How to Teach Children to Become More Organised

By |2019-09-17T16:47:16+10:00September 17th, 2019|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

Do your children whine when told to pick a junk or clean the surroundings in your home? Or, clutter their rooms with junk in the form of play toys and books? If yes, then they are heading in the wrong direction. In reality, being organised is not something that you are born with. It [...]

A Closer Look at Where Kerbside Rubbish Goes After Collection

By |2019-09-12T10:57:14+10:00September 2nd, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

Every time you clean the house and take out the trash to the kerbside, you rarely think about what happens to that rubbish. For you, it might just be another day in your cleaning routine. Here we will look closely at the processes different waste materials go through after being deposited on the kerb [...]

Top Ocean Waste Facts & What You Can Do to Reduce Ocean Waste

By |2019-09-04T11:37:03+10:00August 27th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

As much as the ocean is one of the most expansive, mysterious, unexplored and diverse places on earth, human activities on land are threatening the whole oceanic ecosystem. There are various sources of ocean pollution that include chemicals, residential, agricultural and industrial waste, noise, invasive organisms, etc. When such pollutants enter the sea, they [...]

Illegal Dumping and the Effects on the Environment

By |2019-08-29T09:55:56+10:00August 25th, 2019|Did You Know, Rubbish Removals|

Illegal dumping of waste materials poses substantial or potential threats to the public health and the environment. It does not necessarily mean that there is an immediate risk to our human health, although sooner or later, it will have a devastating impact on our society. Illegal hazardous waste that is often dumped exhibits the [...]

How to Reduce Waste at Schools

By |2019-08-29T09:10:19+10:00August 23rd, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

Are you aware that Australia is listed among the countries in the world with one of the highest waste productions? A huge amount of its waste come from industrial premises, households, and schools. Most Australian schools have been noted as the main culprits in generating waste. Sources and types of waste in schools Schools [...]

15 Frightening Facts About Hoarding Rubbish

By |2019-08-19T09:19:22+10:00August 17th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

Think of your possessions that you value the most. They might include your jewellery, the box containing your family photos or the collection of newspapers and magazines. Now, imagine yourself feeling the same for every item in your home. If that happens, it will be definitely a hoarding disorder. Here are the 15 frightening [...]

Preparing a Deceased Estate Property Sale

By |2019-08-12T11:55:37+10:00August 15th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

The task of dealing with a house after the owner has passed away can be emotionally hard. You will have to plan on clearing out its contents, ensuring that it is in the right order and listing it for sale. Here are some of the tips that you should keep in mind when emptying [...]

Removing Heavy White Goods From Apartment, House or Office for Disposal

By |2019-08-12T11:42:02+10:00August 13th, 2019|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

You might ask, what are white goods? White goods are named so due to their colour. Mostly, they are very large electrical appliances whether the manufacturer chooses to paint them white or any other fashionable colour such as metallic silver or not. In the past, manufacturers used to coat fridges with white enamel and [...]

How to Completely Clean Junk Out of a Warehouse

By |2019-08-07T18:02:07+10:00August 11th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

It is very easy to have your warehouse looking so dirty with layers of dust and particles on the floor, walls or in the items stored in the warehouse. Keeping in mind of its size, the thought of cleaning a warehouse can be discouraging, as you wonder where to start. Since it is a [...]

Builder’s Waste Collection Hazards

By |2019-08-07T17:53:08+10:00August 11th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

There is a myriad of activities that takes place during debris collection and removal. These include dredging, sweeping, separation, assessment, repair, demolition, lifting and hauling. And, just as in any form of construction, workers are exposed to a hazardous environment that can bruise, maim or claim their lives. They are exposed to unstable pillars, [...]

Why Strata Waste is Difficult to Manage in Sydney

By |2019-08-07T17:43:42+10:00August 9th, 2019|Rubbish Removals, Strata|

With approximately 80% of residents in Sydney living in strata-titled buildings, strata waste removal is becoming a burning problem. So much is produced in the form of debris and other types of materials. Here are some of the reasons why strata waste is becoming nearly unmanageable in Sydney. Poor planning Nearly every unit in [...]

What are Some Easy Ways to Remove TV in Sydney?

By |2019-07-18T13:28:11+10:00July 14th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

Television sets are categorised as electronic waste. Electronic waste results from every kind of material that is plugged to a power supply or uses a battery. Procedures for correct disposal of electronic waste such as TV, mobile phones, DVD and CD players, kitchen appliances such as fridge and microwave, computers and associated parts, mouse, [...]

What is the Difference Between Clutter and Hoarding?

By |2019-07-18T13:29:08+10:00July 10th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

Some of the words people use to describe those who have an excess of material things, seriously or jokingly, are clutter, hoarder, collector and pack rat. Most of us have relatives, friends, neighbours or acquaintances that have difficulty maintaining clear and clean living spaces. But is it hoarding or clutter? What is the main [...]

Why Paul’s Rubbish Removal Same-Day Service is Important?

By |2019-07-18T13:29:22+10:00July 8th, 2019|Cheap Rubbish Removal, Rubbish Removals|

Junk removal and hauling can be either a daunting or easy task depending on the amount and the type of junk to be dealt with. That is why most people usually postpone making appointments until they are struck with emergencies such as untimely arrival of guests or boss. However, unlike regular cleanups, same day [...]

Guide to a Plastic-Free Party

By |2019-06-20T14:18:45+10:00June 22nd, 2019|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

Plastic pollution is among the biggest threats to the health of oceans globally. Due to the number of parties held on the beaches being on the rise, the increase of plastic production, lower levels of recycling and very poor waste management, the amount of plastic entering the ocean each year has increased to between 4 [...]

9 Common Household Junk That We Collect

By |2019-06-18T11:04:12+10:00June 20th, 2019|Cheap Rubbish Removal, Rubbish Removals|

Offices and residential houses are basic places that define our life in general. Therefore, there is a need to keep these places as spotless as possible since any trace of mess may mean stress. However, that is not always the case. Generally, there are a number of commercial items that we tend to collect [...]

Could Space Dumps be the Future?

By |2019-07-18T13:30:58+10:00June 18th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

Landfills have adversely affected the environment. But does that mean that we should start sending the waste from homes, commercial and industrial properties to space in the future? After all, any trash sent towards the sun would burn up easily and within a short time. Sure, the process of sending the trash to space [...]

Biggest Waste Myths and Misconceptions about Local Council Pick-ups in NSW

By |2019-07-18T13:31:18+10:00June 16th, 2019|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

You’re probably worried about whether or not a particular waste is hazardous, recyclable or non-hazardous. To compound the problem, it’s almost impossible to differentiate between what’s fact and fiction. Waste management is an area where we all shouldn’t go wrong. For this reason, we want to set the record straight by addressing the biggest [...]

Why Straws are Bad for the Environment

By |2019-07-18T13:36:13+10:00June 14th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

We are living in a generation that prefers easy and fast services and products. For this reason, we have made it our lifestyle to opt for single use products because they are cheap to acquire and easy to dispose. Most of these single use products, for instance, straws, plastic cutlery, water bottles and plastic [...]

5 Major Obstacles to Proper Rubbish Disposal

By |2019-07-18T13:44:20+10:00June 8th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

With increased population in our society today, one of the major challenges we are facing proper rubbish disposal. The amount of waste generated in households, offices and industries is a lot. Yet, most people do not know how to dispose these waste properly. Whether it is plastic bag, broken glass, absolute electronic gadgets, food [...]

Facts about Australia’s Largest Rubbish Tip

By |2019-07-18T13:38:11+10:00May 25th, 2019|Did You Know, Rubbish Removals|

In January 2018, China banned the importation of 24 different types of recyclable materials. That sent the waste management industry in Australia, which has been employing around 50,000 people indirectly, into a tailspin. Initially, statistics showed that the ban would affect nearly 619,000 tonnes of the 67 million tonnes produced each year in the [...]

The Future of Rubbish

By |2019-07-18T13:38:58+10:00May 21st, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

Both the local communities and the global leaders have been calling for the best solution for the rubbish throwaway culture. Beyond the households and individuals, waste has been representing a broad challenge that affects livelihoods and human health, prosperity and environment. Poorly managed waste has been contaminating the oceans, clogging drainage systems and causing [...]

The Psychology Behind Littering

By |2019-07-18T13:39:22+10:00May 7th, 2019|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

A large percentage of litter is household toxic substances and trash that people dispose of in water or on the land. The litter might be unintentional or intentional, small or large, but its effects on the environment can last for many years and affect our lives. Therefore, before you toss anything else out through [...]

The State of Sydney’s Landfills

By |2019-04-26T14:56:23+10:00April 21st, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

In the mid-20th Century, the Australian government decided to stop incinerating rubbish. That’s when landfills began sprucing up. Years down the line, the entire country heavily depends on landfills to deal with its waste. A study by ABS on waste disposal paints an accurate picture of the situation on the ground. While 21.3 million [...]

8 Simple Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste Now

By |2019-04-26T14:28:43+10:00April 19th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

One of the biggest challenges we are facing in our society today is environmental degradation. A contributing factor to environmental hazards is mainly caused by lack of a proper waste management. Plastics, the main threat to a safe environment, take years to decompose. They also release toxic chemicals into the environment, especially when they are [...]

10 Things to Throw Away Immediately When Cleaning the Garage

By |2019-04-26T13:58:52+10:00April 17th, 2019|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

If you are like most people, the thought of cleaning out your garage might induce an intense feeling of dread in you. The garage is where all your junk go to after they have served their purpose. Nevertheless, decluttering your garage is something you should do regularly. You need to get rid of all [...]

Tips on How to Minimise Waste for Your Next Holiday Break

By |2019-04-23T15:07:41+10:00April 13th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

We are all excited about the idea of a holiday. Most of us spend this time with our family and friends as we enjoy each other’s company and warmth. However, as we come together in celebration, there is so much waste from food stuff and materials. Poor waste management is one of the challenges [...]

How to Protect your Home During a Renovation

By |2019-04-23T14:18:07+10:00April 11th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

Renovating your home can be one of the most rewarding experiences. You not only get the chance to give your home a much-needed facelift, but also create a pleasant and safe space for your family to live in. Nevertheless, the process of executing a home makeover can be incredibly tasking, since you will have [...]

7 Ways to Transform your Old Furniture

By |2019-04-23T11:59:15+10:00April 9th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

Many of us have old furniture that we do not use anymore yet we find it hard to throw away. Most of our furniture reminds us about something or a stage in life. As years progress, we acquire new furniture and we are left wondering what to do with the old furniture. Disposing of [...]

The Cost of Electronic Waste

By |2019-04-23T11:14:08+10:00April 7th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

As the world develops and becomes more technologically inclined, electronic waste is continually increasing and reaching unpredictable heights. Our society today is in desperate need on how to curb, reduce and manage this category of waste. Electronic waste, which is simply referred to as e-waste, is everything that ranges from old phones, VCRs, TV [...]

How to Dispose of a Washer and Dryer Properly in Sydney

By |2019-04-15T12:07:42+10:00April 5th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

Over the last couple of years, there have been changes in the way we do things. Some of the changes are evident in our homes, for instance, new and more sophisticated appliances have made work easier. Probably, you are thinking of upgrading your dryer or washing machine. However, there is always a process to [...]

How Developed Countries Manage Their Waste

By |2019-04-15T12:10:50+10:00April 3rd, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

The need for an innovative waste management program has never been so important as the world’s population continues to grow. As you know, waste created, especially in urban areas, comes with a price. The price that we pay for the garbage we generate has a huge impact on our economy. But that is not all. It [...]

How to Dispose of Dehumidifiers Properly

By |2019-04-15T11:23:00+10:00April 1st, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

Refrigerators, air-conditioners, freezers and dehumidifiers contain hazardous refrigerant material that can affect the environment negatively. It is dangerous and illegal to deposit the items without removing the refrigerant. Moreover, the process of removing the refrigerant is dangerous and requires the services of a qualified technician. The local recycling and the bounty programs will ensure [...]

What is The Best Way to Manage Garbage in Cities

By |2019-04-12T15:27:35+10:00March 29th, 2019|Recycling, Rubbish Removals|

Garbage management is one of the major problems facing our society today. There is so much garbage from households and industries that is released into the environment. Most cities do not have proper garbage management and most of the garbage is disposed of openly, buried or burned. This has major negative environmental influence such [...]

How to Remove Waste and Water From a Food Truck

By |2019-07-18T13:40:29+10:00March 25th, 2019|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

  Operating a food truck business seems to be a new trend in this century. However, whether you own a trailer or food truck, you must have a strategy on how to dispose of waste and water from your truck. While waste and wastewater may not be the most appealing part of running a [...]

20 Facts About Waste in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

By |2019-04-08T11:51:52+10:00March 23rd, 2019|Gold Coast, Rubbish Removals|

The Great Barrier Reef - the world largest coral ecosystem and unmatched biodiversity haven - is an ideal destination if you want an ultimate snorkelling and diving experience. During your visit, you will sample a variety of vibrant coral species. That aside, research tells us the Great Barrier Reef is in big trouble. Scientists [...]

10 Types of Hazardous Building Waste That Requires Professional Removal

By |2019-03-19T14:12:56+10:00March 19th, 2019|Construction Rubbish Tips, Rubbish Removals|

Proper management of construction or demolition waste is not a job for everyone. It involves a number of procedures that require professional expertise, and the use of advanced machinery & equipment. Moreover, some of the waste may contain hazardous materials, which may cause grievous harm if not handled properly. To avoid causing damage to [...]

5 Types of Waste Disposal Methods

By |2019-02-25T17:08:50+10:00February 25th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

Many families around the world produce a large amount of waste every single day. Litter, rubbish, garbage, trash, or anything else you would like to call it has become firmly part of daily life. In Australia, the government estimates that food waste alone is costing the economy over $20 billion per year. It, therefore, [...]

Our Rubbish Removal Truck can Handle Both Small and Large Jobs

By |2019-02-25T16:54:12+10:00February 23rd, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

If you have been stressing about your large amount of waste, it’s time to relax! Paul’s Rubbish Removal has got your back. We are experts in all types of waste removal services. To know how experienced a waste management company is, just look at its truck. Most reliable companies invest in a worthwhile truck [...]

Top 5 Waste Management Tips to Save Your Business Money

By |2019-02-22T15:51:25+10:00February 21st, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

If you have realised that your business is producing more waste than it did some years ago, it is the time to start reducing the amount of waste. By reducing the waste, you will save money on the expensive waste hauling in addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and health issues that arise due [...]

50 Surprising Facts about Rubbish and Waste

By |2019-08-13T16:36:47+10:00February 19th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

Waste and rubbish have slowly but surely become part of everyday life. Years back, humans used to recycle and reuse almost everything, simply because things were scarce. There were no industries that produce thousands of products every single day. At the same time, many societies didn’t have the infrastructure to transport millions of goods [...]

How Paul’s Rubbish Removal Can Help Remove Your Treadmill

By |2019-02-22T10:34:26+10:00February 17th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

If you have an old or unwanted treadmill at home, you probably have scratched your head wondering how to dispose of such bulky equipment. The truth is that getting rid of any exercising equipment can be really challenging. Not only is it large, but it is also heavy and bulky to remove by yourself. Luckily, [...]

Why Paul’s Rubbish Removal is The Best Junk Company

By |2019-02-22T10:45:55+10:00February 15th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

For all your rubbish removal and other related services, you can always turn to Paul’s Rubbish Removal. We are a well-established company providing both residential and commercial rubbish removal services. We understand junk removal is one of the tasks that you are likely not to face so often but turn out to be a real [...]

10 Interesting Facts about Waste in Gold Coast

By |2019-07-22T11:51:19+10:00February 13th, 2019|Gold Coast, Rubbish Removals|

Gold Coast is one of Australia’s most spectacular cities, thanks to its hinterland ranges, waterways, forest, and breathtaking beaches. This city is the sixth largest in Australia and is home to a large population of people, plus many industries and companies. Also, there are so many tourists who flock the Gold Coast each year [...]

Importance of Keeping Your Childcare Centre Waste-free

By |2019-02-22T09:33:23+10:00February 11th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

Any licensed child care centre is generally considered to be a safe haven for children given that they are under the obligation to meet all necessary licensing regulations. These are places where infants and toddlers are brought to be looked after hence the need to keep them waste-free. If such centres are neglected, it [...]

10 Actionable Tips You Can Do to Reduce Ocean Waste

By |2019-02-20T16:17:03+10:00February 5th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

Studies show that the oceans have about 26,000 tons of plastic and other wastes like cigarettes and beverage cans causing a lot more havoc than you can imagine. To begin with, plastic is deadly for wildlife such as seabirds, dolphins, seals, and fish. Hundreds of these animals are dying every year from ingesting or [...]

How to Best Clean Your Household Carpet

By |2019-02-15T16:53:25+10:00February 3rd, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

A clean carpet is an essential part of your home when it comes to enhancing its appearance. At the same time, a clean carpet plays a crucial role in the health of your family members who live within your home. However, the sight of a stained and dingy carpet can create an unpleasant atmosphere [...]

How to Remove an Old Household Carpet

By |2019-02-15T16:37:40+10:00February 1st, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

Getting rid of an old or worn out carpet should not be a problem anymore. This means that you can do it on your own or contract a professional to accomplish the task for you. However, what is important in this regard is to do the job right and professionally. Taking this task on [...]

How Has Waste Management Changed in Australia?

By |2019-01-29T11:48:26+10:00January 26th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

The capital cities in Australia expanded rapidly in the late 1980s and early 1990s and it became clear that the waste management plans were not effective. The tips were not regulated and private operators run them inefficiently leading to the call for central management and government control. People also believed that the tip space [...]

4 Effective Tips to Stop Rubbish Bin Smell

By |2019-01-24T14:29:36+10:00January 24th, 2019|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

Summer is here and every Australian is wary of their rubbish bin odour. No one likes the stench that comes from the bin especially during summer when temperatures are high. The warm weather helps bacteria multiply at a faster rate and hence responsible for the odour. Bins that occasionally took weeks to get stinky [...]

Why Hoarding is Bad for Your Health

By |2019-01-23T17:17:01+10:00January 22nd, 2019|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

Quite frankly, every home has clutter in some place. It can be a messy closet, a junk drawer or even an attic full of things you don’t even remember. Hoarding affects everyone and if you don’t pay attention to it, you can find yourself, home and life at risk. You could be a hoarder [...]

5 Simple Tips on Sorting Rubbish for Recycling

By |2019-01-23T16:11:08+10:00January 20th, 2019|Recycling, Rubbish Removals|

Sorting rubbish for recycling is an easy process that neither requires special resources nor a lot of time. When you sort out waste, the important thing is to separate any biodegradable item from household waste. The concept here is very simple: not every item that you don’t need is garbage. This means that there [...]

Tips to Minimise Rubbish on Australia Day

By |2019-01-22T15:44:47+10:00January 18th, 2019|Food Waste, Rubbish Removals|

Australia Day is about acknowledging and celebrating any significant contribution which every single Australian makes to the contemporary, diverse and dynamic nation. The marking of January the 26th is an important day in the history of Australia. It is a day that is seen as an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the nation's diverse [...]

When Do We Need to Replace Our Kitchen Appliances?

By |2019-01-21T09:59:15+10:00January 16th, 2019|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

Kitchen appliances are essential devices in any household where most of us can’t imagine a world without them. They make our work relatively easier and help us achieve our cooking objectives with minimal effort. However, as a result of regular use, kitchen appliances will experience wear and tear over time, and this will, on [...]

What Happens When Our Landfills Are Full?

By |2019-01-21T09:04:07+10:00January 14th, 2019|Rubbish Removals|

Landfills are extremely useful sites. They hold unwanted potentially dangerous waste, everything that isn’t recyclable and other types of rubbish, all in one spot. Landfills ensure that the excess fluid, as well as highly dangerous methane gas that comes from it, is safely disposed of. From handling gas emissions to monitoring groundwater, modern landfill [...]

Items To Collect Before a Deceased Estate Clearance

By |2019-01-17T10:25:41+10:00January 12th, 2019|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

The loss of someone close to you is always a redefining moment in life. The death of a family member starts a process which, though painful, is normal and expected. It is a period in which you gradually come to terms with that loss and start to regroup and view yourself in a new [...]

How To Prepare for a Deceased Estate Clearance

By |2019-01-15T15:03:36+10:00January 10th, 2019|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

There are no words to describe how losing your loved one feels like. Even while you are grieving, you’ll need to stay strong, console some of your family members and participate in the funeral arrangements as well. What’s more, you’ll have to deal with other technical and potentially daunting tasks such as a deceased [...]

Benefits of Using a Deceased Estate Clearance Service

By |2019-01-10T11:02:36+10:00January 8th, 2019|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

The death of a loved one can be a life-changing moment filled with full of emotions. In the context of this burning issue, we put into account both the practical and emotional challenges that come about when someone has passed away. As such, the responsibility that faces family members in this regard is of [...]

5 Benefits of Clearing Deceased Estates Early

By |2019-01-17T17:14:02+10:00January 6th, 2019|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

Clearing or cleaning up a deceased estate is not an easy task for those affected. In reality, this is the time of distress and all events preceding the demise of your loved one can be overwhelming for you and your family members. Since time is of the essence regarding this matter, it is important [...]

8 Mistakes When Handling Deceased Estate Possessions

By |2019-01-10T10:05:12+10:00January 4th, 2019|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

It is never easy to deal with a family member's demise. There is an aspect of emotional loss which is often followed closely by a monumental task of handling the deceased's estate or any possessions left behind. It is generally a good idea to sort through as soon as possible as there are many benefits [...]

6 Benefits of a Professional Strip Out Service

By |2018-12-11T17:15:48+10:00December 9th, 2018|Rubbish Removals, Strip Out & Small Demolition|

When it comes to commercial strip out in Australia, Paul’s Rubbish Removal services are professionals in the field. Regardless of how huge or small your industrial and home space requires to be stripped out, we can handle the task. So, if your plan this year is to refurbish, renovate or strip your entire bathroom, [...]

5 Things to Consider Before a Home Strip Out

By |2018-12-14T10:22:51+10:00December 7th, 2018|Rubbish Removals, Strip Out & Small Demolition|

Over the past few decades, the housing sector has evolved dramatically in Australia. New designs are constantly hitting the market to target residential properties. Homeowners are catching on to the trends and are always remodelling their old homes to keep up.First and foremost, strip outs are the first steps towards achieving a dream home. It [...]

5 Dangers During Small Demolitions

By |2018-12-11T17:11:31+10:00December 5th, 2018|Rubbish Removals, Strip Out & Small Demolition|

Demolition refers to physical destruction and tearing down of a building or any other human-made structure. Unlike deconstruction that involves carefully taking a structure apart and preserving valuable elements for reuse, demolition often involves completely tearing apart of structural components. It could be a fence, a wall, or shed or any other. Small demolitions [...]

4 Tips to Avoid a Building Demolition Failure

By |2018-12-11T17:09:30+10:00December 3rd, 2018|Rubbish Removals, Strip Out & Small Demolition|

There are times when a building needs to be demolished and removed. Some of the reasons include weak foundation, old worn-out buildings, dangerous materials like asbestos, building expansion, change in governmental zoning laws and others. Demolition companies usually use different tactics to demolish a building. Common demolition tactics include implosion, wrecking ball and high [...]

What To Consider When Purchasing a New Fridge

By |2018-10-25T13:05:12+10:00October 26th, 2018|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

Refrigerators have become essential in every household and it’s hard to imagine a world without them. In fact, nearly every Australian household owns a refrigerator. There are potentially endless benefits that a fridge offers. It functions at low temperatures and provides an efficient cooling environment which helps to keep your food items cool and [...]

Will Television Become Obsolete?

By |2018-10-15T15:15:34+10:00October 24th, 2018|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

There is no doubt that television is a huge source of entertainment. One of the greatest advantages of having a TV is that it keeps you up to date with what is happening around the world. You can watch your favourite sports, current news, movies as well as a host of educational and parenting [...]

How to Live a Rubbish-Free, Minimalist Lifestyle

By |2018-10-24T09:06:35+10:00October 22nd, 2018|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

Over the last few years, the minimalist lifestyle has gained massive popularity, thanks to the potential benefits. However, very few people have a clear idea of how to adopt a minimalist lifestyle.Being minimalist is not about depriving yourself of all the important things you crave for. Again, it does not mean that you have to [...]

4 Useful Tips to Effectively Maintain Rubbish in Your Basement

By |2018-10-10T11:04:41+10:00October 20th, 2018|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

Homeowners are finding it extremely hard to clean and maintain their basements. In fact, junk accumulation has become a chronic problem for many Australians. One of the realities of things is that human beings tend to accumulate things. The truth is that nearly everyone finds themselves having to deal with excess rubbish at home [...]

7 Tips to Cleaning Rubbish in Your Garden Or Yard

By |2018-10-08T09:19:41+10:00October 16th, 2018|Rubbish Removals|

Got some rubbish in your yard or garden that you want to clean up? Yard maintenance is one way of keeping a house neat and looking its best. Here are our 7 amazing tips for clearing the rubbish in your garden or yard. 1) Wear Protective Clothing Protect yourself from sharp objects, bacteria, insects [...]

6 Advantages of Professional Piano Removal and Disposal

By |2018-09-20T10:42:00+10:00September 28th, 2018|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

There are a few old pianos out there which are antiques, but the majority of them are junk. After many decades of use, it might cost you thousands of dollars to repair or restore. More importantly, it can take up valuable space in your small apartment. But the problem is how you can safely [...]

7 Common Deceased Estate Cleanup Items

By |2018-09-20T09:40:36+10:00September 26th, 2018|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

Cleaning up a deceased estate can be a daunting task. It is a tough position to be in and the sight of your deceased belongings can be painful. Not only that but you also cannot decide which things you need to clean up. When that time comes, what type of cleaning is required? Proper [...]

4 Tips for Easy Spa Removal

By |2019-06-06T15:45:04+10:00September 24th, 2018|Rubbish Removals|

More often than not, removing a spa or a hot tub from your backyard may seem a little daunting and overwhelming. That’s because it’s filled with a few hundred litres of water, has numerous electrical hookups and is probably rooted in the deck itself. With that in mind, there’s no doubt that various circumstances [...]

Tyre Recycling & Disposal in Australia

By |2018-09-14T09:21:30+10:00September 22nd, 2018|Rubbish Removals|

Do you have old or worn out tyres on your property that you’d like to get rid of? If so, you need to use the correct disposal methods abided by the Australian laws. Illegal dumping is a serious crime in Australia with heavy penalties associated with it. This article will help you avoid the [...]

7 Things You Need To Know About Lead Paint Removal And Disposal

By |2018-10-08T09:21:08+10:00September 18th, 2018|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

If you recently bought or rented a vintage house that was built before 1978, chances are there will be lead paint somewhere around the house. The beautifully trimmed window that looks like a masterpiece may actually contain lead paint, which is hazardous for your family’s health. The problem starts when the paint begins to deteriorate, [...]

15 Astounding E-Waste Recycling Tips

By |2018-09-14T09:08:23+10:00September 12th, 2018|Household Tips, Rubbish Removals|

We are quick to irresponsibly ditch our used and obsolete electronics such as our old bulky TVs and computers once we get a replacement for them. There is an exponential rise in e˗waste that is developing alongside the rapid growth of new innovative technology products. When irresponsibly disposed of, they have social, economic and [...]

Most Common Items Illegally Dumped in Sydney

By |2018-08-23T14:18:00+10:00August 23rd, 2018|Recycling, Rubbish Removals|

Illegal dumping refers to disposing of large items and rubbish quantities in areas you are not supposed to. These are areas such as illegal landfills, roadsides, car parks, roadsides and even in private lands that are not approved by the EPA (Environment Protection Authority). There are various reasons as to why we see many [...]

How to Work Safely In the Summer Heat

By |2018-08-07T15:12:19+10:00August 5th, 2018|Rubbish Removals|

As the summer season approaches, so does the risk of working in an outdoor environment. Learning how to work safely in the summer heat can help keep heat stroke, dehydration, and other heat-related illnesses at bay. When heat stroke occurs, the victim finds it challenging to control body temperature. In fact, body temperature can rise, [...]

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Top 6 Tips On How To Keep Your Office Clean

By |2019-07-18T12:02:01+10:00November 2nd, 2016|Rubbish Removals|

It is always recommended to keep your office tidy and clean since it can often serve as a second home for most of us. You will be able to make your office much more enjoyable by simply sticking to several guidelines. Besides this, it will also make your workplace more congenial for your colleagues. In [...]

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3 Tips on What NOT to Do with Your Rubbish

By |2016-11-20T21:48:36+10:00October 30th, 2016|Rubbish Removals|

Sometimes, we get attached to the household things that we have there for a long time and is not useful in any circumstances. They just sit there absorbing dust on them, making the home environment unhealthy and taking up valuable space. Getting it out and to get rid of it is something you think about [...]

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How to Choose the Right Rubbish Removal Company

By |2019-07-18T12:00:24+10:00October 28th, 2016|Rubbish Removals|

Whether you are a real estate agent, an average homeowner, or an office manager, there are most likely many times when you will run into finding a reliable and trusted rubbish removal company. Yes, it is true that there are many companies that claim to be professionals in this field but the question is, are [...]

4 Tips to Declutter your Garage

By |2016-11-20T10:46:51+10:00October 25th, 2016|Rubbish Removals|

Because they are big, open, and inviting spaces, garages are often the home of an eclectic number of things ranging from a suitcase that can’t fit in the closet to shoes you are hesitant to throw away. Eclectically dumping things in the garage is not just inconvenient and an eyesore, but also a danger to [...]

4 Tips To Keep Your Duplex Rubbish-Free

By |2016-11-19T17:33:13+10:00October 21st, 2016|Rubbish Removals|

We build duplexes or buy ready-made ones with the intention of living a comfortable and healthy life. It's always ideal that our precious homes be in the best of conditions, both outside and inside. While regular painting and other maintenance work will go a long way in ensuring our homes look brand new, build up [...]

Importance of keeping your home organised & neat

By |2016-11-19T14:04:28+10:00October 8th, 2016|Rubbish Removals|

Cleaning is not fun for most people. There are probably a hundred other things you would rather do. However, a messy house can be very bad news. For starters, living in a dirty environment increases your stress levels. Having rubbish all around you can also be quite distracting and may you from finding whatever you [...]

Tips to keeping your backyard rubbish-free

By |2019-07-18T11:43:11+10:00October 5th, 2016|Rubbish Removals|

The backyard is arguably one of the most neglected parts of homes, possibly due to busy lifestyle schedules or homeowners’ laziness and procrastination habits. Still, there are many benefits to having a rubbish-free backyard. For starters, it enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home and prevents disease-causing pests and organisms from breeding. Moreover, the yard [...]

Best Tips to Keeping Your House Free of Junk

By |2019-07-18T12:01:30+10:00October 3rd, 2016|Rubbish Removals|

Are you worried that your house is full of unwanted stuff until it now resembles a garbage can? Worry not. Here are the best tips for keeping your house free of junk. 1. Identify the important stuff The first step towards getting a clean and organised home is identifying important possessions and separating them from [...]

Affordable Rubbish Removal Services are now within your Reach

By |2019-07-18T11:45:55+10:00October 1st, 2016|Rubbish Removals|

Households, commercial buildings as well as industrial establishments need to adhere to many strict rubbish disposal regulations. This has made rubbish management in Sydney an organised affair and ensured less pollution to the environment and consequently less threat to public health. However, to avoid penalties and ensure injury-free collection the rubbish generators, i.e. households, commercial offices [...]

Tips To Keep Your House From Bad Odours

By |2019-07-18T11:41:53+10:00September 28th, 2016|Rubbish Removals|

No one likes dealing with odours, but they are an unfortunate part of life. If you are dealing with some foul odours in and around your house and are looking for a break, then the tips below are just what you need. Identifying the source of odours First things first, if you are dealing with [...]

Paul’s Rubbish Collection Services in Sydney

By |2019-07-18T11:51:04+10:00September 26th, 2016|Rubbish Removals|

Whether it is old furniture, an old appliance or newspaper waste, an experienced rubbish removal company can prove handy with removing any sort of waste or rubbish. Rubbish removal experts can help collect and dispose of all sorts of waste material. Whether it's from your house, commercial office or any other type of construction site. So [...]

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The Pros of Hiring a Rubbish Collection Company

By |2019-07-18T11:47:20+10:00September 24th, 2016|Rubbish Removals|

Letting junk pile up at your home or place of work is never advisable for several reasons. Firstly, it can be a real eyesore. Secondly, the garbage pile at home could become a breeding ground for disease-carrying pests. Thirdly, it can be damaging to the environment both in the short term and long term. So, [...]

Eco-friendly Rubbish Removal Services

By |2019-07-18T11:59:27+10:00September 15th, 2016|Rubbish Removals|

Cleanliness is very much important for a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are moving a house or clearing out junk from the office - these are additional responsibilities that you will have to deal with. In an era where time is money, you certainly do not want to be spending precious amounts of time clearing out [...]

Cheap Rubbish Removal Service in Sydney

By |2016-01-13T13:57:44+10:00September 4th, 2014|Rubbish Removals|

We often find that throughout the year our household slowly starts to collect junk. From our old living room furniture to car parts just sitting collecting dust in the garage, it’s inevitable that things build up. What’s quiet frightening is that it usually isn’t until a few months or even a few years later do [...]

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