Why Hiring a Disposal Company to Get Rid of Old Appliances in Sydney Will Save Our Environment

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When people mention old appliances, they are simply talking about electronics. Some examples are TV sets, computers, and electric cookers. All of these things fall under a category known as e-waste. Looking at the statistics, Sydney and Australia at large have an e-waste crisis. In essence, every year, Australia produces about 650,000 tones of e-waste.  [...]

How to Deal with Disposed Goods on Common Property

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Living on a shared property may at times leave you feeling inadequate and powerless. You could be sharing different values with your neighbour… and they could be the careless type; leaving litter around the property. Other times, you may find some disposed of goods and may be wondering how to best deal with it. [...]

Why You Should Dispose of Domestic Waste ASAP

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Waste management is one of the important things you should do properly. Improperly stored waste can cause safety, health and economic problems. Every organism generates some form of the waste but human beings generate the largest amount compared to any other species. To keep the earth's ecosystems safe and to maintain a higher quality [...]

Tips to Make Short Work of Demolition Waste Clean Up

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When someone mentions house demolition, one of the first things that will enter your mind is the associated waste removal. You can engage a company for the demolition work or do it yourself but the demolition clean up part is considered one of the dirty jobs in a literal sense. So, to handle the [...]

6 Common Storage Unit Junk

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Most homeowners use self-storage units for keeping inherited items, products in transition or unused goods that they find cumbersome to toss away. However, with time, the junk accumulate and turn the storage spaces into ideal museums. Either way, you will realise that there are specific types of junk that you will find from one [...]

How to Dispose Treated Timber Properly

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Outdoor wood, particularly the one people use outdoors in their landscaping projects is usually protected from rot, moisture and insect damages with chemical preservatives (pesticides) that inhibit fungal decay and increase the life of this wood. Experts in the wood treating industry believe that treated timber can last 20-30 times longer. The benefits of [...]

Why Styrofoam is Bad For the Environment

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A good number of what is used as packaging for fast foods is Styrofoam. They come in the form of polythene bags and container. Fortunately, most people know that Styrofoam is detrimental to their health and harmful to the environment. However, not many people have background knowledge of the reasons why they must avoid [...]

9 Tips to Help Keep Your Granny Flat Clean

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Granny flats are miniature versions of full-sized house units with complete kitchens. In some units, the kitchen unit might be limited possibly to a microwave and a mini-fridge and therefore involve lesser issues than the full-size kitchens. When cleaning your granny flat, you have to ensure that everything from the couch to the unused [...]

Garden Waste Disposal and Pollution

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A good proportion of waste generated in various homes is vegetative or organic waste materials in the form of tree branches, plants, and grass clippings. They result from various gardening activities such as pruning, weed removal, hedge trimming, and lawn cutting. You will realise that the composition and volume of these waste vary depending [...]

Why Paul’s Rubbish Removal Same-Day Service is Important?

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Junk removal and hauling can be either a daunting or easy task depending on the amount and the type of junk to be dealt with. That is why most people usually postpone making appointments until they are struck with emergencies such as untimely arrival of guests or boss. However, unlike regular cleanups, same day [...]

9 Common Household Junk That We Collect

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Offices and residential houses are basic places that define our life in general. Therefore, there is a need to keep these places as spotless as possible since any trace of mess may mean stress. However, that is not always the case. Generally, there are a number of commercial items that we tend to collect [...]

Tips to Cut the Cost of Bulky Rubbish Clearance

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There’s no doubt that we all want to live in an environment that’s safe, clean and free of bulky waste and rubbish. In addition to looking and smelling unpleasant, bulky rubbish can pose serious health threats to members of the community. Unfortunately, managing bulky waste can be quite difficult given their weights and dimensions. [...]

6 Benefits of an Open Space Office

By |2018-12-19T17:24:35+11:00December 23rd, 2018|Cheap Rubbish Removal|

Having a well-designed workspace is of the utmost importance to most companies. Regardless of the type of business, you always want to have a decent office that supports both the mission and vision of your firm. Simply put, an office is a central hub for your company and its design and the overall appearance [...]

Traditional Filing Cabinet vs Digital Storage

By |2018-12-19T17:02:13+11:00December 21st, 2018|Cheap Rubbish Removal|

Do you really need the conventional filing systems in the current digital world? Most companies have modernised the way they store their data and this has left many wondering whether we still need traditional filing cabinets or not. With technology rapidly increasing and following Moore’s Law, digital storage systems have become a cheap and [...]

7 Tips For Cleaning Out Storage Unit

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Storage units are a great way to store your important items when you are limited in space at home. It is a low-cost and secure way to store goods. If you've ever rented a storage space unit, you may be acquainted with the chaos associated with cleaning out a storage unit. Truth be told, [...]

Your Domestic Rubbish Removal Experts

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We are Paul’s Rubbish Removal and we are here to tell you that even the most obsessive neatniks among us meet their match at some point. Can you guess what shape their nemesis comes in? No? We have the answer for you: household junk. You can clean and tidy up all you want, but there’s [...]

4 Tips To Ensure Your House is Baby-Safe

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Your home should be the safest place to raise your child. It's up to each and every one of us to ensure our homes are hazardous-free and to minimise any sort of danger that may cause harm to our babies while they're in their early years. At Paul's Rubbish, we regularly spot all the most [...]

How to Keep Cool & Stay Protected in The Heat

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The Australian heat has officially kicked into overdrive over the past course of January. With no signs of it dying down anytime soon, we must all make it a priority to keep ourselves cool while conducting outdoor activities. At Paul's Rubbish, our teams are always out on the open road. As much as we love the great outdoors, [...]

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Top 5 Questions We Get Asked About Rubbish Removal

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Getting asked some weird questions is all part of the job. We meet hundreds of different types of customers per month and actively speak with most of our customers who are at home when we're doing residential rubbish jobs. We also meet heaps of office workers and construction workers who are going about their daily [...]

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Getting Rid of Back-To-School Rubbish & Junk

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It's almost time. The busy Christmas period and the exciting news years has passed. While we breathe a sign of relief that we've survived everything once again for another year, it's now time to take care of the kids. With the official back to school date fast approaching, it's important we get the household junk [...]

Why We Recycle & Why You Should Too

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Week after week we collect all our rubbish, fill them up in our council collection bins and haul them out onto the street ready for pick up. We sit them out for a night and magically the next day the bins are emptied and our two bins are returned to us, ready for another week [...]

How Clearing Out Rubbish Can Make You Happier

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We've been in the rubbish removal industry for the past ten years. In this time we've had the opportunity to meet many people across Sydney. During jobs, we've even had the pleasure to chat with many of our customers personally. It's something we've grown to look forward to as every day becomes unique and rewarding. [...]

How to declutter your workspace

By |2016-11-19T14:37:27+11:00October 12th, 2016|Cheap Rubbish Removal|

A well-organised workplace will motivate you and your employees to deliver more. The best approach for you to maintain a well-organised workplace is to carry out regular decluttering and rubbish removal. If you have any waste paper or office supplies which you can’t use again, just place them in a rubbish bin and empty them [...]

Quick & Easy Mattress Removal in Sydney

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We all know the feeling of jumping onto your brand new mattress for the first time. The unique, second-to-none feeling of absolute comfort. We all love the feeling of a new mattress, however, like anything mattresses age, and before we know it, they're left to collect dust while the new and improved mattress takes the [...]

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