in landfills, recycling is a good and beneficial option. Here are some of the benefits that you may get if you choose to recycle your white goods.

Decreasing the Size of Landfills

Encouraging white goods recycling is one of the main reasons to decrease the burden of the environment. By using white goods constructively, we will gradually lower the increasing statistics of white goods in the landfills. 

As population increases, landfills will surely handle too much garbage. There will be a time when it runs out of space for the massive amount of other types of rubbish. That is why the local councils promote white goods recycling to lower the take-up space of rubbish. Moreover, it can make the cities and spectacular landscapes to avoid noise, water contamination and other health issues. 

Offers Financial Benefits

Recycling isn’t always about charity and doing what’s right for the environment. Sometimes, homeowners are practical enough to recycle their white goods to make money out of it.

White goods contain scrap metal like steel and aluminium, which can be useful in creating new machines. However, white goods are ferrous materials and don’t pay back as much money as non-ferrous materials. 

Many recycling centres pay for ferrous metals in 100-pound increments. Although ferrous material has low pay, most major machines are pretty heavy. This means they weigh more per unit than non-ferrous products, and higher weight means higher financial payoffs. On a money-making standpoint, the time you spend recycling an old fridge or dishwasher can well be worth the effort.

Saving Money

If you simply unload your aged appliance into a landfill or any other place, it’s gone forever. You’ll even have to pay fees for dumping. But if you think about recycling and offering it to a recycling centre, you may also earn some money depending on how much aluminium and steel will be recovered from it.

Recovery of Scrap Metals

If you examine the inner portion of white goods, you will notice significant amounts of steel, aluminium and other metals that are all easily recyclable. Why burden the world by digging for new metals when you can recycle and reuse those existing ones? It is probably about time to recover the existing scrap metals in old white goods to recreate other appliances that will be useful in the future.

Environmental Benefits

Recycling can effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By making white goods out of the landfill, you are helping reduce the burden of waste on society. Also, through keeping hazardous chemicals out of the environment, you are doing your part as an advocate of protecting nature. In addition, recycling of white goods will save on non-renewable resources such as water and electricity, and landfill space as well.


When white goods are no longer useful, commonly, throwing them away into landfills is the first option. But if you trace down the effects it will give, it fills up the land and also pollutes the air and soil. Therefore, recycling is a good way to help the environment clean and be out of hazardous chemicals. You are not only helping the environment, but you can also gain other benefits.

At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, getting rid of those troublesome and bulky white goods will be an easy job. As old white goods are the most cumbersome items to remove, our team is dedicated to allot time and effort in removing your unwanted white goods for you without any risk. To schedule a white goods removal service, call us at 0407 125 125.

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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