Top 5 Sydney Charities That Will Take Your Unwanted Electronics

November 22nd, 2021|

Donating to charities is one best way to get rid of your unwanted items in Sydney. You may think those old and unneeded electronics belong to rubbish centres. However, they can still be used by other people so long as they’re in good condition.  Based on the Vision 2020, 2019 Australian Communities Trends Report, [...]

When is the Best Time to Dispose of Your Old Air Conditioner

March 27th, 2020|

Buying things for your new home is exciting and satisfying at first. From new appliances to new furniture, filling in your new homes with new things after its construction truly sparks joy. However, when most of your things start to age, what do you do? Only a few know when to truly dispose of their [...]

The Dangers of Throwing Your Old TV and Stereo into the Environment and How to Prevent Them

February 22nd, 2020|

Electronics like television sets and stereos are common things nowadays. In as much as they are useful there comes a time where you no longer need them. Perhaps it may be because they are outdated or they are faulty. Whether the case, many people usually throw them away.  Even though this looks like an effective [...]

How to Get Rid of E-waste from Your Office

February 15th, 2020|

Technology has improved our lives, made life easier and helped us to stay connected to one another ever than before. As days go by, new technology inventions are made, with better advancements. In our world today, it is hard to imagine living without a smartphone, computer, GPS maps and other electronic devices. However, although technology [...]

The Types of E-Waste and the Dangers They Bring

February 8th, 2020|

Technology is one of the best inventions made by humankind in this generation. It has made life easier, provided more leisure opportunities, enhanced communication, and now, we are a global village, connected to one another despite the distance. However, although technology has many benefits, it has also become a threat to our environment. With most people [...]

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